From TODAY’S Headlines of Interest!!! January 27, 2015

Carole Baskin with her leopard

Officials Tight Lipped on Search, M.E., Cadaver Dogs, Sonar Device on Scene

BROOKSVILLE – RNRF responded to 7479 – 7485 B.W. Stevenson Road this morning, after a viewer tip led us to the scene of a possible crime scene at that location.

Upon arrival, we discovered several plain clothed officials, scouring approximately two to three acres of land. While on scene, we observed two Search and Rescue K-9, a ground penetrating sonar device, the Medical Examiner, Forensics, and several unmarked law enforcement vehicles.

Officials have declined to comment and will only say “This is an open investigation.” There is no word on what agencies are assisting with the search, but one k-9 handler wore insignia from the Marimar Police Department.

There are no further details at this time.

Still No Word From Officials, As Massive Search Continues

Baskin previous owner4

One day after authorities began searching several acres of land along B W Stevenson Road, officials are still not providing details regarding the investigation.

Early yesterday morning, RNRF received a tip that excavation equipment was being used on the property, but there are no details on what, if anything has been unearthed.

Search and Rescue teams from the Miramar Police Department and Miami-Dade Fire Rescue are assisting in the search, but it is not known if this case involves those agencies directly. Officials with Miami-Dade say they are not aware of any Detectives from their agency working in Hernando County at this time.

There are three previous owners listed on the Hernando County Property Appraisers website; Mary Reinke, 1990-1995, J D and Carole Lewis, 1995 and Robert Bunnell is listed as the current owner.

Big Cat Rescue owner, Carole Baskins Lewis, made headlines in 2007, after her husband, Don Lewis, disappeared and was never heard from again. There is no information at this time that would suggest the investigation is related to the disappearance of Don Lewis.

Baskin previous owner

Baskin previous owner2Baskin previous owner3_______________________

Kind of a coincidence wouldn’t you say that one of the previous owners was Carole Baskin (Carole Lewis) Got that-Was a previous owner of this property…of course we don’t know why they are searching this property or what gave them reason to search it but does appear to be suspicious that prayers may be answered at last…Hallelujah!!!

UPDATE in Carole Baskin’s own words posted on her FB page (shhhhhhhh, she thinks she has me blocked-HA!) Now on reading this you might ask how is this an update-This is the first time she’s gone into paranoia mode -By the way, last I looked she’s still up posting 1:40am and rather uncommon for BCR posts to be coming up so late…must be having a problem sleeping tonight and last night-ya think ??? and she’s describing an incident that likely was made up to cover up the fact that she’s probably is being watched and then announces that she’s armed…Well, well, well, sounds like a guilty conscious to me-Cadaver dogs, a ground penetrating sonar device, the Medical Examiner, Forensics, and several unmarked law enforcement vehicles on a property she used to own-Well one of her NFPs did (she has several NFPs)

So, the following is how Carole described her day today. Shame on all of us on FB and Twitter for making her so jumpy…Or it her actions of years ago that have her so jumpy-Right now, it doesn’t really matter, now does it…We don’t know what they are looking for -they haven’t turned up anything yet. But there are some of us hoping for closure to this cold case…and for Don Lewis to finally Rest in Peace.

I doubt that there was any speed trap at that location on private property…I do believe that Carole Baskin is delusional but she’s had plenty of time to ponder over what she would say and do if he ever did turn up and  they’re able to pin it on her-Kind of hoping she cops an insanity plea. And I can’t help but to think about poor Don and his pleading with a judge for protection and here’s Carole boasting she has a carry permit and what a good shot she is -WTF?!?
Speed Trap Heart Attack

January 27, 2015 at 12:46pm

I don’t even remember the last time I got a speeding ticket. Chalk that up to old age; either I am driving like a little old granny these days, or I just can’t remember…

I didn’t get a ticket today, as I drove past a speed trap, but nearly had a heart attack. The opponents to protecting wild animals are an evil lot, who don’t respect life in any form, and over the years I’ve been physically attacked, threatened, and intimidated by a number of back yard breeders and exploiters. As a result, I am always a little on edge, but didn’t realize how much I constantly scan the scene for danger until today.

My parents gave me two costly gifts in the past few months; a pretty little red golf cart to use at the sanctuary and a Toyota Tacoma Pre-Runner. My mother and I spent an hour and 15 minutes at the DMV doing the title transfer this morning and on the way to the sanctuary is when I nearly flipped the new truck over to escape being shot! Or that is what I thought was happening…

As I scanned to the right, I saw an unmarked police car, in the driveway to a store that shut down last year. The driveway is often used by the convenience store patrons and the church on the other side, so it was a place you would expect to see someone sitting, as they were just waiting for a break in traffic, and not a place one would expect a sheriff’s deputy to have set up a speed trap. As I glanced at the car, I notice what appears to be a man pointing a gun at my face and adrenaline flushed through my veins like a tidal wave.

Here was that instance of fight or flight where I was struggling to remember if my gun (I have a concealed weapons permit and am a very good shot) was in this car or not. I was considering evasive action, but was hemmed in by traffic. I considered just broadsiding my assailant but (thankfully) thought better of that. And then the pieces began to fit as I cruised on past… He didn’t shoot… My windshield was intact… Typical shape of an unmarked police car… That gun was too broad at the nose…

My thumping heart began to calm, but I just couldn’t help but think how badly all of that could have gone if just one of those reactions, to the constant harassment I face, had caused me to take some action other than just passing by. Constantly challenging the way we treat animals and encouraging people to rethink their involvement, such as paying to pet lion and tiger cubs, or going to the circus, or buying designer hybrid cats is not for the faint of heart.

Big Cat Rescue is pressing for laws that will protect wild animals from these abuses, but Joe Biden famously said, “No fundamental social change occurs merely because government acts. It’s because civil society, the conscience of a country, begins to rise up and demand – demand – demand change.”

The animals, and I, need you to “demand – demand – demand change.”


From the looks of it, she just might be getting her wish come true and things might change for her pretty quick!!!

Dig Faster

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

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5 Responses to “From TODAY’S Headlines of Interest!!! January 27, 2015”

  1. Twitter @tigerlady#DigFaster

  2. Never a dull moment in the life of Carole, right? Playing the victim is an old ploy of bullies. They get up some sympathy that way, then go back for more. Next episode, she’ll likely report a break-in, or one of her animals poisoned, by those who hate her… Then poor Howard will probably get shot by a sniper -strangely by the same caliber weapon as the little sidearm she’s licensed to carry. Like I say, never a dull moment…

    • Ah but there’s more to this one-shhhhhhh I’m blocked but you can’t really block someone on FB now can you, Never a dull moment, LOL!!! -B

  3. She sounds delusional

    • Jennifer-She’s beyond delusional-and has gone under the radar for enforcement!!! I have many posts about this woman but the best and most through reporting about the lies is Big Cat Watch both on FB and website. Still no update on this to provide. I do have a favorite Carole Baskin report that she wrote-HILLARIOUS!!! I know her and the REAL history-she conveniently left much of it out-Now her ‘late’ husband had dementia, hahahahahaha!!! Never heard that one before from anyone or in any report until recent -of her own words of course-Now saying he just wondered off-SERIOUSLLY!!! And people buying into that and believe her-Nevermind that people knew them both back then…including me. -B

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