from TX-RPOA~AKC Joins AVMA, Other Animal Groups to Launch Animal Law Writing Contest

from Texas-RPOA (Bloggers note-references to Texas Bar Association officers-ALL Animal Rights Extremists with an agenda so that that words contained within the cruelty law are ignored and the bar association allows this although NOT intended by the legislature-The corruption is transparent-Texas is an Animal Rights Extremist State)

What a great idea! Unfortunately our State Bar of Texas Animal Law Section’s officers are predominantly “animal rights” extremists — members of Animal Legal Defense Fund, Texas Humane Legislation Network, and the Humane Society of the U.S. per the Section’s website. We really need more “animal welfare” law attorneys in Texas.
(Forward below from “Our Friends on the Pet Law List:” )

AKC Joins AVMA, Other Animal Groups to Launch Animal Law Writing Contest
For law students.

By Phil Guidry, Senior Policy Analyst, AKC Government Relations writing contest

Since its development in the 1970s, the relatively new field of animal law in the United States has expanded into a diverse body of topics that touches almost all traditional areas of the law. Examples range from veterinary malpractice (professional liability/torts), to location restrictions on animal facilities (zoning/land use), to wildlife/livestock or pet ownership (property law).

Whereas legislative proposals prescribe or prohibit certain activities by establishing broad rules for all animal owners in a jurisdiction, court cases usually deal with individual circumstances. However, they can set legal precedent and impact a large number of animal owners too.

Paralleling the expansion of animal law subject matter is an explosive growth of animal rights ideology in America’s law schools. Today , almost all American law schools have at least one animal law-focused effort, many of which are designed with an animal-rights bias, including classes, certificate programs, and extracurricular groups.

If recent history is a reliable indicator, a large number of future federal and state lawmakers are likely to be lawyers. To help ensure that future lawyers and lawmakers are exposed to a variety of animal law perspectives and have the opportunity to engage in unbiased debate of animal law’s expansive issues, the American Kennel Club, American Veterinary Medical Association, the Cat Fanciers’ Association, and the Animal Health Institute have joined together to establish the Animal Law Writing Contest for Law Students .

The contest is part of a shared effort by concerned mainstream animal welfare groups to ensure access and familiarity with a broad range of perspectives on animal law. The contest launches this month and welcomes all scholarly viewpoints.

Students currently enrolled at ABA-accredited law schools located in the United States are invited to write a 10-20 page scholarly paper on the constitutionality of one of two preselected animal law topics. A committee with relevant experience will judge all properly-submitted entries received by Noon on February 15, 2015 . The winner, who will be notified by April 1, 2015 , will receive a $2,500 cash prize and a trip to the American Veterinary Medical Law Association’s Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts, next July. The second place author will receive a $1,000 cash prize.

The contest is one of a number of ways in which the American Kennel Club and the collaborating organizations are dedicated to promoting further education and unbiased study regarding the human-animal bond, the role of animals in society, and animal welfare practices and policies.

For contest rules, to submit a contest entry, or for more information, visit the AKC website or email .

dangerous humans

I still contend, beyond regulations for public safety, food, water and shelter, we don’t need more animal laws and bans when the government has no interest in animals…Current animal cruelty laws are intended to address INTENTIONAL animal cruelty and have already gone beyond PROTECED CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS for US citizens. Animal Cruelty laws were written by Animal Rights Extremists Nazi Gestopos who intend on ending all relations with animals-NOT intended for Animal Welfare and help no animal -the courts do not properly adhere to the law as written and intended and abuse PROTECTED CIVIL LIBERTIES.

It boils down to a lack of educational programs for proper care for animals that has led to the abuse of these laws-This could easily be a community effort so that no owner will be without the proper information for the care of an animal. It should be noted, that as long as the cruelty laws are in place and improperly enforced-Animal Ownership would be a risk to ones freedom when the courts fail to recognize their obligation to assure citizens will be protected in their courts from WRONGFUL, prosecution-Both JP Judge Lex Jones and  County Court Judge Phil Parker, judges in Marion County, Texas ignored the obligation of their courts-Are non-lawyers, untrained and unskilled in matters of law and therefore could and should be considered ignorant in their obligation to the citizens of Marion County as elected judges who heard cases that their courts are not allowed to hear (TX Government Code 26.258) and have no say in property valued over $10,000.00 -JP Court is not allowed to hear ‘class A’ misdemeanors with or without representation. A criminal case is appealed as criminal and a civil case is appealed as civil-In Marion County they took a criminal case from the JP Court that it was not supposed to hear and was appealed as civil case in county court who is prevented from hearing civil cases-The whole thing a shame and Kangaroo Court in a matter with property valued over $207,000.00. This was no mistake but a matter of participating in a conspiracy to take property!!! These are elected officials who are NOT up to the job of protecting citizens from wrongful enforcement and wrongful prosecution.

No matter what any court has decided, there is grave concern from wrongful animal seizures and victimizing people with improper procedures who claim to touch the souls of animals-The only “animal souls” that any of those people have touched, are the souls of the animals they have euthanized under the ‘color of rescue’. Including the taking of animals to the next county’s animal control, the taking of hundreds of animals as Carolyn Wedding, president and founder of the Humane Society of Marion County/the Dixie Humane Society, Jefferson, Texas, has done from 2007-2011.

According to records obtained from the Marshall Animal Control, Marshall, Texas, the majority of those animals are documented as euthanized and noted on the record yet, this Humane Society claims to be no-kill when it’s NOT!!! Oh but Carolyn Wedding always claims to have shed ‘A’ tear-BULLSHIT!!!

Cruella Deville

Who in their right minds would buy an animal from a MURDER, even if done by someone else’s hand when they did this deed intentionally as she was unable to sell the animals and provide proper care (even after the creation of an actual holding facility within the county although owns many acres in the next county where she has held animals previously.)

Carolyn Wedding took animals to this KILL facility yet there is a no-kill Humane Society in Marshall-Maybe they refuse to work with a murder-ah, maybe LIKELY?!?

There have been numerous wrongful animal seizures in Marion County by the Humane Society of Marion County/The Dixie Humane Society and a multiple number of animals killed by the hands of the founder and president of this Humane Society by Carolyn Wedding and not only by the Marshall Animal Control but done by Dr. Carol Hedges with no medical test, permission from any judge or the owners of those animals.

Humane Societies operating like this one should not have community support when any member of the community has and can be abused with the improper use of the cruelty law with wrongful prosecution and judges who don’t properly fulfill an obligation to the community that they claim to have accepted when they accepted their position. More on this should either of these men run for office again…They created the record by their own making and will likely scream because I’ve said it. All court documents are subject and readily available for public review-

We are entitled to voice our opinion when there is a concern in the community also according to the record established by their state circuit Judge Rolston-also an elected official who is not properly serving members of his community for protection against trespass. I pledge this to members of the Marion County Community to remain aware of elections and that they will be informed no matter the decision of any court.

We’ll put it before the COURT of PUBLIC OPINION!!! People in status of being elected to a position should know better than to do what they did and will now have to face the ridicule-It’s not over until I decide it is and apparently people in Marion County don’t have a clue as to what’s going on in their own backyards.


Seized Kenny[1]

Complaining about inhumane conditions, abuses, or violations of law is a constitutionally protected right. Any member of the public not only has the First Amendment right to speak out against abuses and violations of law committed by anyone, but he or she also has a constitutionally protected right to demand that the government correct the wrongs that are identified.


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others-Speaking out on behalf of an animal loving community…Stay tuned -B


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  1. It’s telling that the winner of this contest will be notified by April Fools Day.

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