ZOO WARS~ UPDATE Oklahoma ALERT ~Oklahoma Bill SB-776 -Ban on Exotic Animals

Senator Bass introduced this BAD Bill (Remember that come election time!) All state senators need to be notified that you are OPPOSED to SB 776

You, your friends, and your family are needed to stop bad bills concerning animals especially when that concern is for a ban on animals and the possibility of them being euthanized!!! -YES, this bill not only bans but allows for the state to euthanize animals rather than rehome them. No part of this Bill is acceptable!!!

Below is a list of email addresses that you can C/P for where to send your letter or write one of your own.

Sample Letter:

I am an Oklahoma resident and I am OPPOSED Senate Bill 776.

SB 776 is a BAD bill that is against the keeping of ALL exotic animals and allows for animals to be euthanized. If you don’t stand up AGAINST this bill ALL animal ownership in Oklahoma is threatened. Ownership of animals is under attack by Animal Rights Extremists and supported by Animal Rights organizations such as HSUS, PETA, SPCA, Big Cat Rescue, and others.

Attorney General Pruitt is investigating HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) for fraud for collecting funds for Oklahoma tornado victims. They refuse to disclose records because it appears they helped no one.

HSUS paid 9.3 million in an out court settlement for racketeering -several other Animal Rights NPF organizations were also involved and also made out of court settlements to the Feld Corp. Ironically, several were subsidiaries of HSUS. All Animal Rights organizations are in association with each other and support HSUS reign of terror over animal ownership. All Animal Rights organizations seek to end all human relationships with animals. Do not be fooled by these Animal Rights Extremist organizations to believe that they are concerned for the animals or a public safety issue when none exists.

Big Cat Rescue is not considered an animal sanctuary in Florida and licensed as any other animal attraction, an unverified member of GFAS and recently received a warning from the state of Florida for not maintaining their facility in a manner in accordance with the regulations. ALL GFAS facilities are a subsidiary of HSUS and would benefit in rehoming animals that they are not qualified to take. These are multi-million dollar businesses that depend on the creation of such laws for fundraising and hiring lobbyists to promote the creation of laws to ban ownership.

There is not a public safety issue in Oklahoma and therefore the government has no interest in creating BAD laws to ban ownership of these animals. Protected Civil Liberty rights to own property must be protected animals are property.

Please OPPOSE SB 776 and continue to protect Oklahoma residents from this attack on their animals. What happens to exotic animals can and will happen to ALL animals owned by Oklahoma residents including farm animals, if we allow Animal Rights Extremists to control laws and our Protected Civil Liberties.

Please take a stand AGAINST SB 776 to show your support for ALL animal owners in our state.

This is a matter of extreme importance to me, my family and my friends. I hope to hear back from you that you are AGAINST   SB 776 and that you will continue to protect Oklahoma citizens in matters pertaining to animal ownership.



Please C/P the following OK Senators email addresses in the address bar of your email-Please note that each line may have to be copied and pasted separately into the address bar to send to all of them at the same time-Whatever works for you to get your message sent to each and every OK senator.











Link of interest (actual wording of SB 776): https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2015/01/24/zoo-wars-heads-up-oklahoma/

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions or others…Stay tuned -B

~ by topcatsroar on January 27, 2015.

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