These are people go into facilities as caring workers but instead are spies from Animal Rights Organizations that are not quailed to investigate any facility-some by state law. They will go in and set up facility owners to make things or suggest things that are none existent. This is nothing new or these animal Rights Extremists organization who have only one mission-End ALL human relations with animals.

Wayne Pacelle-CEO HSUS~ “One generation and out.”-Industrial spy caught by the Feld Corporation-HSUS and other Animal Rights Extremists organizations paid millions in settlement.

Animal Sluts is not a nice name, not intended to be nice and these are not nice people-California Fish and Wildlife referred to BCR and ALDF as “Mean People” The following information is from the Animal Sluts website. While it is known there are many paid ‘informants’ by PETA for such operations against facility owners this is the most up to date so far-

Newest to the scene of industrial spies-

Whitney Carrington WarringtonBLOGGERS NOTE: There are video links-Go to the link below for Animal Sluts to view!!!-Viewing the videos is recommended. Mark Animal Sluts in your favorites to watch for any updates.


Mike - Michael Steinberg

Name: Mike or Michael Steinberg

Last know location: Caught in a fur farm in Idaho USA

Re: PeTA undercover Spy

In 2006 he was located as an employee for the G.W. Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood OK. Filmed bogus things for PeTA. The USDA and all authorities cleared the zoo of any wrong doing.

In 2010 he tried to gain employment with a fur farm in Idaho.

Samuel Sam Crowel

Name: Samuel Crowel

Last Location: Indiana

Re; PeTA Spy

Sam was caught in the G.W. Exotic Animal park steeling hard drives out of the computers and video taping undercover for PeTA. When caught he told the FBI and the Sheriffs office Lisa Wathne Paid him to do it.

He moved on to Indian

Dave or David McClean

Name: Dave or David McClean

Location: McKinney Texas

Spy: PeTA

On January 19th 2015 Dave McClean was caught in the Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park with a hidden camera phone. When police were called over 20 videos were deleted from his phone. He called OSHA, the USDA, The Country Health Department and the Oklahoma Fish and Game and filed false reports. They are currently pressing charges for filing false reports.

Jeff (the creep) Kremmer

Jeff Kramer, Currently of Tampa Florida [Bloggers note: Often referred to as “the creep”-Because he is creepy!!!]

Works: Big Cat Rescue

Re; Wants your rights taken away to own exotic’s and tells all the lies he needs to in order to get his mission done.

Carole Baskin

Name: Carole Lewis, Carole Baskin, Carole Murdock [Known as the “Black Widow”]

Location: Tampa Florida

Works: Big Cat Rescue Tampa Florida

Finances: HSUS, PeTA and any Politician that will take her money.

Carole is suspected of Murdering Jack Don Lewis in 1997. They have not been able to find his body and his children believe that she ground him up and fed him to the tigers to hide the body. The local sheriffs office refused to DNA test the meat grinder. She is on a mission to close down anyone that does not agree with her agenda which is to make extinct all big cats in captivity. She is fully supported by Wayne Pecelle of the HSUS and is the master mind behind the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries.


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on January 23, 2015.

2 Responses to “ZOO WARS ALERT~ANIMAL SLUTS-HSUS, PETA and Bg Cat Rescue-Hires BOGUS Industry Spies”

  1. I just did a new blog post on my blog speaking to the issue of needing Accountability and Full Disclosure checklists and questionnaires for donation-funded animal rescues in order to weed-out the scammers doing “retail rescue” and who take out their competition, and also attack animal owners with their personal animals through the use of Animal Enterprise Terrorism attacks aka “seizure scams” which net them thousands upon thousands of dollars in “crisis” and/or “sympathy/pity” donations from the kind-hearted, but also gullible and naïve public.

    Here it is:


    Please SHARE the blog post. And I and several other people that are private rescuers, donation-funded rescues, and self-funded rescues are hard at work on coming up with simple and easy to use and send checklists and questionnaires because it is out of control how many people are getting “into” ‘rescuing’ because it pays well…..

    And very scary that a lot of former animal control officers and/or people with ties to animal control and their “convenience killing” and “culture of killing” operations are going into donation-funded ‘rescue’ because it “pays” a lot better than working at AC’s, they are good at manipulating the public with embellishment and outright lies because of their sociopathic leanings, and they can also have their “narcissistic personality disorder” cravings satisfied too.

    We need only honest animal lovers in rescue, and if we can weed-out the swindlers who are fleecing the public, it is our hope that more honest hard-working rescuers at self-funded rescues, sanctuaries, and hospices would receive more donations so they could buy more critical things they need for the animals, they could have more eye-appealing facilities like what the swindlers get their donors to buy them right away, along with the nicer vehicles for transporting the animals too, because lets face it, we live in an “image is everything” world, and although that is superficial and does not affect how much love and attention animals with “issues” get at shabbier, ramshackle facilities, people do respond better to a nicer facility.
    And if we weeded-out those ‘rescues’ who will attack other rescues at the drop of a hat and manage to destroy many of them, there would be more true rescuers and animal lovers available to rescue and provide sanctuary/hospice for more animals that have issues that the adoption-based rescues are not able to take-in and keep, so they often have to kill these animals and/or not take them in in the first place because that is not what they specialize in.

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