message from TX-RPOA and SAOVA

As most of you know by now, the “puppy mill” word perpetuated by Humane
Society of the U.S. (HSUS) includes ALL pet breeders, including “cat and
bird mill” breeders. The new federal USDA/APHIS regulations apply to
breeders of all pet species, who have “four breeding females” AND sell even
one animal sight unseen. No Internet/shipping sales can be made without
face to face contact at some point or federal USDA licensing is required.
Just try to meet those standards of care in your home! We’re anxiously
awaiting APHIS enforcement efforts on the national level as it sounds

Our appreciation to Susan Wolf (SAOVA) for the HSUS information
outlining HSUS’ 2015 goals below .
Mary Beth Duerler
Volunteer Executive Director and TX RPOA E-News Editor

Dear SAOVA Friends,
Welcoming in the New Year, HSUS posted their continuing list of legislative
goals. In Pacelle’s words, this will make 2015 even bigger and better than
the year before. The list includes: Securing breeding standards in all
fifty states to “crack down” on puppy mills; securing legislation against
use of gestation crates and what HSUS determines are inhumane factory
farming practices; ending horse slaughter.

In 2014 bills attempting to define commercial breeders and/or the
departments responsible for regulation were defeated in AZ, MI, NC, PA, and
TN. Whether or not your state has an existing law is immaterial to HSUS;
additional regulation can still be introduced. In states where HSUS plans
to introduce new legislation, kennel raids and illegal seizures will
increase as HSUS lays the propaganda groundwork to “justify” passage of
their bill.

SAOVA posted a report on the HSUS Taking Action for Animals (TAFA)
conference from summer 2014 in which we noted the formation of the HSUS
District and County Leader Programs.
This program is designed to engage people in all 435 Congressional Districts
and have those District Leaders lead political efforts to advance federal
legislation by concentrating on influencing members of Congress. Under the
guidance of HSUS staff, the Leader is to develop an action plan for
successful completion of one goal related to Legislative Advocacy. In
addition to lobbying Congress, Leaders will work with school districts to
establish Meatless Mondays; connect with small farmers to unite them against
“factory farms;” and work with animal shelters on spay/neuter initiatives in
the community. This program is forging ahead. You can look up your state
and congressional districts on the HSUS site to see if these positions have
been filled:

Within this framework, HSUS also plans to include County Leaders in all
3,100 counties across the U.S. The world not only belongs to those who show
up, it’s controlled by the best informed and most motivated. It is time to
sharpen your writing skills, contact your legislators, and take back the
conversation. Silence HSUS in 2015!
Cross Posting is encouraged.
Susan Wolf
Sportsmen’s and Animal Owners’ Voting Alliance
Working to identify and elect supportive legislators


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