ZOO WARS~Suit FIled AGAINST the USDA and ACCEPTED by the Court

It’s about time a judge allowed a person’s right to file suit against the USDA for target enforcement and this is one for the books alright. The inspection report does not give all the information and based on un-true facts listed on an inspection report.

An inspection report from an APHIS inspector documents that a visit to a facility took place. There is no appointment set and the licensee is supposed to have someone available at all times to conduct an inspection during normal business hours.

All things are expected to be in compliance with the regulations or in the process of being repaired, cleaned up or providing. The inspection is not suppose to interfere with normal activities as the inspector is there to observe and write a report that ‘tells the story’ of the actual facts concerning regulations. Example: if the refrigerator is broken and the food inside is going bad or is bad that should be noted and date it is to be corrected within a reasonable, usually agreed upon date. It might include when it broke and even that a new refrigerator is on order. It could even state that the food has gone bad but should also state that it is in the process of being bagged and tossed. It could also state that a cooler is being used and food is on ice. It might state that food is being brought in daily until the refrigerator is replaced. Point is, it should tell the whole story and not just part of it.

When the entire story is missing, it appears that the regulations are not being met, that no attention is being paid towards making a correction and the facility is in violation. Truth be known, these inspections can disrupt the entire day and can go into several days depending on the demands of the inspector including a review of all inventory of animals  and medical records. An inspector can make recommendations and can be quite helpful with ideas; simply put, it depends on the inspector and what might be motivating the inspector.

This is not the case with this APHIS inspector for Serenity Springs who writes partial facts so it appears to be out of compliance  to anyone who might read it. There should have been dates for return visits with  a reasonable amount of time allowed and agreed to for corrections; it’s just that simple. There should not be any mis-understanding for return visits and if a facility has a problem with the inspection report they are to file their own report on the areas needing correction to be, or why it is not an area to be corrected or even if there is a disagreement on the date to become compliant. A facility can also ask for an extension for correction.

This is not what happened at Serenity Springs-they believe their inspector is being unreasonable and is targeting them  There’s nothing wrong with the animals or this facility, as a matter of fact, pictures demonstrate otherwise. Those animals are in exceptional condition as noted by the visitors to this facility as well as by the medical records and pictures taken the day of the inspection. (pictures below)

This inspector has gone beyond what is reasonable and into a grey area of target enforcement. This can occur when there are an over abundance of complaints from other facilities or from Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorists because of the activity and success at the facility. Serenity Springs allows cub pictures and while this should NOT be at issue, it is for the Extremist as they have been led to believe that this is somehow harming the cubs when it’s actually doing more good for the animals than not.

Bonding and teaching an animal that will remain in captivity not to fear humans and to be accustom to life as it will know it is the biggest asset of cub pictures. It also allows for easier veterinarian inspections and provides an ability to give medications and supplements as a trusting animal is easier to deal with for such needs thru the animals lifespan. It’s already a proven fact that hands on ‘show animals’ (and pets for that matter) experience a better life and a longer life; certainly better and longer than it would in the wild and certainly healthier happier than animals where there is no hands on. Serenity Springs has such conditions for their animals that they hand raise and bonded with. Animals are appropriately placed or will live out their lives at the facility.

So why the problem?!? And why is the USDA allowing the same APHIS inspector to return for future visits?!?

None of this type of inspection and poorly written inspection report makes any or much sense yet YOU the tax payer is paying the price for these inspections and court cases against a facility.

No facility has been able to show cause and reason to file suit against the USDA until now. And althou tax payers will be paying for this USDA/APHIS ‘mess’, it’s about time that this situation against facilities be corrected!


Local Animal Rescue Fighting USDA Inspection

Serenity Springs

[Video at the above link]

A local animal rescue is fighting back after they received a poor inspection by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Serenity Springs is a non-profit facility in Eastern El Paso County that takes in exotic wildlife that are no longer wanted.

From conditions of the animals to facility sanitation, several red flags were identified by the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

A USDA spokesperson told 11 News the findings prompted them to file a formal complaint against the rescue.

“It’s really an attack is what it is and it’s horrible,” said Julie Walker, the Director of Operations for Serenity Springs, “We get nothing but good reviews from people about how clean it is, how well taken care of the animals are.”

The USDA inspection report tells a different story. It claims a tiger cub was forced to take pictures with visitors for hours, with no noticeable breaks.

The report goes on to say:
“Handling of animals, particularly young animals, shall be done in a manner that does not cause trauma, overheating, excessive cooling, behavioral stress, physical harm, or unnecessary discomfort.”

“I was with inspectors for 4 1/2 hours. We were inside the park, we were not by the cub. So the fact that they wrote on there that they watched him and he never got breaks is a complete lie,” said Walker.

Another part of the report claims to have found moldy food and exposed raw chicken in the kitchen used for the animals. Walker told 11 News a fridge had broken and was replaced in a few days.

“Did you have any intention of feeding that food to the animals?” asked 11 News reporter Danielle Kreutter.

“Absolutely not, and it was completely thrown into our dumpster and I think we got it done Monday, after they fixed it,” said Walker.

While Walker has issues with the findings in the inspection, she feels that Serenity Springs is being unfairly targeted.

In 2013, Serenity Springs filed a lawsuit against their USDA investigator, Tracy Thompson, for what Walker is calling an unlawful search of their park.

That law suit has not been closed yet, but Thompson is still in charge of the park’s inspections, including the most recent inspection report.

“You’re suing somebody for already being an overzealous and falsifying reports, and now they’re still your inspector. That’s kind of a conflict I think,” said Walker.

Walker tells 11 News that they’ve mailed in an appeal to the inspection report and for now says their mission is as it was before, to take good care of all their big cats.


What does the Cavalry Group have to say about the USDA?!?


The Cavalry Group Calls Out USDA For Misconduct

In July of this year, the United States Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)  conducted an “educational symposium” for USDA licensees who own lions, tigers, and bears.  The Cavalry Group members who were in attendance of this symposium witnessed proof that the animal liberation movement’s strategy is to infiltrate and influence government bureaucracies like the United States Department of Agriculture.  

(click on a page for larger print)





Cavalry Group logo


Pictures from Serenity Springs:

Black Leopard

“This is a cage the inspector thinks shouldn’t have tall grass! We don’t mow their enclosures, we leave them as natural as possible, they like the ground cover as it keeps them cool in the summer!”


I’ve seen pictures at other facilities where this was not at question so why is it questioned at Serenity Springs??? As a matter of fact That is considered enrichment and a natural setting with grass that nice!!! Notice there’s not grass growing long outside the cage where it is supposed to be kept trim.

cub photo

“Serenity Springs has filed a law suit against the USDA and this inspector and asked for her to be removed because of false or misleading reports as well as unlawfully cutting the locked entry to the property to gain access so don’t you think it’s a conflict that the same inspector that Serenity Springs is suing is still their inspector? She is on a mission and retaliating trying to shut us down! Here is a picture of the said “stressed cub” from that day taken by a professional photographer, it’s an outright lie and that is why the USDA and the Inspector is being sued.”

Does that say cut the locked entry to gain access to the property?!? Holy Moly that is 100% against the regulations. If there is no one there to conduct an inspection then that’s all the inspector is to note and go on her way-NOT break in for crying out loud-sounds like an Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorist to me!!!

Wishing best of luck to Serenity Springs on that suit and that the harassment stops!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B


~ by topcatsroar on October 26, 2014.

7 Responses to “ZOO WARS~Suit FIled AGAINST the USDA and ACCEPTED by the Court”

  1. So what do you expect with a PETA officer now holding high office in APHIS? Of course they are out for blood.

  2. I call it “selective enforcement” whereby inspectors and/or people in a position of power use their power to attack other people they don’t like, who won’t kiss their ass and grovel at their feet, etc.

    We also found out recently that Carol Baskin was in on the attack on a friend of ours who has big cats…….happily, our friend has a kick ass attorney and since their facility is more than in accordance with federal laws for keeping big cats, they have never had any escapes, or bites, or attacks, etc, it was kind of hard to point out problems where NONE existed, and was easy to point the finger at the intruder from out of state and say WTH?

    “Selective enforcement” should be fought wherever it exists because it corrupts the whole system, and any inspectors that practice “selective enforcement” should be warned once, and if it occurs again, they should be fired.

    • We were blocked by the court from pursuing the USDA inspectors-they have US of A attorneys that will go out of their way to block a suit-I’m pretty excited about this case!!!

      • I truly hope this will begin to happen more and more often as more people get fed up with “selective enforcement” AND being attacked by the animal rights whack-job’s.

      • I wonder if they have ever had an AETA case filled against them…

  3. You can donate to Serenity Springs-Go Here:

  4. […] Meanwhile, poor Serenity Springs and Yogie and Friends and others are going through Hell due to selective/target enforcement from the USDA. Now compare these pictures with the ones above and tell me it’s not money and politics-To Hell if it isn’t!!! Recent pictures of Serenity Springs show a different story: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/10/26/zoo-warssuit-filed-against-the-usda-and-accepted-by-the-… […]

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