ZOO WARS~Texas Alert to Stakeholders Meeting-Short Notice

It has been brought to my attention that there is to be a stakeholder meeting in Texas concerning Exotic Animal Ownership. I don’t care if you don’t own an exotic animal-this meeting is of concern to ALL animal owners and lovers that reside in Texas as what happens to exotic animal ownership can and likely will happen to you!!! I don’t care if you don’t like animals at all and want nothing to do with them-This is useless spending of taxpayer dollars!!!

As a taxpayer you should be concerned of the waste of taxpayer money when laws are created that require enforcement when there was no need to create any law. The purpose will be to tighten restrictions on ownership which essentially is a ban on ownership and can not/should not be considered acceptable as it infringes on PROTECTED Civil Liberties. Every two years the legislature meets to create new laws and every two years the Animal Rights Extremists hit the legislature to create more laws concerning animal ownership with THLN prepared with two lobbyists and couldn’t give a crap about YOU and the waste of time and money spent to create these laws, enforce these laws and prosecute with concern for these laws!!!  Unless you voice your opinion of all this it they will continue to create more laws and waste more taxpayer money. Please SHARE this information WILDLY!!!

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“Last night we got word that Representative Ryan Guillen’s Legislative Director is building efforts from last session and looking to address exotic ownership in Texas. There has been a stakeholders meeting scheduled for Thursday, January 22 at 8:30 a.m. If any exotic owners are available, I suggest we make efforts to be there to discuss the issues and find out why they feel there is a need for possible legislation.”


Again, I must stress this is of concern whether you own an exotic animal or not-Say NO to ALL Animal Bans!!! It’s costing you money and a total waste of taxpayer money that should be going for health care and education-The needs of people for crying out loud; there have already been budget cuts…It’s not even logical for animals to be of concern for the legislature and to allow them to create any reason to raise your taxes higher or to cut budgets over. As it is, laws they have already created laws concerning animals that are not being properly enforced and adhered to with no one doing a damn thing about it and demonstrated in the content of this blog.

Thursday, January 22, 2015- 8:30 am
To be held in the Old Supreme Court Room -Capitol Building-3rd floor.

You better believe that THLN, HSUS, ASPCA and others will be in attendance-The question is-Will you be?!?

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others….Stay tuned  -B

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