Show Your Concern for PROTECTED Civil Liberty Abuse~Sign the Petition and SHARE WILDLY!!!

Stop the courts from railroading us by dismissing this case-Abuse us they abuse YOU!!! Stand with us to PROTECT our right to proceed to trial-What do they have to be afraid of? Why fight so hard to have the case dismissed? Why dismiss a case when there are genuine issues that are a matter of law? Why try to cover up this case? Why hasn’t the FBI bothered to look into this matter? Why has Governor Gregg Abbot allowed this kind of justice to continue in his own state while he was Attorney General of the state?

If it doesn’t look right and it doesm’t smell right then demand some answers…

Please sign this petition and SHARE WILDLY!!!

Rehear the Case and Remand for Trial~No Court has Jurisdiction Over the Truth

Kangaroo Court

The case should never have been dismissed by the Federal District Court as there is concern for genuine issues of matters of law and PROTECTED Civil Liberty Abuse that is of concern. No court has jurisdiction over the truth to dismiss a case.

Petition for Rehearing Filed -Pro Se Litigants without help from counsel bravely file in federal court against abuse of due process. The petitioners issued a re-Urging of their Petition to the court to be heard-To deny them their PROTECTED Civil Liberties denies yours.

How is it even possible that non- attorney Judge Phil Parker (accountant) who has no authority to hear a civil case thus less DENY the right to a jury trial for an appeal concerning property ???-A PROTECTED Civil Liberty-He remains on the bench in Marion County, Texas. There has not been one single piece of evidence in this case that demonstrates any reason to grant summary judgment for the Appellees in this case as revealed in the actual document below.

The court neglected it’s OBLIGATION to nullify the void judgment of Judge Phil Parkers County Court decision as he had no authority to hear the case due to TX Government Code 26.258. The entire seizure was a sham and heard in Kangaroo Courts starting with Judge Lex Jones hearing a case concerning a class A misdemeanor, the justice courts in Texas can not hear cases beyond class c misdemeanor for criminal judgments…criminal , warrant, criminal case number, with a criminal judgment-Yet never charged with a criminal offense or received even a civil citation…KANGAROO COURT.  When a court lacks authority to hear a case, it’s judgment is VOID!!!

The Petition issued to the court and Re-Urged

Follow the link for the rest of the petition, sign and SHARE WILDLY!!! -B

[BLOGGERS NOTE: The Humane Society of Marion County is now DBA Dixie Humane Society-Same founder/president and veterinarian]

~ by topcatsroar on January 21, 2015.

5 Responses to “Show Your Concern for PROTECTED Civil Liberty Abuse~Sign the Petition and SHARE WILDLY!!!”

  1. Unbelievably, the federal district court abused the rules on Summary Judgment. Several defendants in this case had motioned for dismissal, and those motions were rightly denied. So later, they motioned for Summary Judgment, using pretty much the same arguments that had not gotten them dismissals. Despite extensive opposition, case law, and cold facts, the court, with no hearings or further discussion, simply rubber-stamped each and every motion for S-J and threw everything out. There were other matters to be presented as part of this case, which the summary judgment motions did not address, and all of them got tossed too, without sufficient explanation.
    Summary Judgment, according to Rule 56 of the federal Rules of Civil Procedure, is a process of eliminating things that really do not present any
    “genuine issue of material fact,” thereby saving everyone the time of trying to argue things at trial that aren’t at issue. Like, if both sides agree the traffic light was red, then it’s a non-issue and not something to argue at trial. Summary Judgment streamlines and removes non-essential issues, and is not a vehicle for by-passing motions to dismiss that have been denied. Instead of pointing out where there may be a non-issue in this case, the defendants, in their motions for SJ, argued their case, backing it up not with any exhibits or evidence, but with sham affidavits. Since they lied under oath in those affidavits, the court accepted their lies over the hard physical evidence of the plaintiffs, and granted… Summary Judgment.
    There was never one hearing or conference in this case, other than an informal scheduling conference, in which all the parties agreed to a schedule. Then, the following month, the judge arbitrarily and without any input, voided that schedule and made another, which made it harder on the plaintiffs.
    Most of the defendants also refused to cooperate in the discovery process -sharing information and any evidence they may have with the other side. They beat around the bush on questions, while expecting their questions, some having nothing to do with the case at all, to be fully answered. So the plaintiffs finally got the court clerk to issue subpoenas, ordering cooperation. The defendants filed motions to quash the subpoenas, and the court upheld those motions, knowing full well that the defendants were cheating. So it comes down to the defendants not really having any evidence to back them up at all, but they can simply file their “sworn” affidavits, filled with lies, half-truths, and twisted facts, and since those are signed by a notary (attesting only that the signer is who he/she claims to be, and not to any truthfulness) the court gives them more credibility than the hard evidence provided by the plaintiffs.
    The 3-judge panel of the federal appeals court found, in their infinite wisdom, that there was nothing wrong with the district court’s mis-use of the Summary Judgment process, or anything else they abused. Nothing wrong with the court’s failures to annul an obviously void judgment of the state’s county court judge breaking its own rules… Nothing wrong with throwing out the baby with the bath water.
    And the judge tells us “his” court does not discriminate against pro se filers?

  2. Someone commented on the Petition- -that “Judge Parker is not qualified.”
    Phil Parker is the judge of the Marion County Court, a CPA running his own office in Jefferson, Texas, and definitely not an attorney or law school grad. The only things he knows about law and running a courtroom are what he’s told by the District.County Attorney. At the time, that was Billy Gleason, who wore several different hats, playing detective and speaking out to the press before there was even a warrant issued, going along on the warrant service, personally taking care of some of the seized animals, and signing an agreement that he then almost immediately went back on. It was Gleason who tried to tell judge Lex Jones of the Justice Court that a sign language interpreter is not needed for a deaf defendant, despite federal and state laws requiring it. It was Gleason who prosecuted the case, while at the same time advising Judge Parker on how to rule.
    “Not qualified” is putting it mildly. He ran a kangaroo court, declaring at the start that he “knows how this is going to end, but will give them their chance to speak anyway…”

    • Under normal circumstance, the original cases in state courts, if this case was say a murder trial the entire case would have been thrown out or are people accused of murder being processed in JP and County Court that lack jurisdiction to hear murder cases?!?
      Are the federal courts providing equal access to immigrants being processed yet allowing the states courts to ignore equal access for the deaf?!? Is the federal court allowing for jury trials to be denied?
      How far has the corruption of or justice system traveled and dismissed cases where there exists genuine issues that are a matter of law?!?
      A general search warrant that contradicted itself with no statute or code is not allowed and a PROTECTED Civil Liberty yet the federal court approved it.
      A district attorney went beyond his duty to protect citizens and instead became a member of the ‘lynch mob’ during an illegal search that was without a warrant and the warranted search that has no legal standing-Ignored by the court!!!
      It is an atrocity that the federal courts have swept this under the rug and dismissed this case with HARD EVIDENCE of the PROTECTED Civil Liberty abuse and can not be tolerated as final word on this case-No court has jurisdiction over the TRUTH!!! -B

  3. Justice should be for all not just a select few. I support their cause.

    • Thank you!!! Looks like the petition will fly-Whether or not the court takes notice is another matter-The Petition for a Rehearing has been Re-Urged but suspect it will be over-ruled. If they think this case is going to go without notice just as no one put their signature on the absurd mandate-and only one judge of a panel of three dismissed the case. The PROTECTED Civil Liberty abuse can not and should not go by without the opinion of the panel and should have gone to all the appellate judges if the three aren’t up to giving the case proper attention afforded to all US citizens.
      Arrests were recently made in Texas for what has occurred in this case to the animals at a vets office that slaughtered animals without the first medical test or permission from the court to do it-As a matter of fact there was a hold order NOT to euthanize the animals from the state without testing the animals. Please note: State employees are part of this case as the USDA. You bet it’s a cover-up as no other explanation can explain the actions of these federal judges. My opinion of course…and the opinions of many others!!! -B

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