UPDATES on Abuse and Torture in East Texas Animal Shelters~When the Rescuers Become the Abusers

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How about a little discussion about East Texas before the Update-and the CORUPTION in their so called animal rescues that can go by any name: humane society, animal rescue, SPCA, PETA recommended facilities…It’s all 100% BULLSHIT with very few honest rescuers working hard on behalf of animals rather than their pocketbooks and wallets-Few to none in some areas.

January 2010-An East Texas court issued for The Humane Society of Marion County (now DBA Dixie Humane Society) the care of animals seized as evidence with a ‘general illegal, unconstitutional warrant…Without any medical test, permission from the judge or the actual owners of the animals, the veterinarian along with the president/founder of this humane society, euthanized 1/3 of the animals-She even housed those animals overnight in an old uninsulated storage shed behind the veterinary clinic with the door open, with no heat in freezing weather, before going in the following day and slaughtering those animals because she could and so far, has gotten away with it.

Animals were taken to the vets home with no shelter and this stinking vet had no experience with the types of animals she took to her home-The small valuable mini-horse died of plural pneumonia-A condition she didn’t have at the time of the seizure…Tell me that’s not abuse and torture of animals with no one even blinking an eye over it except the owner of course…and the only one really shedding tears over the loss of life

The poultry had a ‘hold order’ from the state. This highly skilled (dumbass) Vet (Angel of Death) apparently didn’t know/doesn’t know that the state offers FREE got that, FREE testing for poultry and other livestock!!!

Her infamous attorney, who is also a vet, defends her actions!!!-Imagine that one!!! Even worse, the TX-BOVME approved of this type of behavior with no true investigation…Complaints were filed, including with the FBI and the Texas Rangers and not one agency would do any real investigation…

This humane society is still open for business as a NFP with claims to ‘shed a tear for the animals’ and to have (get this) ‘touched the souls of over 3,000 animals (is that dead and/or the ones they euthanized or had euthanized costing the community in the neighboring town money to do their ugly little deed!?!) and the Angel of Death is still their vet to the best of my knowledge. A vet that isn’t even capable of boarding and housing dogs and cats which are her ‘specialty’ -More deaths mounted for the animals taken as evidence left in the ‘Angel of Death’s’ care-1/2 of the animals seized under the ‘color of rescue’, died in their care before any conclusion of the process…and the necropsy (tests made AFTER death-makes a whole lot of sense doesn’t it ???-NOT) showed no disease-

We now see ‘shelter workers’ arrested for doing the same…Only NOW, it’s called animal torture and people agreeing with my opinion of it-Well is it or isn’t it!?! I have always said that it is-What they did was…What they did always will be and not a damn thing has been done about it.

We even have records from the animal control in a neighboring town where the president/founder Humaniac in charge, took animals with the majority of those animals being euthanized-That Humaniac found out how to get that done for FREE…oh joy…NOT…This went on for years and years!!! Little to nothing done to find owners of animals…Found animals and animals needing to be rehomed taken to a kill facility due to her lack of ability…The community still has no knowledge of what she did. The Humaniac’s signature on each and every intake at that kill facility. Now, she is likely trained and authorized to do the deed herself…however their vet has to have something to do considering that the Jefferson Animal Clinic went out of business and closed it’s doors more than a year ago-YAY! Unfortunately, the vet still has her license and is still breeding her personal dogs!!! Imagine that about the only work she’ll have now is with the Humaniac or as a relief vet, if her reputation doesn’t precede her that is…

The only thing transparent in East Texas is the Corruption-with witnesses that the Humaniac was overheard telling the vet that the animals would never be returned -she would see to it-and they did it for her in courts that had no jurisdiction to hear the case…and no one gives a crap about it-Seems they put a low value on personal property these days when it concerns animals. Yet, as animal owners, our animals are considered to be our most valuable property and NFPs are making an enormous amount of money of these so called rescues with animals of no value (derelict animals!!!) from the donations collected to the resale of the animals. Big Cat Rescue, for example, has collected literally MILLIONS in donations and spread numerous lies to the general public about exotic animal ownership and about people creating her own 911animal abuse website. Laws have been created based on those lies perpetuated by BCR including total bans or tighter restrictions on ownership. BCR is part of the HSUS doctrine of Animal Rights Extremists  The Texas shelter supports PETA, an Animal Rights Extremist organization with a 97% death rate; of course they support PETA…

We know the SPCA of Dallas slaughters animals on the spot…Links of Interest-WARNING-ONCE YOU HAVE SEEN THE PICTURES, THERE’S NO TAKING AWAY THE IMAGES




Isn’t this extreme torture of PEOPLE!?! Done under the ‘color of rescue’  ???

And what about exhuming a dead lion without court order during a warrant-less search done before seizing the animals in that January 2010 case  ???




Guess that confirmed it-Yep-dead lion-No tests were made because the lion had died long before they dug him up-This was done during a warrant-less search and no order to exhume the body-Mean people do Mean things -just because they can…His lifeless body left in close proximity to the rest of the animals-Wasn’t this animal abuse for the one live animals-Wasn’t this torture for the owners?!? What about the live animals so close to him-Nothing was ever done about this???-Oh Hell no…the sheriff department and the district attorney’s office did this deed.

We have also exposed that dogs were shot by the sheriff in the ALPA-TEX case for allergies…Proven that it wasn’t mange-even so, is mange reason to shot and kill animals on the spot without the first medical check!?!…North Texas Humane Society where the Alpha-Tex dogs were placed by the warrant, lost many of those dogs-they fostered the dogs out and were never returned to their rightful owner as stipulated by the judge and the TX-H&S Code 821 statute for seized animals!



Finally there is justice for tortured and abused animals by their so called rescuers in East Texas!!! Not any off the previously mentioned cases have ever been investigated for any reason thus less abuse and torture of animals or people.

Leave no veterinarian clinic, animal shelter or humane society torture and abuse left unturned -B

Links of Interest:




from YesBiscuit:


UPDATED: Arrest Warrants Issued for TX Pound Employees: Multiple Charges Include Animal Torture

CLOSED FOR MAINTENANCE – That’s the sign hanging on the door at the Klein Animal Shelter in Jacksonville, TX.  The “maintenance” appears to be arresting the workers for torturing animals.  Director Angela Wallace was arrested on Friday and charged with assault, illegal “euthanasia” and animal cruelty with additional charges pending.  She has reportedly bonded out.  Arrest warrants have been issued for 3 other pound employees and additional arrests are possible.  The arrests come after police were tipped off to criminal activity at the pound and a 6 month investigation was conducted.

It sounds like the staff may have known what was coming and tried their best to hide evidence by hastily killing every animal whose condition could be used against them in court:

Dr. Gary Spence, of Spence and White Veterinary Hospital, says at first, his inspection of Klein Animal Shelter after Wallace’s arrest revealed nothing out of the ordinary.

“What I saw was a clean facility. They had obviously gone in and cleaned it with some heavy duty cleaning. We went cage to cage to cage and just saw healthy animals,” he says.

But Dr. Spence says that changed when he got to the shelter’s freezers.

“I just kind of went blank… I opened the second one and it was full to the top and none of the animals in it were frozen. They had all been in there less than 24 hours,” says Dr. Spence.

He says dozens of dogs, cats, puppies and kittens were all hastily euthanized before an inspection by the state.

But apparently there were still some abused animals left after the freezer was full.  A chihuahua was found with both his front legs broken, having been left to suffer at the pound for more than a month without care.  A dog with a broken back was left untreated in a cage for 7 days, unable to move out of his own waste.  The dog will now receive lifesaving surgery but will be paralyzed.

The Department of State Health Services revoked the facility’s rabies quarantine certification on Friday:

DSHS issues rabies quarantine certifications to shelters that show they meet minimum standards to assure that animals can be humanely and effectively quarantined.

Obviously the Klein facility no longer qualified as meeting those minimum standards, what with all the animal torture arrests and such.

Even so, there will always be killing apologists:

“I’m not surprised, the Klein shelter has been overburdened for a number of years,” says Debora Dobbs, director of operations at SPCA East Texas, “To take on a city the size of Tyler, for them to try and service those animals, we as the SPCA never felt like they were really large enough to do that without a very high volume of euthanasia.”

Disgusting.  And patently false.  Also:  totally creepy, considering we’re talking about people being criminally charged for torturing animals here.

There are still approximately 100 animals at the pound and private rescues are willing to help.  Municipalities that contracted with Klein for AC are taking their animals elsewhere for the time being.

I’m hoping there will be some additional information available on this story today.  Please let me know if you see something.

(Thanks Clarice and Arlene for the links.)

UPDATE, added January 20:  I haven’t seen anything new on the additional arrest warrants that were issued.  But a former employee told KETK that when she worked at the Klein pound, she saw many dogs put into cages then killed within 5 minutes, never receiving any opportunity for vet care, behavioral assessment or even a kind word.

Dr. Spence, the veterinarian who discovered all the freshly killed pets piled to the top of the freezer, says there are still 100 living animals inside the pound and the board won’t accept help:

“Got their door locked,” said Spence. “They wont let the SPCA or Nicholas Pet Haven in. They won’t let them in to take some of these animals. Supposedly, their board has been in an emergency meeting for the last three days, so their making it difficult.”

“We need to think up some way to explain how we knew nothing of the animal torture and killing going on right under our noses all this time.  We’re keeping the door locked until we have some sort of defense fabricated to cover our asses.  No one’s getting in to help the animals.  Fuck the animals.  That’s the last thing we should be worried about.” – Three day emergency board meeting, probably.


Lets just hope that good places will take the animals-and not put those animals in harms way again by taking them to the Dixie Humane Society of Marion County, Jefferson, Texas

Their mission is promoting animal cruelty… We are dedicated to the prevention of animal abuse and controlling the pet population. Anytime you see this type of statement-BEWARE!!! 

Or this one…Dixie Humane Society has touched the lives of over 3000 animals.” Yeah-right before they “rescue” and kill them that is!!!

Straight from their NEW (cough) website-I swear:

“Sponsoring an animal is one of the greatest ways you can help. Not only are you donating to our mission, you’re also being a sponsor to an animal who needs your help.” 

(I think I just barfed in my mouth a little…)

NO ANIMALS NEED THAT KIND OF HELP OF ABUSE AND TORTURE!!! AND WHO THE HELL WOULD WANT TO SUPPORT THEIR MISSION ??? So many-too many…Illegal and unconstitutional animal seizures they have done so far -The first one was too many!!!

UPDATE on the OK animal shelter in Idabell-Despite protests, the mayor has taken the stand that animals were skinny on intake-Funny-where have I heard statements like that before-Oh I know, from small private rescuers under seize, jailed and facing the abuse from being accused with no mayor protecting them…but they DO NOT HAVE dogs consuming each other; as a matter of fact, there usually is no abuse or cruelty in most of these cases-Just the bigger rescue taking over a smaller one with the accusation or the FAKE ‘color of law’ rescue.

Jealousy runs deep amongst rescuers-Rather than support one another-and that’s some crazy shit!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned to this blog and to YesBiscuit for Updates  -B

~ by topcatsroar on January 22, 2015.

3 Responses to “UPDATES on Abuse and Torture in East Texas Animal Shelters~When the Rescuers Become the Abusers”

  1. […] Link of interest to this topic on this blog: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2015/01/22/updates-on-abuse-and-torture-in-east-texas-animal-shelt… […]

  2. Can someone do a TL;DR on this; who was this dead lion and in what circumstance did it end up there?

    • You missed the point of this post-Just because an animal had died was not a reason to force yourself onto someone’s property and exhume the body of that animal especially without a warrant. Even BEFORE digging it up they knew there could be no determination of why the animal had died as more than 24 hours had long passed. Yet doing that dig had a profound and rather expected emotional response to the accounting and handling of the animal and then placing it in close proximity of the healthy live animals and leaving it there out of the grave. Now come on and see this for what it is.
      That particular animal had died before ever coming to that property and laid to rest there. He was born with a deficiency and should have been long dead rather than the ability of the owner to seek unorthodox methods which lead to the animal living far longer that any animal ever had with that particular deficiency. No paperwork of consult with the owner or any vet was ever done and nor was there any abuse actually noted of those animals which would have justified what the rescuers claimed…This was a clear intent to abuse an animal owner-There were no CR charges ever presented-just some bullshit testimony that could not confirm cruelty…
      Texas Law states no cruelty -Return the animals-PERIOD….Never happened -Wasn’t a rescue…Instead the rescuer became the abuser and the people who were abused suffer to this day…7 years after the fact and 2 years since writing this post.
      Please follow all the links provided in the post
      TY for your interest in the issues -B

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