from TX-RPOA-Lobbyist for Upcoming Legislation

Your donations make it possible and they will be concerned with more than the “Puppy Mill Bill” as there is much concern over exotic animal bans and other issues that will be brought up-Get involved if you want representation -Now’s your chance to turn things around in Texas or don’t bitch. If all animal owners contributed just 5 or 10 bucks the money would be there for proper representation of your concerns-Donate today!!! Use as a tax deduction on your 2014 tax returns.

Responsible Pet Owners Alliance Texas Outreach has registered with the Texas
Ethics Commission and signed a contract with our lobbyist (former) Speaker
Gibson Lewis for the upcoming Texas Legislature’s 84th Session, which
convenes next month. Gib has represented us for the past three sessions and
knows the radical Animal Rights Movement well as he “owns” exotic animals.
We’ve sent a $20,000 retainer to Gib and must pay $10,000 later. A minimum
of $100,000 for this Session is required, if we are to have any hope of
protecting our rights as animal owners and our precious animals from vegan
animal groups, such as: Humane Society of the US, Texas Humane Legislation
Network, People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, ASPCA, Animal Legal
Defense Fund, Mercy for Animals and associated groups. Donations have been
few and far between the past few months and our hands are tied without more
funding. We only have $10,000 left in our RPOA Outreach Legislative Fund!
In order to educate the media and legislators, an advertising campaign in
Austin to educate legislators and media is a must. The dust hasn’t settled
on some elections, but there will be many new faces at the Legislature this
Session and it will take a second lobbyist to help Gib “educate” the 150
representatives and 31 senators!

Hiring lobbyists is only the first step. It will take all of us working
together if we are to “repeal and replace HB 1451,” the misnamed Puppy Mill
Bill. By “us,” we mean “you” personally, your clubs, your veterinarian,
Texas Veterinary Medical Association, the Farm Bureau, Cattle Raisers
groups, Texas Wildlife Association, other wildlife, ranching, hunting and
sporting groups, Poultry and Pork Associations. Each of these groups have
their own lobbyist which increases our clout — if we can circle the
wagons. Should you have a personal grievance, get over it! It’s time to
get to work.

The election results have helped our chances tremendously. Governor-elect
Greg Abbott’s mother showed dogs (Schipperkes); Lt. Governor-elect Dan
Patrick was very vocal in opposing HB 1451 as a senator; and TX Department
of Agriculture(TDA) Commissioner-elect Sid Miller has a record of opposing
“animal rights” extremists at the legislature for many years. It is
imperative that we get the administration of the Dog and Cat Breeder Bill
moved under TDA, who have extensive animal expertise. Texas Dept. of
Licensing & Regulation regulates elevators, auctioneers, cosmetologists,
etc., has no animal expertise, and is heavily “under the influence” of the
radical animal rights extremists.

Our appreciation to the donors below for their November Donations, but this
didn’t even pay the office rent!
RPOA (C3 Nonprofit):
$15 North Texas St. Bernard Club
$50 JP Morgan Chase Foundation (Recurring Payroll Deduction Matched)

RPOA Texas Outreach (C4 Nonprofit):
$50 North Texas St. Bernard Club
(The names below are withheld for their personal protection
because of “Animal Rights” harassment)
$50 Lottery Winning Tickets! (From Regular Contributor)
$50 Monthly Anonymous Contributor
$20 Monthly Anonymous Contributor
$10 Monthly Anonymous Contributor
Your donations make all things possible!
Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things stated are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B


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