ZOO WARS~Conditions at Big Cat Rescue go from BAD to WORSE -MORE than a Public Safety Issue!!! Money and Politics!! UPDATED!

TripAdvisor Review19
My letter to FWC-Following their reply to numerous complaints from myself and likely others:
“Unacceptable Response”
Apparently, FWC does not accept videos and pictures documenting an offense while other forms of law enforcement, ie: police and sheriff’s department, the FBI, the judicial system do, especially when there is a concern for public safety and a huge violation of a law that has always been on the records and she knew it or there would not have been a letter asking for a variance.
Frankly, for anyone else this would have been probable cause for warrant and arrest. The record speaks for itself.
Maybe my state and federal representatives will be interested in this information and will do something about the numerous issues that occur and reoccur at BCR.
Has FWC even considered the numerous deaths of animals that have occurred there and that profit is being made off dead animals as well as the ones claimed to be a rescue when they are not or the fraud perpetrated on the public for the collection of donations with the claim that it is a Florida sanctuary-no because that is not of FWC concern but that death rate should be as more skins and bones are collected and many even on display at BCR in the Lion Pavilion.
Just the fact that Oakey could not have sired any cubs should raise a red flag as to where all those ocelot cubs really came from and the possible illegal trade of those animals.
So my weekend will be spent filing complaints with other agencies on BCR and FWC for lack of enforcement and the disregard for public safety has not been properly addressed. Maybe the inspector did not witness it but the reason for the alert from Vernon Yates to begin with came from video documentation and MANY witnesses to this offense apparently, including the media.
I will also alert the businesses in the area that customers and employees safety within a 5 mile radius were disregarded by FWC not serving a citation and can occur once again as well as the poor condition those enclosures are in.
Needless to say, my statement that this issue is terribly important to me seems to be of no importance to FWC but maybe it will be to others with an extreme public safety issues.
I was told by someone that nothing would be done by FWC and that person was correct-money and politics.
Barbara Hoffmann
This is beyond belief considering the date from when the inspectors were there and the date of pictures and the following review on TripAdvisor ALL CORRESPOND!!! FWC CLAIMS to have addressed the conditions and the issue of a Black leopard having been placed in an open top enclosure (a huge violation with FWC regulations for keeping class I animals)-only served a warning and went on their way. However there is more to this story, a lot more…Let me try to put this together for you the way I see it…
The first report in the media was posted October 7, 2014-So on or before October 7, 2014, Vernon Yates received a call and made a complaint to FWC for the violation-There were several videos posted on the Internet showing a spotted leopard in the enclosure for what appears to be several days…Baskin admits that she had applied for a variance and was well aware that BCR had NOT received one allowing her the use of that enclosure for leopards…She blames Vernon Yates and Kathy Sterns for her violation of this law-All they did was report an incident that was truthful…They did nothing wrong and did what HSUS has instructed everyone to do-Report animal abuse-1) A direct violation of regulations 2) A cougar needing vet care; Sassafras…
From the report I received from an inspection conducted on October 8, 2014:
response letter BCR complaint 1c
Now here’s the kicker-On the BCR website, Big Cat Rescue is asking for reviews because there are hater reviews she wants to bury were reviews are filed…it pays to follow up with a search whenever Baskin shows concern or asks for something…
Trip Advisor and it just so happens that a customer posted a review entitled “AWFUL” and there are pictures of Sassafras that indicated a very sick cougar or a cougar kept in poor living conditions-His fur dull, ruff, and matted as well as other cats displaying the same ‘look’. The enclosure is muddy with standing water. Well, read it and look at these pictures:
TripAdvisor Review
UPDATE 11/06/2014: This link no longer works http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g34678-d117501-r233466222-Big_Cat_Rescue-Tampa_Florida.html#UR233466222 It was pulled from TripAdvisor which I had been led to believe by TripAdvisor guidelines was not possible however, NOTHING will completely disappear from the Internet-Nice try. Everything was screen shot that documents it but  here’s a working link: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache: http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g34678-d117501-r233466222-Big_Cat_Rescue-Tampa_Florida.html#UR233466222   
According to posts on Big Cat Rescue this cat was not taken to the vet until 10/20/2014-There is plenty of documentation concerning this cat that could/would/WILL verify this and OUTRAGEOUS that a cat this sick wasn’t taken before getting into this condition-NO EXCUSE IS ACCEPTABLE  and both FWC and USDA/APHIS does nothing!?!
Waiting for replies to my complaints-Stay tuned and follow this blog!!!
Here’s a few of the pics posted:
TripAdvisor Review2
TripAdvisor Review3
TripAdvisor Review4
In the video posted by Big Cat Rescue on September 22, 2014, Demonstrates several HUGE violations:
Another video shows a spotted leopard in the “vacation” enclosure which doesn’t have a top:

“Simba leopard loves vacation rotation but he just HATES the water and recent downpours have left him surrounded by the shallows! But being the good boy he is, Simba is coaxed by Keeper Marie into coming off his island and taking his meds.”


I am sure that there are other videos that demonstrate leopards have been in the “vacation” cage with no top just as I am certain that these animals are not being properly cared for. Just the fact that they are served raw food on porous concrete pads is alarming-Imagine the bacteria growth under and around those feed pads. They seem more interested in making videos then the violations that these videos expose and at the same time the bragging rights to ‘animal rescue’. I’d like nothing more for someone to go in there and do a REAL animal rescue and take those cats out of there!!!

So, where’s the USDA -I don’t know-you got me as I am sure they do receive complaints on this place and like FWC have doing nothing including properly writing up the violations…Seems there may be going on behind the scenes…UNACCEPTABLE-These agencies are using taxpayer dollars that require enforcement and go by a code of ethics. For BCR to only receive a warning is UN-ethical!!!

With all the concern for animal welfare and all the animal rights people screaming about improper care for healthy animals-Where are they?!? Instead it’s all money and politics…Money collected for animal care by Big Cat Rescue is going in the pocket of a lobbyist. Of course a million dollar NFP has hired a lobbyist. Where’s the proof-Here ya go: http://www.opensecrets.org/lobby/clientsum.php?id=F46740&year=2014

Big Cat Rescue-Lobbying 2014 (2)

Plus the money spent to join GFAS/HSUS-The sponsorship at the HSUS convention…All for the ‘bragging rights’ and frankly, I’m not sure if the money would keep rolling in if people knew the full extent of the fraud Big Cat Rescue perpetrating on the unknowing public. It’s a roadside zoo picking up FREE animals to place in old worn out cages built on and old landfill with a burrow pit that’s being used for recreational purposes and never passed any inspection of the land for that purpose. The only ones considering it a sanctuary are the owners themselves as FWC does not consider it a Florida sanctuary and licensed  as an exhibitor by FWC and the USDA.

Not a FL sanctuary

What’s worse is that Big Cat Rescue considers hybrid housecats as an animal that should be banned but the authorities Florida and California have rejected this idea. BCR houses these animals in their roadside zoo as well:

TripAdvisor Review16

Poor kitty and reminds me of those HSUS/ASPCA ad for donations doesn’t it!?! If Carole and Howard Baskin have it their way this will be the new face of Big Cat Rescue.

So to stay true to my word-I’ve spent the weekend looking for businesses in Citrus park that would be concerned about their employees and their customers as well as unsuspecting tourists and visitors to the area.

Meanwhile, poor Serenity Springs and Yogie and Friends and others are going through Hell due to selective/target enforcement from the USDA. Now compare these pictures with the ones above and tell me it’s not money and politics-To Hell if it isn’t!!! Recent pictures of Serenity Springs show a different story: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/10/26/zoo-warssuit-filed-against-the-usda-and-accepted-by-the-court/

Trip Advisor10

Trip Advisor photo from  Serenity  Springs-Seems rather absurd to me and a big waste of tax payer money for agencies to stand behind their inspectors without first checking on the facility for target/selective enforcement; the same would go for a facility with  numerous complaints with no violations by  changing to another inspector for inspection before it comes to a federal issue in court when it could easily be solved with a change of inspectors.


At what point do some of the finest and nicest animal places decide to throw in the towel and call it quits? What a shame that the younger generation is in danger of loosing such wonderful and truly educational facilities for animals like Serenity Springs, Yogie and Friends and other facilities are being subjected to target/selective enforcement with absolutely nothing or very little wrong with their facilities yet, Big Cat Rescue is not meeting standards with inspectors doing nothing!!!

You bet there is reason to be disgusted when agencies are not doing their job properly and controlled by money and politics rather than do the right thing for members of the community and the animals in a facility!!! If you have an issue with this type of enforcement of regulations you should voice your opinion that the Animal Rights agenda and the politics are effecting proper enforcement please send letters of concern to your representatives both federal and state, to FWC and USDA/APHIS.

Letters of concern for Florida Wildlife Commission should be directed to Ron Cave ron.cave@myfwc.com  

The USDA/APHIS should be directed to all four offices-Subject Animal Welfare and Public Safety Issues:

Riverdale, MD Office
4700 River Road, Unit 84
Riverdale, MD 20737-1234
E-mail: ace@aphis.usda.gov
Phone: (301) 851-3751
Fax: (301) 734-4978Fort Collins, CO Office
2150 Centre Ave.
Building B, Mailstop 3W11
Fort Collins, CO 80526-8117
E-mail: acwest@aphis.usda.gov
Phone: (970) 494-7478
Fax: (970) 494-7461

Raleigh, NC Office
920 Main Campus Drive Suite 200
Raleigh, NC 27606-5210
E-mail: aceast@aphis.usda.gov
Phone: (919) 855-7100
Fax: (919) 855-7123

Center for Animal Welfare Office
Beacon Facility mailstop 1180
9240 Troost Ave
Kansas City, MO 64131
Phone: 816-737-4200

Links of Interest: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/10/10/zoo-warsinvestigative-reportbig-cat-rescuecarole-baskin-lives-for-the-power-and-bragging-rights/


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stick around for more and follow this blog -B

~ by topcatsroar on November 3, 2014.

7 Responses to “ZOO WARS~Conditions at Big Cat Rescue go from BAD to WORSE -MORE than a Public Safety Issue!!! Money and Politics!! UPDATED!”

  1. Correction: Sassyfrass is how to properly spell the cougars name. The cat was recently seen by a vet for kidney failure. Had it not been for that complaint, I don’t imagine anyone would have noticed or even cared about this cat. By following the link to the cats ‘rescue’-you can see the conditions hadn’t changed much-Still with a dog igloo for the only shelter he has; living on muddy flooded grounds. Actually, may have been much better off than where he ended up as it wasn’t an old landfill with a burrow pit…and wasn’t being used for political purposes for donations to be used to hire a lobbyist.
    The complaint about the cats breath is because he hadn’t eaten for a few days time; had they had contact with the animals they would have known this-Hell, bet no one noticed or even cared he hadn’t eaten and the biggest cause for kidney failure in the first place.

  2. As it turns out, Carole Baskin was in on the attacks of a federally licensed big cat handler and trainer of over 30 years here in Northern Nevada, and was trying to steal their Siberian Tigers and Bengal Tigers.
    This trainer, who many people have known over 30 years, has never had any escapes, no attacks, no bites, and has double perimeter fencing to keep people away from the fences, welded roofs, and very sturdy welded fencing, and a safety entrance of double locked gates to go through anytime anyone enters and/or leaves the habitat’s, and also insulated, enclosed shelters for all of the big cats. He also never goes on vacations, doesn’t have volunteers, and is there fulltime to take care of his cats himself.

    So basically, Carole Baskin with her willingness and willfulness in lying, embellishing, attacking others who know far more than she does, and also truly love their big cats and KNOW how to handle and train them, is loading up on people she has attacked, and just like others who do this same sh*t to others in other areas of ‘rescue’, the house of cards begins to tumble as word gets out what swindlers some of these people are, and also when their prior histories are published over and over, people at some point, even with the short attention spans many in the public appear to have, begin to walk the other way from these people, and some even file complaints that eventually are taken seriously.

    I will PM you a VERY interesting document I just found from our attackers that explains why more people who were helping them but then walked away aren’t talking about that so-called ‘rescue’…….VERY INTERESTING indeed……..

  3. Oh, also watching their enabler-volunteer-slaves at these places that are primarily donation-funded is so embarrassing to watch the enablers allow themselves to be videoed doing the manual labor because so many people who are real rescuers are astonished by the founders of these “rescues that aren’t” and them never doing the daily, mundane, daily chores themselves……they get their “illusions of grandeur and importance” that they are “something special” when they are not, by being “the Big Cheese” and having naïve followers, that WHEN these organizations ARE sued, those enabler-volunteer-slaves will find themselves named in lawsuits just by the mere fact they HELPED these organizations do their dirty work that could not have been accomplished without their help.
    Anyone that donates, volunteers, jumps on the attack-bandwagon by defaming and libeling in public comments (we have 17 people we are suing, but the list could get longer) to these swindler organizations and ‘enables’ them to go on the attack, gain recognition, gain more donations, steal other peoples animals, etc will be sadly surprised when they are sued in a civil lawsuit along with the organization, and these organizations they helped will throw them under the bus and will not lift a finger, or pay a penny, for them and their legal fees when sued because they were in association and collusion with swindler organizations and the founders of ‘rescues’.

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  5. […] Letters of concern for Florida Wildlife Commission should be directed to Ron Cave ron.cave@myfwc.com   […]

  6. […] https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/11/03/zoo-warsconditions-at-big-cat-rescue-go-from-bad-to-wor… […]

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