Zoo Wars~Here We Go Again~Keep Tony the Tiger at The Tiger Truck Stop-Quit Playing Games with People and Animals Lives!!!

Once AGAIN, Michael Sandlin owner of Tony the Tiger and the Tiger Truck Stop is under attack…This time, to change the definition of what a zoo is-or make it against the law for the truck stop to have the tiger on exhibit that’s FREE to the public, and maybe that’s the real issue…Most NFP private facilities charge a fee-very few request an optional donation as they should be doing-Have you ever gone to a church where it’s required to ‘Pay to Pray’-I sure haven’t-

To the best of my knowledge, Tony might be the only privately owned tiger in the country where it’s NOT required to pay a fee to see him, no request for a donation-Tony’s enclosure at The Tiger Truck Stop EXCEEDS the regulations.

This is a personal vendetta and agenda by the Animal Rights Extremist Nazi Agenda to remove Tony from the Truck Stop and Michael Sandlin from owning him. If it came down to it, after seeing what happens to the animals once they relocate them, especially a tiger that has never been moved and 15 years old, I would call the vet to put him down rather than see him go to sub-standard  conditions like the conditions at Big Cat Rescue where they don’t even know when an animal is sick-Good grief another cat died-out of the blue for no reason at all, the cat was found in the morning and dead by the time Carole Baskin got there. That never would have happened at the truck stop with 24/7 eyes on the tiger…(NEWS ALERT: FUMING-Canyon, the tiny sand cat died at Big Cat Rescue, from choking on a chicken neck!!! How stupid!!!)

Please take a minute of your time to send this petition and give a shout out that you support keeping Tony the tiger at The Tiger Truck Stop!!!


Please Clarify Regulations To Exempt Tiger Truck Stop’s USDA Licensed Facility Of 27 Years From Forced Closure!!!


WATCH OUR VIDEO     https://vimeo.com/114442407

We are FOR regulations to protect the public and to insure animal welfare. However making rules that force existing businesses to close their legally licensed animal enterprises is wrong, unconstitutional, discriminatory, treads on personal freedoms, and violates property rights. We have always complied with the law and are willing to continue compliance. Please give us that opportunity.

It is clear that previous owners were to be grandfathered and previous facilities exempted. Uphold the clear exemption language of ACT 715, CHANGE LDWF regulations, and allow Tiger Truck Stop’s USDA federally licensed facility to continue.

Letter to
Governor Bobby Jindal
Louisiana Attorney General James D. “Buddy” Caldwell
Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission Dan Davis
and 8 others
LDWF Secretary Robert J. Barham
LDWF Attorney Frederick Whitrock
Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission Ann L. Taylor
Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission Ronald “Ronny” Graham
Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission Edward W. Swindell
Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission Chairman Billy Broussard
Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission – V. Chairman Edwin “Pat” Manuel
Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission Bart R. Yakupzack
PLEASE clarify regulations to exempt the Tiger Truck Stop’s USDA Licensed Exhibit, which has been in business for over 27 years. Stop the forced closure of Tony’s exhibit!!!

The live tiger exhibit at the Tiger Truck Stop should continue for years to come. I LOVE stopping to see the tiger! Preserve our hometown Louisiana Tradition in Tiger Country!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on December 20, 2014.

3 Responses to “Zoo Wars~Here We Go Again~Keep Tony the Tiger at The Tiger Truck Stop-Quit Playing Games with People and Animals Lives!!!”

  1. I’ve seen Tony on several occasions! He is healthy, loved, and thriving for a cat his age! One of the groups pushing for this is WildCat Haven Sanctuary in Sherwood, Oregon. Mike and Cheryl Tuller have even voices they would take Tony in. Really? You just had an employee killed by a cougar, but your wanting another tiger to profit off? Sick of these hobby level zoo keepers thinking they can hoard animals and use them to make money.

    • And bet you dollars to doughnuts they are already profiting in someway off of the campaign to have Tony removed from his home. Frankly, it’s a PROTECTED Civil Liberty allowed by our government that these Animal Rights Extremists Nazis are infringing on -Life Liberty and Property!!! TY for supporting Tony to remain at the Tiger Truck Stop-Please share the message WILDLY!!! -B

  2. thank you, very well said… would hate to see Tony get move, i been through a horrific time when my cat got moved, and then he got shot, and it was Tonys brother Tigger, it about killed me. The last time I seen Tony, all I could think about how sorry I was to him for the lost of his brother, I Did all I could and did exactly the right things , he was beautiful, love , and caared for…. I suffered deeply , now , I quit dealing with the idiots out there, and had kept my heart and watch over Tony.. I care very much for him.. God Bless, you all for taking a stand with Mike against the idiots out there..Tony , has Tigger still, he is in heaven, and trust me he watches over Tony, and I , and Mike , Scott , that whole wonderful loving family…God Bless, may people and animals find the peace we all need…


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