ZOO WARS~Tony to REMAIN at the Truck Stop-What Great News!!!

PROTECTED CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!!! And apparently Louisiana State Judges know and do the right thing!!! WOO-HOO, Tony the Tiger will remain at the Truck Stop.

“Hello people, if the fumes are so overwhelming and dangerous, how do we explain the fact that Tony is a happy, HEALTHY FOURTEEN YEAR OLD TIGER!!! Okay, read that last part of the sentence again – HEALTHY FOURTEEN YEAR OLD TIGER!!!! When are they thinking the damage is going to happen? In another 14 years??? Does anyone get my point? Congrats Michael S. Sandlin – keep up the fight!” -A quote from Michael Sandlin’s FB wall-I think we all get that point-However, the Animal Rights Extremists Nazi Gestopo are the only ones ignoring that fact.


Tony the tiger to remain at Louisiana truck stop for now after animal rights group’s lawsuit dismissed

Michael Sandlin

The owner of Tiger Truck Stop scored a victory in court Monday (Nov. 17), allowing him to keep Tony, a Bengal tiger, as a roadside attraction at his gas station off Interstate 10 in Gross Tete. Tony’s fate is still unclear, however, as the tiger’s ownership is still the subject of another, ongoing court case.

Nineteenth Judicial District Court Judge William Morvant dismissed a lawsuit on Monday challenging an amendment, which the state legislature adopted at its most recent session, to a law regarding Tony the tiger. Morvant said in court that the lawsuit, which the Animal Legal Defense Fund argued on behalf of former state Rep. Warren Triche Jr., attempted to address the same issues in a still-pending lawsuit in another judge’s court.

The heart of both lawsuits, the court found, addresses the constitutionality of Louisiana’s big cat ban, a 2006 law sponsored by Triche. In the other case, Tiger Truck Stop owner Michael Sandlin is challenging the constitutionality of the 2006 law in Judge Janice Clark’s court.

“You can’t have two suits about the same main issue,” Sandlin’s attorney Jennifer Treadway Nixon said outside the courtroom.

With similar cases ongoing in two courts, lawyers could be accused of “forum shopping,” to gain a favorable outcome. And in these cases, problems could arise if there’s contradicting outcomes regarding: 1) the constitutionality of the 2006 law cat ban; and 2) the constitutionality of the 2014 amendment to the 2006 cat ban.

 Tiger Truck Stop owner speaks out Tiger Truck Stop owner Michael Sandlin talks about why he’s fighting so hard to keep his 14-year-old Bengal tiger, Tony, as a roadside attraction at his gas station off Interstate 10 in Grosse Tete.

Sandlin said the cat ban in 2006 cat ban “turned us into criminals overnight” and he’ll continue to fight to protect his property rights to Tony.

ALDF spokeswoman Carney Ann Nasser said the organization won’t halt it’s challenge of the amendment giving Sandlin a special exception.

He maintains Tony is happy and healthy at the truck stop in his 3,200-square-foot habitat. He also argues transporting the tiger to some unknown location could possibly cause Tony distress or even threaten his life — a point disputed by those who want him released to a refuge or somewhere else.

Animal rights activists and those who want Tony taken away from the truck stop say, however, have described the habitat as a diesel-fumed cage off of noisy interstate.

ALDF in June filed the suit, which was dismissed Monday, days after Gov. Bobby Jindal signed Senate Bill 250 into law. One of the group’s arguments was that the new amendment makes a special exception for Sandlin, which is illegal according to the state’s own constitution.

Sen. Rick Ward, R-Port Allen, filed the legislation in question at Sandlin’s behest after the Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeal ruled in 2012 that Sandlin’s permit to keep Tony was invalid because he is not Tony’s legal owner. Last fall, the Louisiana Supreme Court let that decision stand after Sandlin sought a review of it. Tiger Truck Stop Inc. has owned Tony since 2000, but the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, apparently following pressure from animals rights groups, promulgated new rules in recent years requiring the owner to be an individual, not a corporation.

The rules applied to the state’s exotic cat ban, which is apparently unclear whether Tiger Truck Stop’s ownership of Tony could be grandfathered in, since he was at the truck stop prior to the ban. The new law makes a specific exception to the state’s exotic cat ban by allowing Sandlin to keep Tony until the tiger dies.

Also on Monday, a separate case similar to the big cat challenge in Clark’s court was dismissed.

That case, brought by Yogie and Friends Exotic Cat Sanctuary in DeSoto Parish, also challenges the constitutionality of the 2006 big exotic cat ban. Nasser said Judge Bob Downing, who is filling in for 19th JDC Judge Kay Bates since her retirement, dismissed it because the same issues were addressed in Sandlin’s case.

It’s still unclear if Yogie and Friends will appeal Dunning’s judgment or seek to join Sandlin’s suit, said their attorney Nixon, who’s also handling Sandlin’s case.

Tiger to remain at the truck stop


Oh Hell YEAH!!! Carole and Howard Baskin and ALDF take another hit-another loss-But doesn’t cost them a dime-

ALL of the misery they cause is done with money donated for animal care and taxpayer money wasting court time!!! Donated money for animal care used to hire a lobbyist:

Big Cat Rescue-Lobbying 2014 (2)

BCR collects money for animal care however that money is not being used for that purpose-They use that money for politics and filing law suits that actually cost them nothing!!! They still draw their FAMILY salaries-The salaries for the family are actually about $250,000.00!!! The total salaries in 2013 were $617,000.00-So now you know what the money has gone for-I think they should earn their money if they are going to collect big bucks off money donated and get their butts back out working in that sleazy facility











They still haven’t improved a single cage yet built a tall fenced in area (with more donated money) that can not be used for all the animals. Otherwise, there has been no improvement and not a single enclosure allows drainage on that property that was once used as a landfill and burrow pit-Certainly is a lot more serious than keeping a tiger at a Truck Stop FAR from any harm from the environment.

Tony is now 14 years old-Carole Baskin claims that 14 is old for a tiger-which is it?!? When is Tony’s environment going to make him sick? Cats at BCR are dying at 14 (and younger) from tumors, cancer and kidney failure!!! -EUTHANIZED!!!

Link of Interest:https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/10/31/message-from-tx-rpoahsusaspca-training-our-law-enforcement-in-their-agenda-big-cat-rescue-joined-team-hsus-in-2011thrilled-with-the-bragging-rights/ (See the long list and causes of death)

Considering all the lies for Carole Baskin, especially when a cat that Carole and Don Lewis received named Oakey was neutered and declawed BEFORE they received that cat and the documented claim is that Oakey sired cubs-IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Carole Lewis Baskin ought to keep her nose in her own business and stop wasting taxpayer money on her contrived idea of what is bad for animals when it a fact that all these ‘assaults and vandalisms’ on private exotic animal owners are of her own making and over conditions that are actually much worse at Big Cat Rescue. She needs to actually spend that money on animal care-Food for the cats-FREE!!! Vet care for the cats-FREE!!! Salaries just to the family members alone in excess of $250,000.00!!! Please note-Animal Care and Education Activities are group together-WTF!?!

I suspect that ALDF will file yet another suit with Michael Sandlin and Tony the Tiger being another cash cow for more donations for their following of Animal Rights Extremists who are ignorant enough to believe their line of crap…

One picture is worth a thousand words-Look at this child seeing a tiger for the first time for FREE at the Tiger Truck Stop~Costing taxpayers NOTHING!!!~Michael Sandlin paying for ALL this tigers care and to fight all these lawsuits to keep his PROTECTED Constitutional Right to have Tony at the Tiger Truck Stop!!! I leave you with this picture and off to open a bottle of champagne to celebrate-

Happiness is seeing Tony

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog  -B







~ by topcatsroar on November 18, 2014.

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  1. Congratulations! congratulations! Congratulations! WooHoo!

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