ZOO WARS ~ UPDATE-Ohio Alert-The State is Stealing Animals

Seems the media is a little behind FB and this blog but trying their best to catch up and already there is an important update-I’m behind a bit but catching up…not even taken the time to tag these posts and depending on you to share this story and keep those calls coming in-Laws that ban animals and make ownership nearly impossible are illegal and unconstitutional!!! Now is a chance to demonstrate just how harmful these laws are to US citizens-Hell, I’d rather be outside enjoying this spring like weather tan having to blog this minute by minute…

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Wood County Sheriff: State seizing animals from Stony Ridge exotic animal farm

Stealing Ohio animals Kenny4

The facility houses six tigers, a lion, a black lion and Kodiak bear. Owner Kenny Hetrick has been ?in talks with the state for years?, working to make the farm meet new regulations.

Ohio enacted strict new regulations on the owners of exotic animals after a Zanesville man set loose dozens of exotic animals in 2011.

After that law passed in 2012, Hetrick says he has made changes to meet state requirements, such as obtaining a half-million dollar insurance policy, microchipping each animal, neutering them and adding fencing. Hetrick says the upgrades were made possible through donations and volunteer help.

But the state says those upgrades were not enough to meet the law’s requirements. An Ohio Department of Agriculture spokesperson says the cages at the facility are not appropriate for the animals held there.

The state says it plans to seize all of the animals at the farm Wednesday except for a hybrid wolf, which does not fall under Ohio’s exotic animal law. The state says all of the animals will be taken to Reynoldsburg, Ohio. The Department of Agriculture says it will work to find new homes for the animals.

Several Wood County Sheriff vehicles and trucks with trailers to haul the animals away are at the farm right now.

Latest Update:

A stay and to return the animals has been issued

“They are still waiting on the “Stay Order”. Judge has signed it but more paper work was required to be filled out. It’s not a done deal yet. Meanwhile the ODA knows about the STAY ORDER and was asked to slow down by the sheriif. Instead the ODA has since sped up in conficating with only a couple animals left to confiscate.”

Do NOT stop placing those phone calls -It’s important that we take a stand here and now-There are more animal owners and animal lovers than Animal Rights Extremist Nazis that want to take our pets-Stop allowing them to claim glory, fundraise and sell the animals under the ‘guise of rescue’-It’s not a rescue!!! They make up lies and supported by judges who do not deserve to be in that position!!! Enforced by sheriffs that could careless about protecting you from illegal and unconstitutional actions of our government

(Just ask Judge Lex Jones, Judge Phil Parker and Sheriff David McKnight of Marion County, Texas -All who denied proper due process and don’t/won’t admit to staking a claim to their WRONGFUL actions and successed in destroying a new member of their community-The only thing transparent is the corruption that continues there).

There won’t be a lawyer to take a stand against the corruption and if there is, you can’t afford one unless one is willing to stand up for your constitutional rights and either work pro bono or on contingency.

This is not just about Ohio or exotic animals -You have the vote and we the people in greater numbers than Animal Rights Extremists…the only thing to fear is fear itself.

Baskin wants your petAnimal Rights Extremist Nazis want to take YOUR pet

Keep making those calls!!!

Dept. of Agriculture (614) 728-6201
(614) 728-6285
Animal Health Division (614) 728-6220
Enforcement Division (614) 728-6240
Legal Office (614) 728-6430
Governor Kasich
Phone: (614) 466-3555

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned…follow this blog   -B


~ by topcatsroar on January 28, 2015.

3 Responses to “ZOO WARS ~ UPDATE-Ohio Alert-The State is Stealing Animals”

  1. Does Kenny Hettrick have a lawyer even though he was trying to comply with their demands?
    Our friend who is grandfathered in in our county with his tigers was still attacked and harassed by the county with the help of none other than Carole Baskin, and if not for him hiring a kick-ass attorney who believes this bullshit is just that – BULLSHIT, he would have had his cats seized too een with his perfect record over the past 30+ years.

    I’ll call and try and get other people to do the same, but maybe I can call our friend and see if his attorney knows an attorney in Ohio that may help him with this.

    Tragic, because some of those animals are going to die, and we need to stop these monsters……..

  2. Thank u so much for your support!!

    • I wish you well and hope you can over come the absurd demands of the state-Please update when you can!!! -B

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