Zoo Wars ~ The Massacre of Ohio’s Exotic Animals

Our Constitution and our PROTECTED Civil Liberties were created to prevent this type of intrusion in our lives from the government-When do you take a stand  against the tyranny!?! Animals are property-The government has no interest in animals and have created an illusion of a public safety issue when none exists-Create laws that are difficult for the average man to meet then you have a government that controls you rather than you controlling the government…Create enough laws that makes everyone a lawbreaker then you have a lawless nation…


Hetrick-Tiger Ridge Seizure2

Tiger Ridge Kenny Hetrick and Ohio Department of Agriculture tangled webs

The Ohio Department of Agriculture made the move to confiscate the animals owned by Kenny Hetrick of Tiger Ridge on Wednesday, January 28, 2015, resulting in many questions, few answers and even some tangled webs many find difficult to believe. A little history and the timeline gives background information leading up to the confiscation carried out Wednesday. A video link of footage shown exclusively by Toledo 13 ABC, provided below, has outraged animal lovers across the country.

Most media and people forget, or refuse to acknowledge, that the exotic animal ban started before the Zanesville incident with Terry Thompson. It originated with Ohio Farm Bureau making a deal with the Humane Society of the United States, called “The Buckeye Compromise” by many watching it unfold in 2010. Then Governor of Ohio, Ted Strickland, allowed his executive order to carry over to incoming Governor Kasich. A committee was formed and met to discuss exotic animal ownership in Ohio as Kasich allowed the order to expire, yet it was still in the process of being carried out. There were very limited allowances for those in favor of private ownership of exotics to have input in the meetings, with most being in direct opposition and pushing for a ban.

Later that year, October of 2011, the incident at the Thompson farm occurred speeding up the introduction of Senate Bill 310 in March of 2012. It passed and was signed by Governor Kasich on June 5, 2012, effective 90 days later. The rule-making process was given to the Ohio Department of Agriculture which went far beyond laws listed in SB 310, including size of enclosure requirements to mandatory signage on entrances, cages and multiple rules of keeping of certain exotics. Many claims were made as to it being reasonable rules and statements claiming any responsible owner would want to do this anyway. Many responsible owners claim much differently and also note the difficulty of navigating the multiple pages and forms needing pieced together to compile a complete list of things needing complied with to even be able to apply for the permit to remain legal for their particular species of animal, while also including the rules and requirements stated in SB 310. If that sentence was confusing, try a practice run at choosing one of the species of animals listed and do a mock application, finding all needed to remain legal owning the animal. Most owners registering their animals had full intention of following reasonable rules, but had no idea those rules would be written to include many unnecessary and expensive requirements.

All owners were required to register their animals by November 5, 2012, and have them microchipped. The information to register required, including home addresses, was then publicly released online – available to anyone with internet access. The final rules for ownership were written after registration, with changes made as late as December of 2013, with all to go into full effect by January 1, 2014. Applications were accepted starting October of 2013 with a permit necessary by January 1, 2014. No permits had been issued by January 1 to any owner. There were many applications filed timely, yet the Ohio Department of Agriculture was prepared to issue those permits until well after the date stated. Inspections were not done, with permits not given until long after the January 1, 2014, deadline.

On October 2, 2012, four Ohio exotic owners affected by the law they deemed unconstitutional filed a lawsuit challenging the Ohio Dangerous Wild Animal Act. The challenge went on until March of 2014, with Ohio exotic owners expecting their property rights to be upheld. State attorneys accompanied by HSUS attorneys defeated Robert Owens, attorney for the plaintiffs, in December of 2013, but the ruling was not given until March. In the previous months, trying to get answers to questions about how to comply often went unanswered, with one owner having record of a call placed, message with return number left on voicemail and not returned. Two weeks later, the same owner placed a call again, repeating the request for a return call and phone number repeated – with no return call. A call placed a couple months later was finally answered and an excuse given that she, Candice Miller employee of the ODA, had forgotten to return the call. There were other owners making similar claims, making it more difficult for some to determine how to proceed and remain legal owners.


I urge you to follow the link for the rest of this REVEAL telling the truth of this matter on the massacre of Ohio’s Exotic Animals and their RIGHTFUL owners!!! http://www.examiner.com/article/tiger-ridge-kenny-hetrick-and-ohio-department-of-agriculture-tangled-webs?cid=db_articles

There exists-

Numerous issues of proper due process from law enforcement

Quotes of important from this article:

Issue of Animal Cruelty by the state: “The employees of ODA were then seen on video hitting the bear repeatedly in the head with a steel pipe to ensure his incapacity.”

“After heavy sedation, it is likely to cause even more harm to sedate again without time to expel the drugs from the animals’ systems. Kidney function was cited as one possible problem and some experienced with exotics consider the conditions of sedating – approximately 22 degrees – already hard on the animals due to sedation causing a drop in body temperature. Pneumonia is another possible problem and stress of being moved lowers the animals ability to fight off illness. Being transported 130 miles in open horse trailers certainly did not help the temperatures of the animals when it was only 22 degrees on Wednesday. Many question the non-emergency removal being done on such a cold day and so quickly. Eye-witnesses say most animals were dropped hard and fast, within a few minutes of being shot, then shot in the neck again when approached. Monitoring of the animals’ temperatures is not known to have occurred nor withholding of water and food for 12 hours prior, which is recommended to prevent aspiration. Hours of video are being reviewed at this time.

Destruction of property: “Locks and chains were cut, and gates and fencing damaged by ODA employees removing the animals causing safety issues for the immediate return of the animals, but Hetrick had numerous members of the community come to his aid to make repairs and change the few claimed safety concerns of the ODA letter”

Claim of public safety issue is imaginary -no genuine probable cause for immediate action- “Many now question how it was the claimed concern for public safety, yet the ODA waited months to confiscate the animals, making the claim seem non-factual. Hetrick’s years of keeping animals without escape was also mentioned by supporters. The claim of the animals’ welfare and safety were also put into question by the treatment of the animals by ODA employees which included veterinarian Melissa Simmerman, named in the filing done by the state on Thursday.”

Thanks to Amy Reynolds, writer for the examiner for writing this article and showing the history for the creation of this law and pointing out the lack of humanity demonstrated by the government of Ohio.

“The proclaimed animal welfare and safety concerns appears to have overshadowed simple empathy and humanity in this situation of a man trying to keep what he has had for many years, only change being in the state laws, administered by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.” ~Amy Reynolds

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

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