Stop Allowing the Media from Invading Our Protected Civil Liberties

The media is not concerned with true news anymore; certainly not when after receiving a ‘press release’ (if that’s what you want to call any information provided from a NFP Animal Rights Extremist organization), and reports it as news without any verification or true honest and legal investigation.

This occurred yesterday on KFOR out of Oklahoma City, OK (what a way to end the 2014) and as they quickly learned-Animal Lovers and Owners will no longer allow the news to attack animal owners; just as we will no longer tolerate these Animal Rights Extremists from taking away our PROTECTED CIVIL LIBERTIES. There are more Animal Lovers and Owners in this country who are realizing that any invasion of ANY animal owner and taking their property with illegal and unconstitutional laws and regulations is an invasion on them as well. Just as irresponsible news reporting will create a negative response.

Removed from KFOR TV FB page was an attack on GW Exotic and Joe Schreibvogel by PETA and was reported as the news when it certainly was NOT. A hard lesson was learned by a news team that appears to be influenced by HSUS, PETA and other Animal Rights Extremist NAZIS-We will not tolerate such reporting that infringes on our PROTECTED Civil Liberties of Life, Liberty and Property (including our right to privacy) as US citizens.

It’s still on there web page and needs to be removed just as it was on their FB page. Removed postTime to get involved and help make a difference-Tell KFOR that irresponsible reporting against animal owners will no longer be tolerated-To stop reporting useless PETA/HSUS and all other Animal Rights Extremists PR releases and information-It’s not news worthy. Without so much as any investigation as to any accuracy of the press releases -it’s NOT news!!!

This station leans towards the agenda of the Animal Rights Extremists and will no longer be tolerated. We will no longer be watching-instead we will be monitoring. Go Here:


Disclaimer connected to this bog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B

Happy 2015-Time we make a difference-Stop the insanity!!!

~ by topcatsroar on January 1, 2015.

7 Responses to “Stop Allowing the Media from Invading Our Protected Civil Liberties”

  1. You are awesome! Keep up the good work! Barb Boeh

    • TY!!! Happy New Year-2015 will prove to be a year unlike previous ones as we are now an army not willing to take this crap any longer-Watch out world-There are more animal lovers and owners around than Animal Rights Extremists NAZIS!!!

  2. from another site: “PETA is one of the most controversial activist groups operating today. The group’s contentious media campaigns, undercover operations, infamous advertising, and high profile demonstrations have made them perhaps the most infamous–and most polarizing–nonprofit organization there is. But are they terrorists? According to the US Department of Agriculture, they are now.” Not new -PETA is classified as a TERROTIST group in 2010, so why are they allowed a NFP status by the IRS in the year 2015!?!

  3. Due to an outpouring of comments on that post by people outraged at the “alleged” claims and supporting the victim of this ridiculous post, it’s been removed. However, you can still find the original “story” on their website. To save you the trouble of searching, just follow this link:

    • “A lie doesn’t become truth, wrong doesn’t become right & evil doesn’t become good, just because it’s accepted by a majority”
      PETA is NOT the majority None of these NFP Animal Rights Extremists organization represent anything beyond the Animal Rights Agenda and NOT representative of the majority of Animal Lovers and Owners!!! The rebuttal to false irresponsible reporting from Joe Schreibvogel:

  4. Reporting the news is an honor and a privilege-it comes with a responsibility that is earned…It is not a blog but I venture to say this blog is more responsible than this news station even with an agenda to fight against Animal Rights Extremists from taking away Protected Civil Liberties through exposing the truth than this TV station demonstrates.

  5. For anyone wishing to call to complain 405-478-6397…For anyone wishing to share their thoughts Post your message on their FB Wall

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