Animal Abuse in Animal Shelters in Texas and Oklahoma

The people who claim to rescue animals are NOT above the law and they are NOT the authorities that govern over the welfare of animals. Shelter abuse continues to spread and NOT above the law!!! I have already exposed the fact that Carolyn Wedding founder and president of the Humane Society of Marion County NDA as Dixie Humane Society, took countless numbers of animals to  Animal Control in Marshal, Texas where the majority of those animals were euthanized and I believe that not only did she know what the outcome would be but, did little if anything to find the owners of lost dogs but made little attempt to find new homes for the animals. NOTHING was or is done about it-Animals seized as an animal rescue where they claim to have shed a tear or two were euthanized by the vet for this humane society without permission and no medical testing was done before there was even a hearing with no criminal charges ever made in that case. 1/2 o the animals DIED under the color of ‘rescue’. The humane society remains open and the vet is still in practice for the humane society-Seriously!!!

Seized Kenny[1]

It is a moral responsibility yet no action taken-of course not, the sheriff was made ‘Humanitarian of the Year’ by the very same humane society-OUTRAGEOUS!!! There are at least three cases of illegal, unconstitutional animal seizures in Marion County (Jefferson) Texas and no one doing a thing about it…supported by law enforcement and the lower state and county courts even when they lack jurisdiction to hear a case and supported by the federal courts.

You better believe that any animal shelter or humane society that claims to have animal cruelty as their main mission is likely a group of animal rescuers that in my opinion, in reality, are animal abusers (see previous post)

More horrifying abuse is surfacing about other animal shelters and directors arrested while nothing was or is being done about the humane society in Marion County no matter what name they are now doing business as…It’s the same founder/president and the very same vet. Civil suit was filed yet the case has been manipulated by the courts and dismissed-


[Warning there are graphic videos at the links-NOT for the weak of heart] 

Graphic Video Taken At Idabel Animal Shelter Sparks Outrage

Abuse in Inabell Oklahoma

IDABEL, Oklahoma –

A very disturbing video taken at an animal shelter in Oklahoma is getting plenty of attention online. It comes from the city of Idabel in McCurtain County.

It’s a cell phone video showing one dog feeding off the carcass of another. For obvious reasons, we’ve had to edit the video and blur out the images.

The cell phone video has gone viral on the Internet and it contains disturbing footage of what one dog is doing to another in the Idabel, Oklahoma, Animal Shelter. The person who took the video claims the dogs aren’t being fed enough to stay alive.

According to CBS affiliate KXII, the Idabel Police Department said it’s been investigating what happened and at this point, they said it’s a rare incident and no crime has been committed by anyone at the shelter.

Assistant Idabel Police Chief John Martin said the dogs are well cared for, fed and given water every day. He went on to say a lot of the allegations many are making online about the shelter and the condition of the rest of the animals are not true and unfounded.


Bloggers Note: As par for the course the police chief ignores the truth even though there is hard evidence that supports the claim.


Abuse in Jacksonville Texas

Update: State revokes Jacksonville animal shelter’s quarantine certification

Jacksonville police arrested a manager of the Klein Animal Shelter Friday morning for animal torture.

Jacksonville Police said the executive director was arrested at around 10 a.m. and more arrests are expected next week. The suspect has been identified as 35-year-old Angela Wallace. She will be charged with assault, cruelty to animal and euthanasia. Additional charges are pending.

Chief Reece Daniel stated Wallace’s alleged crimes could be upgraded to a felony.

2011 Interview with Angela Wallace:  Abandoned animal population on the rise in Cherokee County

Daniel told KETK investigators even found a dog with a broken back lying in a crate with feces. The dog, Henry, is currently en route to Texas A&M for special care.

A YouCaring page has been set up to help Henry. About $750 in donations had been raised early Friday afternoon. Costs are expected to be about $4,000.


A sign at the shelter says they are closed for maintenance.

Back in January 2014, the Cherokee County Commissioners Court denied the shelter a request for additional funding.

In an interview, Wallace had called for the citizens of Cherokee County to stand up and voice their concerns.

“I’s a hardship for them to try and find the surrender fee before they can bring them in because we are the only shelter. There is no animal control and we really don’t have another alternative. We’d like the citizens to stand up and explain that to the county commissioners if it is something that affects them. We want them to be the voice in that situation because at the end of the day, they are the ones that are going to get hit with it.”

The shelter takes in about 1,500 animals every year from Smith and Cherokee Counties, as well as the city of Jacksonville.

Tyler Police Chief Gary Swindles said the city will no longer send animals to Klein, at least through the weekend. The city will allow the shelter time to regroup and come up a plan to treat animals humanly as possible and reevaluate on Monday.

According to the Texas Department of State Health Services, the shelter’s rabies quarantine certification was revoked Friday. The state issues certifications to ensure animals will be treated humanely.


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

When the courts deny us from seeking justice and deny us a jury trial for our PROTECTED Civil Liberties-They deny YOU!!!

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3 Responses to “Animal Abuse in Animal Shelters in Texas and Oklahoma”

  1. A protest is planned for next week…The mayor is claiming that the director has been cleared of any wrong doing-SERIOUSLY!?! This had happened anywhere else I guarantee you whoever was in charge would have already been arrested and up on cruelty charges!!!

  2. Makes ya wonder if the outcome would have been the same if this situation had been found during an investigation of a dog kennel or even a per home? I can assure you the outcome would have been different AND the owner would EXPECT to be without animals from then on, and to be headed to jail for ever how long! This double standard must be stopped!

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