You See People ~I See Monsters

It’s been 5 years-I have re-lived it everyday for 5 years…I cry everyday for 5 years

Saved for reference from an older blog for purpose of documentation-Titled as a massacre, even way back then as 1/3 of the animals were killed without reason as explained in the post. I’m not sure if anyone had called an animal rescue a massacre before that time but was the way I saw it then and the way I see it now.

So the next time you read one of my posts please recognize I KNOW what I’m talking about. I might not express things as well as others but I never staked a claim to being a great writer-I speak with a common language that I believe is clearly understood by anyone reading these posts-Likely improved over time but all the same, I try to write as I would speak. Yes a book is being written-Well of course it is, After all:

“Justice in America ~ Nothing More Than A Fractured Fairytale”

You See people ~ I See MONSTERS

Written and posted “2/14/2010 -Looking Back…”

Hernando county property being searched

I have spent the last several days confined to the trailer, bed or bathroom with Fred begging me to go out and I look out the window at the empty cages and cry…No one seems to understand I’m like a lost soul and finally after taking a deep breath I went to read some of the news articles that the writer of one of the local papers said was UNBIASED reporting…What questions did she ask herself as she put her words on paper…where was her sense of humanity and fairness…No one bothered to ask for an interview until the day of the seizure And the few reporters I did speak with didn’t even get it right…maybe I didn’t even get it right as I sat there horrifed at what was taking place…

Heres an account of what happened from the other side, my side and keep in mind I had no idea it was already in the news…

I remember sitting there looking at the scene taking place in front of me, horrified at what was taking place and helpless to do anything about it. I sat there in the chair I was told to sit in with one of the sheriff’s deputies standing guard over me as if I was some sort of criminal for having cared and slaved for these animals. Now realizing that what they had planned is happening…not knowing that they would allow the media to come onto the property for the staging of a press conference; this is private property and I had told them no press; what did that matter to these people calling themselves law enforcers? What gave them the right to allow the press onto this property? Why were they allowed in my trailer?

I was not aware that this woman and her gang of animal thieves had already made plans for confiscation…had been looking for foster homes for the animals they were about to sieze…not knowing they were searching nation wide to place the big cats elsewhere before this seizure took place, but I suppected it!

And who is this woman, Ms. Caroline Wedding anyway? After each visit to the property calling it an inspection and entering trailers, without a warrant, making notes on the animals in our care.

I had requested her credentials on her first visit…she pulled out a business card…a BUSINESS CARD??!?…Well, the sheriff said she was SPCA and the woman they used for ‘this type of thing’, she was animal control (?) and reconfirmed by the Game Warden who was quick to say ‘when he was in charge of such cases he would euthanize the animals’…euthanize the animals! Jeez, the animals and the situation might be better off with the Animal Rights lady in charge; maybe she’s concerned about their welfare as I have been for so many years; would she be?

So now, after all is said and done and they (my accusers) wouldn’t listen to me and my story about having consulted an attorney, and telling them over and over again that he told me he made a few calls and there seemed to be no problem and the town loved animals, after all they had BEARS living here for years, there were elephants and even cats at one time (I wondered whose cats had been here before but no one knew so I didn’t give it a second thought)!

I was so excited when I flew in to see the property and put a down payment on the property discovering the receptionist was married to the Justice of the Peace; now don’t tell me that a woman married to a Judge, doesn’t know anything about such things, don’t tell me she didn’t go home that night and tell her family that a wildlife sanctuary was moving to Jefferson and they were coming with tigers; I’m certain people were talking!

This woman had spoken to me on several occasions and knew I was having to make special arrangements for the move, she knew and I am sure she’d go home and talk about the sanctuary coming to town…After all, she was so excited about the animals…

But, going back to that Sunday night before the seizure and the terror I felt from this Game Warden, Rick Lane…small town, maybe the Humane Society woman would be a bit more understanding…I again glanced at her card with a flashlight that read Humane Society of Marion County, Caroline Wedding, President and Founder, P.O. Box 505, Jefferson, TX 75657 (903) 790-9012, (was this really an email address for her at the Humane Society? I wonder!)

There was a picture on this rather simple business card of a paw print but under the markings of the toes of the paw print, instead of the pad of a paw, it was a big heart…the card is beige with pale turquoise print, surely this was the card of an understanding sympathic woman!?! Surely woman to woman we could develope an understanding and maybe if she knew of the award winning educational shows she would help me straighten out the situation.

Boy, I could not I have been further from the truth about her. She was not pleasant to look at and rough in her manner as she moved around the property to the cats with two young volunteers at her side (I wonder what these volunteers were thinking, meer children learning how to ‘do it’); taking out her camera preparing to take a picture of one of the cats, the only one with poop in the cage, of course!

She heard the dogs barking and flung the door open of the freshly cleaned animals that began to bark loudly at her and all these strangers. She demanded to see their papers, papers? Wanted to see the evidence of their rabies vaccinations…well that was simple the vet who vaccinated them had faxed that information to me after the forms were completed…on the desk top of my computer…

NO, not good enough, hard copy, originals from my vet and my mind whirling, this has always been accepted anywhere I’ve been before, what’s she talking about, not good enough?!?…She then made her way around to my uhaul truck asking for the license plate…was she in law enforcement or with the Humane Society? And the uhaul truck was parked on private property not on the road, what business was it of hers? Demanded to see the paperwork on the cats so I took her some of the papers…not good enough and now, well after 12:30 at night, they all left the property leaving me and Fred to complete the chores of the evening and considering they said they would be back in the morning I decided I had better get the chores of the following morning done before going to bed for some rest…what exactly is this woman doing here? (NOTE: There was NEVER any guard placed on the property as reported)

Well, it takes 2 and 1/2 hours to care for the cats, they were still in transport status and by the time we got some sitdown time and got to the ‘tomorrow am chores’, I found myself and Fred up the entire night. They showed up just after I finished and had cleaned myself up a for the rets of the day.

There were more people here than the night before…David McKnight (my neighbor down the road a piece, sheriff deputy in charge who had been here the night before…my neighbor?!?) accompanied by Shawn Cox, Sheriff Investigator who seemed so nice, of course that nasty Game Warden Rick Lane, Larry Nance, Investigator for the DA office who bragged about being a Texas Ranger as he flashed his t-shirt…yeah, I said flashed his Texas Ranger t-shirt that anyone could buy at a military surplus store, some official with the Texas State Health Department who looks (looked may have been better grammar but he looks as I describe him) like a bowling ball with a head, legs, and arms, who glared at me that he was going to kill my chickens, ducks, geese and my 50-60 pound turkey, Gobble.

I remember asking him if he was joking, right? He said ‘now I know I’m going to kill them, no testing was required and he was going to slaughter these animals’…I stood there trying to figure out how all the State Health Representatives I have meet so far could possibly be such mean and downright nasty people…maybe the one in Hidalgo County and he were related! Tears welded up in my eyes as I tried to come up with a way to stop all this…Should I shot myself now?!?!

And the guys I hired were here erecting the compound, a total of 5 at $150.00 a piece but by midmorning it was apparent to me that the cats would never be allowed to use these cages, not here, not anywhere; I knew they would never allow us to go

elsewhere and sell this property? Still, the guys continued to work on the cages, pausing twice for prayer, they set the pipes for the perimeter fence, set up the exercise cage and while all this was going on I’m watching people go in different directions, peering into the trailers looking at the animals…

Then, out of no where, I’m told to get one of those guys to dig up the lion…DIG UP THE LION! Absolutely NOT! They are telling me this whole time to cooperate or they would go get a search warrant and throw me in handcuffs and whisk me off to jail…Wasn’t I cooperating?…What more could I do?…I refused to ask one of those guys to dig up my DandyLion and I was told if they had to get a backhoe I was going to have to pay for it…What?!!!

I took off my jacket, grabbed the shovel and began to dig…tears now rolling down my face…what was this going to prove? At one point, I felt like I was about to faint…I’m hoping that Fred doesn’t come around the corner to see what was now going on! The lion died in transport already decomposing in a grave that had been so hard to dig, frozen ground, roots and the freezing cold rain. And as I began digging I looked up at these people now all gathered in some sort of huddle smoking their cigarettes chit-chatting and allowing the Humane Society woman free reign of the property…Was digging up this lion her idea? This was a woman in charge of a Humane Society who is supposed to have compassion…I get their emails…with the pictures of some poor animal they had seized and now having to provide for its care…send money…Yep, turns out to be her idea, combined by unanimous vote from the rest of my accusers!

Her vet arrived after they finally had stopped me from digging and had their backhoe on the way; after I had already begun to expose his dead lifeless, decaying body of course and now upset even greater, but cooperating…I sat down and rested my weary head in my hands and tried to find some reason to the scene that I watched from the chair I had retreated to. I approached closer to the scene some 25-30 feet from me to see what they were doing to the lion. They now had the lion chained, with my chain I might add, to the backhoe lifting his body and then expecting this vet to examine…surely a vet would explain that a lion or any animal could stress and die in transport status. Surely she knows I followed proper protocol by calling my vet about the problem to see what else I could possibly do for him. Later they learne all this to be TRUE and with the making of a simple phone call to my vet.

She now put on her gloves, I turned away but overheard her explaining that this animal had been dead for sometime and the only way to determine anything would of had to have been done within 24 hours of death…duh! What I had already told them! They were considering bringing in the county coroner…for what? He died, I’m sorrowful he died and nothing anyone could do to bring him back!

These people have been watching too much TV (CSI).

There’s a big difference from a TV show and reality! And my reality was to explain the situation and hope the District Attorney was more of an understanding and reasonable man that the people he had set to my property. But wait, they were all working for him…understanding was not going to be a possibility.

The lion was ‘dumped to the ground’ outside the grave and after placing a crime scene tape around this entire area which included the cats, they left…the guys left and Fred and I were left standing there in total dismay over the events of the day. (By the way, no guards were left on the property)

The only hope I had left was the report from the USDA Dr that arrived on the scene who loved the cages and had nothing bad to say but they quickly whisked him away from me and all the good intentions that were in the plan.

The following day was a scene from a movie and me and Fred were pushed away and treated like total garbage as I was handed a warrant and still reading as more officials with guns and an assault rifles were entering the property…then the press with cameras and their tripods were allowed to come on the scene and still Fred, whose name was on the warrant, hadn’t been given it to read so he had absolutely no idea of what was going on, remember, he’s deaf!

We had seen a helicopter over head only 30 minutes earlier circling the property while I was out watering and cleaning the cats and had absolutely no idea of what was about to take place. Later I learned it was a news crew from Dallas…DALLAS…who the heck called them in and why would they even be interested in this? Were they contacted ahead of the raid? Surely they would see that these people were infringing on our rights…Surely they knew what transporting animals to a permanent location meant…surely!

No, now we were about to be portrayed as animal abusers…ME? AN ANIMAL ABUSER? REALLY???

We were now totally exhausted from lack of sleep trying to care for our animals…we caved and followed their orders, threatening to handcuff us should we not cooperate, they would take us to jail. JAIL! OMG, was I, was Fred about to go to jail? Why did they allow reporters to take pictures and not Fred?!!!!!!!? And when he finally did go to take a few pictures, we were ordered off to jail.

And that’s exactly what they did but the Sheriff that stood guard over us and saw what was happening, didn’t handcuff us, I think he was disgusted over this as we were. I was escorted back into my trailer with all the animals gone for my ID by Shawn Cox, Sheriff Investigator remember, the man who would later testify that this trailer had such a strong stench of urine…funny, he didn’t seem bothered now with the cat cages still inside with the litter boxes still inside and the trailer door had been shut on our entry. He wasn’t gagging or grabbing his nose and I truly don’t believe he ever found the ‘odor’ of the animals that were safe inside in the warm trailer as bad as he had testified at the hearing. But descriptions of abusers and people who were portraid as cruel or as hoarders of animals are usually described in such fashion. The day before he stood with a group of men within a few feet of the lion! Oh, what a web of lies and twist of the truth…to make themselves the heroes and us the villans.

See PJ Boosinger’s web blog reports and the report on the Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue:

Don’t even ask how upset and bewildered I am!  -B

Bloggers Note: Update on the ‘players’:


Caroline Wedding,  President & Founder (self-appointed position)

Humane Society of Marion County

P.O.Box 505

Jefferson, TX 75657

(903) 790-9012

Now DBA The Dixie Humane Society of Marion County



Dr. Carol L. Hedges

Her slogan: “Your Best Friend Deserves Our Best Care”…I think more of my best friend than to EVER use this animal clinic…I wouldn’t take a dead dog there!

The Jefferson Animal Clinic closed and remains closed as far as I know. Dr. Hedges continued working for the Humane Society


District Attorney Bill Gleason Gracefully retired-Collecting retirement money from the state

Larry Nance-Continues as investigator for the DA office


the judges:

Magistrate Judge Velma Allen-Retired and collecting money from the state

Judge Lex Jones and County Judge Phil Parker remain on the bench


Deputy Sheriff David McKnight-Now the Sheriff for Marion County


The following was posted a year later:

“January 28, 2010- Massacre in Marion County”

Animals were slaughtered and murdered in Marion County without permission from the court and without testing on January 28, 2010. The story made headlines…repeated in blogs-the message sent and the comments came flooding in…’DONE’…It was called a great rescue BUT no one knew or even asked about the animals… How come?!? Seems to me, they should have!!!

Yet, the vet proclaimed them healthy, well-fed, and cared for…the fowl came from South Texas, they knew that…the house cats had respiratory, proclaimed the vet…so which was it…were they healthy, well-fed and cared for or were they sick?!? Hey lady, there was NO danger to the public…cats can do just fine with respiratory, quite common actually-they WERE Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Dolly rescues!!! She worked on her own, without the assistance of the humane society, although the woman said she watched…WATCHED??? She acted as their judge and their excecutionor…she proclaimed; “she would have to shut her clinic down”…that vet, should never have accepted the responsibility of those animals…especially since she knew about those house cats BEFORE the raid while she was on our property for a ‘sneak ‘n peak’.

But don’t sick animals go to that clinic as well as healthy ones?!? OMG, “One sneezed mucus on my leg-they were sick.” Again I think about her words in court, as she testified, she said the animals were healthy and the next she said they were sick…again I have to ask, which was it-we’ll never know; she NEVER ran the first test. Well, one cat survived this pilferage…he’s doing quite well actually…and he doesn’t sneeze…SO the healthy animals were so sick she murdered  them… She even stated under oath that if she were in our position, she would have done the same!!!

-Something smells more like poop to me!!!

“Cox confirmed that a crew was on property BEFORE the seizure to assemble cages and that Ms. Hoffman and Lulling did present written plans to have an educational center.”

Now they will never know what could have been offered in Marion County…they murdered or gave away the animals…NO crime had been committed…We were moving here, nothing more; some welcome wagon, huh!?!  And why would a humane society not welcome such a center? I believe she thought it a threat to her claim of ‘educated authority’…but she was NOT authorized or certified…this DA and the judges so smart as to believe the words of a ‘woman (I use that term loosely) behaving badly’.

Some welcome indeed…a weeks stay at ‘le Marion County Jail’ three squares and an extra blanket if you beg and pled long enough-I’ve never recovered from the shock and embarrassment they put me thru…I don’t think either of us ever will…

PTSD takes its toll…

They knew we had just arrived and the weather conditions prevented the animals from being placed in their larger cats. They stretched the truth because they could…this is happening everyday somewhere in America…

We sat in that jail not knowing the horrific slaughter was going on…we did not know where they took the animals or who would be responsible for caring for them and it is apparent that not one really did-by the end of the day, within 24 hours of being seized, those animals had been exposed to the sever conditions of the deteriorating weather and after being held in a storage shed-probably uninsulated…probably without food or water and the vet admitted, without a heater; some in the plastic cages they were taken in and now with the food and water spilt; left, unclean and stacked OVERNIGHT and slaughtered the following day…1/3 of my precious animals killed for no reason except that one sneezed on her leg…I consider this animal cruelty!!! It IS cruelty, and to borrow one of the AR people’s favorite words, DEPLORABLE!

The fowl manhandled by the state health inspector and a HOLD ORDER issued-did they simply wring their necks and have them for dinner? -We’ll never know.

YES, we have complained to the Texas Board of Veterinarian Examiners and is being investigated but this veterinarian has run to an attorney-even got an extension of time for reply. She’s being given more than those animals got…they gave her the extension. She broke the law by destroying those animals taken as evidence, and the TX H&S Code for seized animals and I bet this woman gets off!!!

Tonight I watched an old movie on Broadcast TV called Alice’s Resturant of all things…it’s about BLIND JUSTICE (the judge was blind…) and GARBAGE…arial photos of the crime (littering)…the 27- 8×10 glossy pictures taken as evidence…the judge saw nothing…we had a hearing and the judge heard nothing…although he wasn’t deaf…but the deaf man on trial sure got the message. There was no citation or petition for a civil hearing…the charges were already dropped…NOT JP Court-Kangaroo Court and I am amazed we weren’t lynched or that they didn’t use those assault rifles they were brandished for the press.


*OH, I better not forget ‘my disclaimer:  “The words of this blog are of my opinion based on the facts as I lived them and that I have been given; as I know them, I have told the truth and nothing but the truth.”

**The quotes taken straight from the Marshall News Messenger, written by Robin Y. Roberson, February 5, 2010.

***If you are so inclined to make a comment and it makes you feel good to send me hate mail, please note, my blog, my rules…it won’t go up… Said it before and I’ll say it again, start your own blog and join others with your rant because you won’t be allowed to flame me or others here…We’ve been abused enough by the local authorities. While I do receive and read these comments-It will NOT be posted or tolerated!!! ‘Cyber bulling’ is a crime…take your crap elsewhere…


We did finally flee Texas, our business destroyed, there are no big cats here….We still have NEVER seen any justice or had a trial by jury, filed in the Federal District Court for Protected Civil Liberty abuse-pro se litigants, case was dismissed, filed in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals-the case was dismissed, filed for a rehearing and hearing enBanc-Preparing to take the case to the Supreme Court as the case was not properly addressed by any court with case law that effects even the deaf!!! Our justice system is corrupt when a hot cup of coffee being spilt weighs a higher value than Protected Civil Liberties and proper due process of the law.

Meanwhile we feel no shame-What charges there were were dropped, no criminal charges ever filed for animals taken as evidence-no civil citation ever served. No probable cause, general warrant and a shit load of abuse of proper due process-

Please sign our petition:

Mentally drained from re-reading this and knowing so much more about all of this and the illegal and unconstitutional taking and massacre of innocent animals that the government actually has no interest in.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

Baskin wants your pet

~ by topcatsroar on January 29, 2015.

4 Responses to “You See People ~I See Monsters”

  1. This is an awesome message you are sending and I hope and pray you get your point across to everyone!!!

    • Thank you Shauna- I am often asked what happened and usually avoid the topic as far as relating what the actual turn of events were. Imagine repeating that all the time-no way… Later I will produce some of the pictures Fred took with his camera and later hid the chip from the camera before they took us to jail. We spent a week there until I would give up ownership of the big cats and all that DA wanted in the first place which was exposed in the media.
      The rest of the animals I was told would be returned-no one told us of the large number of animals that they massacred; there were no charges pending…too bad the judge didn’t know that-ya think!?!

      When all was said and done in the lower courts of Marion County they kept all the animals-and get this-We could have animals but not those animals-Of course not-Extremely expensive birds and a crested Celebes macaque monkey valued at $20,000.00- I’ll never see him again or the birds and never be able to have others-Heart breaking yet they threw a party over it-The sheriff deputy-my new neighbor, David McKnight, received a humanitarian award from that humane society-HOGWASH!!! -B

  2. I don’t understand – it’s written as if the reader is already familiar with the story, I have no idea what it is and can’t find anything on Marion County animals around the 28th of January 2010, and I’ve never heard of it.
    Can you take the short version, or provide some news articles?

    • I wrote it and lived it-Every victim of the animal cruelty law has a story to tell, especially if it was ‘set-up’ by some ruthless individuals who worked as a conspiracy to ‘get it done’ and this is mine-It is not a pretty story and I hold no shame in it-It’s important that the public know what really goes on with ‘animal rescue’
      They are small massacres and far from what anyone could interpret as a rescue….That’s not a rescue; is a massacre!!-You see people ~ I see monsters!!! -B

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