Elections are Next Week but Do you KNOW where the Candidate Stands on Your Right to Animal Ownership?!?

So I get an email this morning that I found rather alarming-Attorney Zandra Anderson* is out there promoting someone running for District Attorney who wants a permanent animal cruelty cruelty court for Harris County-Her email below my comment concerning the animal cruelty law in Texas that is illegal and unconstitutional as written and enforced!!!

Zandra Anderson is an attorney in Harris County and I suspect promoting someone running who would create a division of the district attorneys office to address dedicated to animal cruelty cases might be good for business HOWEVER, if you are accused of animal cruelty, when looking for an attorney about the last person I’m going to pick is Zandra Anderson that promotes a district attorney dedicated to creating a special division to address animal cruelty cases over my PROTECTED right to my property!!!
There is never any hard evidence in these cases-teeth, to nails, even worms does not constitute cruelty.
‘Hoarding’ and ‘breeding’ have become the issue so they can make any claim. ‘Dog poop everywhere’ or what have you but I’ve seen mud claimed as poop-No one bothers to gather any evidence I mean hey, if it’s going to be in testimony then, show me the poop, LOL!!! Sounds absurd right but it’s not…if accused of animal cruelty for your own animals, then you have committed an offense against your property -NOT POSSIBLE!!!
While an animal is a life, what is being judged when there is no intentional cruelty is the quality of that animals life. To some people all ownership of any animal is cruel-point being it’s based on opinion and not hard facts.
Unfortunately, these cases are lacking evidence like no other ‘crime’ yet this is allowed for prosecution of animal cruelty cases. Often the warrants do not have probable cause and based on opinions rather than pure law as other crimes  (if you can say that animal cruelty is a crime). 
The law states intentional cruelty, then show me intentional cruelty…it’s not just because nails are long or teeth need cleaning-not buying it!!! 
The law states there must be “conviction” before giving the animals away-there can be no conviction in a civil case so that first hearing about the animals condition can only be for placement for care until there is a “conviction”, yet almost always, they not only took the animals but they give them to some NFP organization to do with as they please.
The cruelty law has too much room for error and non specific as it is an Animal Rights law.
Remember to the Animal Rights Extremist, ownership equals cruelty, therefore there can be no responsible ownership. When animals are taken and cruelty alleged then it is assumed that it must be true.
In Texas (and possibly elsewhere) they can deny a jury on the whim of the DA-Sure has happened already with an appeal and rarely is there a jury on the first hearing before the judge that signed the warrant-so we know how he’s going to rule.
Ownership means knowing how to react and what to do if charged to protect your rights to ownership of your property-This is a protected constitutional right to ownership. There are laws for public safety such as rabies shots and ordinances concerning the keeping of animals but there is nothing written in regards to the care or your property beyond that. So, if an animal say gets parvo and the owner didn’t get the parvo shot, technically, he can be and has been charged with cruelty; even if he knew nothing about parvo.
The Texass Animal Cruelty law, as written, and as enforced, is a farce. Nothing more than a money making scheme for NFPs.
Zandra Anderson’s email I received:

Animal Cruelty & Harris County’s Race for District Attorney
No emails regarding a political race have ever been sent by this site before, but an exception was made based on Kim Ogg’s position on Animal Cruelty. Kim Ogg is running for Harris County District Attorney.

Harris County used to have a division dedicated to animal cruelty but that was abolished by Mike Anderson, former Harris County D.A. He died while in office and the position was taken over by his wife, Devon Anderson, the Interim Harris County D.A. Ms. Anderson has not reestablished a permanent animal cruelty division in the D.A.’s office.

Kim Ogg will establish a permanent Animal Welfare Prosecution Unit dedicated to investigating and prosecuting animal cruelty cases in Harris County. She also will create an Animal Crime Advisory Board to help create protocols for this division.

Check out Kim’s platform on Animal Cruelty on her website: Kim Ogg’s Platform on Animal Cruelty

“As your next DA, Kim Ogg will fight to raise public awareness that animal cruelty is a crime, and will institute a reliable, well-publicized report-and-response system to serve citizens who report animal abuse.” [**BLOGGERS NOTE BELOW]

Kim was endorsed by the Houston Chronicle and won the Houston Bar Association’s Judicial Preference Poll. She is the former Executive Director of Crime Stoppers which aided in the arrest of numerous felons. She served as Houston’s first Anti-Gang Task Force Director and is a former Chief Felony Prosecutor.

Early Voting: October 30 (Thursday) and October 31 (Friday) 7:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.

Election Day Voting Tuesday, November 4, 2014 7:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.

*Zandra Anderson recently participated in an illegal and unconstitutional animal seizure during a bankruptcy case as reported in a 5 part series of post on this blog.  Links -When Animal Seizures Are Laws: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/09/04/when-animal-seizures-are-lawless-then-all-animal-ownership-is-at-risk-part-1/





**Examples of citizens who report animal crueltyNFP organizations who will benefit from the sales of these animals, Disgruntled neighbors, spouses, and of course there is that Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorist who possibly doesn’t own an animal, who believes that to own an animal is an act of cruelty in itself…That’s the category that Wayne Pacelle is in as other advocates working for HSUS, PETA or some other Animal Rights Extremist organization. and will provide them with a means for advertising to collect donations.

One look at Kim Ogg (or is that Ugh!?!) at her stance on what’s needed in Harris County, Texas, on animal cruelty is a total waste of tax payer money when the government has no interest in animals and as a US citizens the government gives us PROTECTED Constitutional Rights that can not be ignored. This woman if she becomes District Attorney for Harris County is promoting taking away you property rights.

The animal cruelty law addresses INTENTIONAL animal cruelty and nothing more. There is no exact definition of animal cruelty in the law and therefore can not subject citizens of Harris County to malicious prosecution. Kim Ogg (UGH) would therefore be promoting such prosecution and is on her agenda. She claims it is simple yet far from it; there is nothing simple about an animal cruelty case and would only led to cases against Harris County-more waste of taxpayer money!!! 

Kim’s Animal Cruelty Plan is simple:

  1. Institute a permanent Animal Welfare Prosecution Unit whose prosecutors devote 100% of their time
    to the investigation, prosecution, and coordination of animal cruelty cases in Harris County; identify and
    assign these cases at Intake Division of DA’s Office.
  2. Aggressively charge and prosecute all individuals who intentionally and knowingly kill, torture, or hurt
  3. Seek legislative changes that raise the penalty levels for such crimes, without necessity of commission of
    same offense twice before making it a felony offense.
  4. Collect restitution for animal treatment providers from Animal Cruelty criminals.
  5. Create animal cruelty reporting system linking public and private resource providers to insure a
    consistent response by all agencies handling Animal Cruelty criminal investigations and general animal
    welfare calls.
  6. Create a ‘warning system’ to notify reported individuals whose actions constitute chronic inhumane
    treatment of animals that they will be subject to criminal prosecution if they fail to change their actions.
  7. Lead a public awareness campaign against Animal Cruelty.
  8. Create an Animal Crime Advisory Board to help draft all policies and protocol described above.
  9. When appropriate, include pets in Domestic Protective Orders.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned and do NOT vote for Ogg (UGH) for District Attorney. -B

~ by topcatsroar on October 30, 2014.

5 Responses to “Elections are Next Week but Do you KNOW where the Candidate Stands on Your Right to Animal Ownership?!?”

  1. One thing Zandra fails to mention is that even the Houston police have withdrawn their endorsement of Kim Ogg. Check out this news item…

    • That’s a bit of an eye-opener-Thanks for sharing the link Fred!!!
      METRO police rescind endorsement of Kim Ogg for Harris County district attorney

      Organization was previously endorsing both candidates for Harris County district attorney
      HOUSTON –
      The METRO Police Union has officially rescinded its endorsement of Democrat Kim Ogg for Harris County district attorney.

      The organization was previously endorsing both Ogg and Republican Devon Anderson. The union said its decision came after Ogg referenced the death of Harris County deputy sheriff Jesse Valdez III during an unrelated news conference.

      “After careful consideration of your comments, the Houston Metro Police Union board has directed me to rescind our endorsement of your candidacy for Harris County District Attorney,” Robert Lozano, president of the METRO Union said in a letter to Ogg.

      During a news conference Wednesday, Ogg said, “A real criminal went out on the street after pleading to a sweetheart deal, secretly, again allowing her to commit this terrible crime against the Valdez family.”

      In March, Kelly Joe Ivey, the woman charged in Valdez’s death, pleaded guilty for possessing three grams of methamphetamine and agreed to a two-year sentence.

      “The board felt that you using the loss of this deputy’s life for political gain, was uncalled for and unethical,” Lozano said.

      Lozano also asked Ogg to remove all reference of the Houston METROPolice Union for her campaign related materials and electronic media.

      Ogg has not commented on the announcement.

  2. The only thing I could possibly agree with on that list is #6. And we all know it’d never be done. They -most especially the Harris County DA and Houston SPCA- don’t WANT to give anybody a chance to comply with their opinions-become-unwritten-rules. There’s no money for them in that.

  3. And here’s what the Houston Police Union has to say about her. Do you really want a DA who blabs things that are supposed to be kept sealed? It’s called extrajudicial statements. Things revealed to the press and public.

    • WOW!!! And Zandra Anderson supports this bitch!?! What she think?!? I forgot, she’s NOT!!!
      “Police union attacks Ogg in DA’s race; Anderson accused of making ‘back-room’ deals
      Ogg denies claim she released ID of rape victim
      The already intense race for Harris County district attorney became more heated Wednesday with the Houston Police Officer’s Union attacking Democratic candidate Kim Ogg, saying that during her time at Crime Stoppers she violated the privacy of victims she was supposed to help support.”
      Like I said Ogg is UGH!!!

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