The News in Perspective~Carole and Howard Baskin~Big Cat Rescue-Refused Settlement Offer

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House cat at Big Cat Rescue forced to live outside in a cage during ALL weather conditions.

Carole and Howard Baskin~Big Cat Rescue, refused an offer to end breeding and cub petting-huh?!?

That’s right, an offer of 500,000 life insurance policy of $1,000.00 per month was offered and an agreement to end all breeding and cub petting in two years at GW Exotics, from the day the offer was accepted yet, it was turned down…That coming from a 501-c-3 NFP whose political goals, so they say, are Hell bent to end all breeding of big cats and cub petting in this country actually refused this offer made by Joe Schreibvogel aka Joe Exotic.

Now why would a woman who has gone to great lengths to be involved in the political battle to create bans on all cats from tigers to hybrid house cats refuse such an offer?!? Indeed this would be a win she could gloat about at least once a month as she receives payment for her trouble who is totally against cub petting and breeding, who has been trying to put Joe out of business for years; turn down an offer to finally end all the slandering, court battles, lawyer fees,  etc. WHY?!?

Dumb question!!! Baskin enjoys the power and gloating and after all, they are making too much money off of Schreivogel doing it so they can cash in on the SCAM of trying to shut him down, the scam about the harm it does to cubs, the sham that breeding these magnificent animals in captivity has no purpose, the scam that private owners are harming these animals when it’s Big Cat Rescue doing all the harm, complaining about things they have done and doing themselves and getting away with not adhering to the regulations when no other (that’s right, ‘other’ as they are considered private owners themselves) would do the things that they do or get away with things they are getting away with!!!

Howard Baskin and his cub experience

Recent picture of Howard Baskin enjoying his cub experience.

Baskin’s attorneys abandoned the 50 tigers back to Schreibvogel’s care in 2013 in the United States Bankruptcy court because she didn’t want them, but wait, if he is that big of an abuser, why would she do that?!? After all, what a ‘rescue’ she could proclaim had she taken the 50 tigers Schreibvogel offered; the money would come pouring it but that might mean building new cages that actually met regulations rather than the rusty old dilapidated cages in use at this facility.

Face it, Joe Schreibvogel is NOT an abuser as the Baskin’s claim. In reality, she knows this just as she KNOWS that he is their ‘Cash Cow’ to exploit on the internet, to use during their speaking engagements proclaiming that private ownership must be banned, one of a handful of facilities that still do cub pictures and getting the big bucks in donations as they continue their plight of gathering Animal Rights Activists to donate more money.

Carole Baskin enjoys the limelight that no other ‘media whore’ in the business has by proclaiming her NFP business is a sanctuary even though FWC considers it a roadside zoo, no different than any other licensed exhibitor and licensed as such by the state and the USDA. The Baskin’s claim to be against breeding when they know they really aren’t and claiming how bad cub pictures are when they both know it’s a wonderful experience…I bet her last dying words might be to get her a cub to hold and love on one last time-HA!

Deception is the name of the game for all things Baskin, including the SIX NFPs registered to the same address on Easy Street as Big Cat Rescue including Wildlife on Easy Street and another NFP that has numerous houses registered “rent to own”, while begging for donations for the care of animals that’s used for political purposes including paying a lobbyist $20,000.00 and themselves as well as members of their family over $150,000.00 as employees of Big Cat Rescue and possibly more from the other NFPs.

Oh, things DO add up alright…for everything these ‘media whores’ want, based on public deception. Yeah, these people are so concerned about a public safety issue so that must be the reason why leopards were placed NUMEROUS times in the so called vacation enclosure that has no top when it’s against the Florida regulations for leopards and jaguars because she knew FWC wouldn’t do more than issue a warning. Then, they will use the fact that all they received was a warning as one more reason to ban these animals to private owners.

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Sassyfrass at Big Cat Rescue nearly died because no one noticed…

Yep, the Baskin’s need a ‘cash cow’ and that would be Joe Schreibvogel…today, until they set their eyes on another; but why bother-they have Joe.

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Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on November 10, 2014.

5 Responses to “The News in Perspective~Carole and Howard Baskin~Big Cat Rescue-Refused Settlement Offer”

  1. Hi just a friendly observation re the picture posted here of the cat in a small feeding area at BCR. It is actually a pure wild cat and not a domestic breed. It’s a sand cat (felis margarita) one of the smallest wild cat species.
    It does closely resemble a small domestic house cat :)
    Two of my favorite ‘Cute’ animals: the red panda and the sand cat

  2. Shut this bitch down!!!!! Get someone to take over that lace that knows how to take care of animals & puts their care first…..before the money they put in their pocket.

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