Ever Laugh At the Absurd ~Why it’s A Fractured Fairy-Tale You just Didn’t Know It and Neither Did We

The words, “he or she gave his life for freedom to ring” -stings, my eyes tear up and makes my blood run cold that in reality, ‘he gave up life for nothing’…When life ends there is nothing-It’s gone-done-finished. And without permission from the court, with no medical test made and without permission from the actual owners, the animals taken as evidence were destroyed; innocent lives were ended at the hands of the very people claiming rescue and to have shed a tear as they brutally killed and murdered.

That poor innocent sap that gave his life so freedom could ring, believed in a fractured fairy-tale otherwise known as the US and state Constitutions (of Texas) the so called Bill of Rights and the laws of the land…Well so did I-I’m the very same poor innocent sap, who believed in those constitutions, the Bill of Rights and the law; believing that laws are in place for my protection although many of those laws are more than illegal and unconstitutional… Even judges don’t obey them or do what their authority requires them to do, whether in the lower courts or as high as the federal courts-It’s common law and required to obey yet no one is protecting people from their abuse even from the judges considered the highest of authority-greater authority than the US president.

This country isn’t worth shit anymore when bad calls from judges and whose courts do not grant them jurisdiction to be allowed to abuse the people they are supposed to be protecting by seeing that the law is served properly-We no longer need to concern ourselves with invasions from outside our borders when we’ve already destroyed and continuing to destroy ourselves and everything that this country once stood for -These constitutions, the Bill of Rights and our laws are no more than a “Fractured Fairy-Tale”.

Oh those elected government people talk a good talk and some even try to walk a good walk but what it boils down to is that it’s not working as pieces of what was once a magical puzzle, that when put together, made a great nation. Now slowly being chipped away at the pieces so that when even one piece has finally gone missing; there is no replacement part…It’s incomplete and becomes stagnant with holes where the pieces once fit. After a while pieces of this puzzle fall from the table and on to the floor then to be swept away. Suddenly, things have changed; nothing is quite the same, and took awhile for anyone to take notice.

Read what occurred and in the lower courts, and the higher courts and the sham of breeches of due process that are real-look at the pictures and find the abuse-of what and of who! Review the general search warrant for yourselves and all the evidence filed in the lower courts of Texas in the county court house now collecting dust as just another case of PROTECTED Civil Liberty abuse. Read the documents of the federal suit and from the Fifth (or is that filthy) Circuit Court of Appeals and realize that if this abuse is allowed on us, then it’s allowed on you. Got that, what was allowed on us was allowed on you. This promises to be the read of a lifetime of many years of work seeking justice that was destroyed with the stroke of the pen by one single judge  with one single word -DENIED. -No way do I believe that any knowledgeable judge of the appellate court reviewed that single document consisting of 15 pages of truth supported with case law because it clearly is not simply deniable as it raises questions and presents a conflict of already established case law of Supreme Court decisions and decisions previously made by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals as well as the Federal District Courts themselves.

When a judge -not three- denied us our right to a proper trial to be judged by a jury-He denied you as well. He was OBLIGATED to rule on the issue of vacating a void judgment and instead called it moot, is not serving anyone or allowing for justice to proceed…He fails as a judge ignoring his responsibility of doing a proper ruling and became not only judge but the jury although a jury never was called to hear the case. And when a federal judge and all the judges in this case, ignore and fail to obey ADA laws for the protection of the handicap, then I respectfully call them ‘pieces of shit’ all the way down to the judges of the lower courts and the authorities that have a sworn duty to respectfully protect the rights of the handicap.

Read the petition to the court for a rehearing. It is obvious no one read the document and just wrote our case off.

The next time you want to say ‘sue the BASTARDS’ -Don’t say, it because this case with numerous violations of the law that took years of work actually went no where and I truly do not believe it is because a lawyer could have done a better job. So we have been working long and hard to present publically the actual documents of the cases leading to this one word reply with no explanation from the appellate court. You will have the opportunity to read commentary, statements made by others  as well as review and works from the two pro se litigants who sought justice for themselves and justice for all.

There is only one more court we can proceed with, The US Supreme Court and they too can write it off with the stroke of the pen with one word DENIED.

If anyone believes that I stand ashamed that my property was stolen from me by our government and a HUMANIAC, with no conviction of any crime, with no citation for civil action, think again because it was stolen thru and illegal and unconstitutional process.

What happened to us can  happen to anyone in Good ‘ole Boy Texas and now progressed to anywhere in the United States. Stay tuned for anymore filings should we decide to file a writ and present it for possible Supreme Court ruling or if we have decided to move on and get the information into your hands rather than continue with what so far is a complete farce.

It’s “A Fractured Fairy-Tale The Destruction of American Justice” 

Link of interest to this post (just in case you missed it): https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2015/01/03/petition-for-rehearinghoffmann-and-lulling-v-marion-county-texas/


 Rest in Peace mom,

Adele Greene



Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on January 7, 2015.

5 Responses to “Ever Laugh At the Absurd ~Why it’s A Fractured Fairy-Tale You just Didn’t Know It and Neither Did We”

  1. It is a horrible place our country is in these days. I don’t know how to get people to wake up & fight back… Or AT THE very least push hard!

    • SHARE the message -Other bloggers should share the message-By denying our PROTECTED Civil Liberties, they deny everyone!!!
      They need to find out we have no shame in any of this-We’ve come to realize that it’s ALL on them; from the lower court to the federal court judges-All those people listed on the suit, and the ones who aren’t, have plenty to be ashamed of -What they call a win indicates they don’t care about their own PROTECTED Civil Liberties-I hope one day they have to face the music and see just how dreadful a country they helped to create with their so called win.
      There is much to be said about ‘justice for all’ when it’s NOT!!!
      -How many people have been framed due to a bad call by our justice system-Likely more than we will ever know as they deny these cases from going to jury trial-We NEVER had a jury thru the entire mess-If they were so Godly and correct, then why be afraid of a jury trial?!? Why not send it for trial???

  2. OMG. This country is so in the dumper. We have no rights anymore. Corruption is everywhere, and our children and their children’s children will live in the worst of times. How do all the wrong things get this far? I thought Ohio was bad, and honestly still hate it with a passion, but this is happening all over the United States – where freedoms no longer live.

    • Should I deny your comment? -Remember this is no longer about right or wrong, fair or just…It’s about control over the people that built a government that they are supposed to control…The government is making illegal and unconstitutional laws and the courts well they pick and choose-deny-Fred was denied ADA LAW and this effects EVERY DEAF person in this country-never mind the rest including GENERAL warrants which then means they can simply write a warrant that says anything, come search your property and take whatever they want to…There’s plenty more involved in this case -Guess there is too much abuse for them to wrap their heads around or they simply don’t believe it-even though the documents from the original case and the appeal PROVES it!!! These are very BASIC PROTECTED Civil Liberties that DO effect every US citizen!!! They deny us, then they have denied each and every US citizen!!! -B

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