ZOO WARS EMERGENCY!!! Ohio Alert-The State is STEALING Animals

Baskin wants your pet

The state of Ohio is STEALING animals as I write this-This type of action from the state must be stopped. Many of his animals are old and will not survive the change-Kenny is an older man and I am well too familiar what stealing animals does to the owner especially without proper due process-The sheriff is to protect the law and to protect citizens-Where’s the militia that we always here about to protect citizens from such intrusions over bad laws to steal property from their rightful owners?!?


Stealing Ohio animals Kenny

“Theft of personal property by the state without due process. If this doesn’t make you sick to see these animal as sedated and moved in the cold after belonging to a man for many years, you are clueless and hopeless. THIS is Kasich’s Ohio.”

Stealing Ohio animals Kenny2

Here’s the number for the ag. center 614-728-6201 Flood the bastards with phone calls with one single message to stop what they are doing and leave this poor man with his animals-Let them know their actions are that of TERRORISTS within our borders!!! No reasonable man could possibly consider this something that they should be doing when they STEAL another mans property!!!

Stealing Ohio animals Kenny3

I will be surprised if all those animals survive this attack on their home-They are on their way to the Penitentiary for animals that Ohio has BANNED!!! Just how many of them will be euthanized in the process?!? How will their owner live with this offense from their government~Kenny is a long standing member of the community who may have even voted for the BASTARD sheriff in Wood County that is now stealing his PROPERTY-Animals are property. This is a show of force all right and I’m damn well sick of it especially after he worked so hard to become compliant with the newly passed law. Supported by his community they are stealing his animals anyway. What animals survive this first attack will once again likely be tranquilized to be moved once again-No living thing could survive in the Ohio Penitentiary…and many won’t make there way out.

The creation of BAD laws based on a single incident is NOT acceptable from our law makers and law enforcement has a choice to NOT steal animals for long standing animal owners that have NEVER had so much as a single incident. Create laws where everyone is lawless then you have a society of law breakers.

Maybe Carole Baskin and the other Animal Rights Extremist NAZIS have something more to be paranoid about. In her shoes I’d be paranoid-she KNOWS just like the rest of them including Hanna who built his infamous career off private exotic animal owners-Boycott his precious Columbus Zoo who supports Ohio’s COMMUNIST laws but not willing to give any animal a proper home to live out their lives…unless of course an unusual very expensive animal-Kenny’s animals are old.-Flood the phone lines!!!

Stop Animal Rights Extremist NAZIS from stealing animals from their longstanding rightful owners NOW!!!
Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog-There will be updates as they come in -B

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~ by topcatsroar on January 28, 2015.

3 Responses to “ZOO WARS EMERGENCY!!! Ohio Alert-The State is STEALING Animals”

  1. What is Kenny’s last name, is there any video footage/news stories I can see, and any other information?
    I want to get a better look at their bullshit before I call them. Thanks!

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