ZOO WARS~Please Sigh the Petition and SHARE WILDLY!!!~Tell Ohio’s Governor to Stop This Action Against A Private Exotic Animal Owner~Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorists Nazi Commandos In Action

This is so wrong on so many levels!!! PROTECTED CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!!! Creating an unreasonable law and then taking away property (the animals) based on a persons inability to met the new law althou there has never been a problem with the owner and/or his animals is outrageous, especially when he’s a longstanding member of his community, done  some pretty wonderful things with his animals for the community, USDA licensed and regulated and should have been grandfathered in!!! ALL BEING DONE AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE!!! This action makes Kenny Hetrick a criminal for trying to keep his PROPERTY-his animals!!! Protected Constitutional Civil Liberty for Life, Liberty and Property Ownership

These animals are old and may not be able to survive relocation All  because Ohio established a law based on opinions from Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorists who make their living BULLYING Private Exotic Animal Owners; Tim Harrison (Elephant in the Living Room-HYPOCRITE), ALDF, Carole Baskin, CEO-Big Cat Rescue (Carole, and husband, Howard Baskin currently earning $$50 GRAND EACH from money donated for animal care-HYPOCRITES), Tippy Hedron (HYPOCRITE), Jack Hanna (media hound who earns  his living hiring animals from Private Exotic Animal Owners-HYPOCRITE) and other Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorist Nazi Commandos-ALL HYPOCRITES!!!

The Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorist Nazi Commandos are about to take action against a private exotic animal owner. All being done at taxpayer expense to take animals from their rightful owner.

Please help send this message to the governor of Ohio by following the link and signing the petition!!! SHARE this message wildly!!!


Governor of Ohio: keep tigerridge exotics open

Kenny Hetrick of Tigerridge exotics has been home to many, many exotic big cats. He has been open free of charge 365 days a year for over 20 years. He currently has 12 big cats and a grizzly bear.

The state of Ohio has made a law that is completely unattainable in order to keep the animals.

The law has gone  into effect Jan 1 2014. The requirements are ridiculous and are only a means to the end of exotic animal owners like Kenny, who supports all his own animals out of his pocket. He has been USDA licensed since 1989 and has provided a safe and healthy environment for the animals. We are in need of all the public support to fight this.. This is a whole lot bigger then we are and need as much support we can get. You can visit facebook page save tiger ridge exotics for more information and pictures.

This is not some road side zoo, this is a place where thousands of people have brought their families to see some of the most beautiful creatures on earth.These animals are well taken care of, and have never harmed anyone.

We just want them to be able to finish out their lives at home where they belong. we just received notice that we have 10 days as of Oct 8th to surrender the animals or be criminally charged. The animals are in extreme danger of being yanked from the only home they have ever known to be either killed or placed in another facility no better than ours…

Message to the Governor of Ohio: 

Keep tigerridge exotics open. We have done nothing wrong. It is not fair to punish everyone for one man’s mistakes. We have been USDA licensed since 1989 and have been upstanding caretakers of these animals. There is no better place for them to live out the rest of their lives then right here at home and NO ONE better to take care of them then Kenny Hetrick.. I urge you to reconsider your…

keep tigerridge exotics open. We have done nothing wrong. It is not fair to punish everyone for one man’s mistakes. We have been USDA licensed since 1989 and have been upstanding caretakers of these animals. There is no better place for them to live out the rest of their lives then right here at home and NO ONE better to take care of them then Kenny Hetrick.. I urge you to reconsider your decision.
Mr. Hetrich has PROTCTED CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS that can not be ignored by the state for a longtime resident in good standing and yet, under ‘the color of law’ is making an attempt to STEAL his animals. Any state that would create unreasonable laws and then make plans to enforce them is unreasonable and outright MEAN!!! This petition in reply to their plan to take away the animals and press criminal charges next week unless Mr. Hetrick surrenders his animals-I hope he stands his ground and people rally to his side!!!

State denies extension for owner of local animal sanctuary

STONY RIDGE, Ohio — A local exotic-animal rescuer has been denied an extension of time to get in compliance with state regulations.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture sent a letter to Tiger Ridge Exotics off Fremont Pike in Stony Ridge last week with a 10-day ultimatum to either surrender the animals to the state or the animals will be seized and owner Kenny Hetrick will face charges in Perrysburg Municipal Court.

Mr. Hetrick has not obtained a permit as required by an exotic animal law enacted in 2012. He has six tigers and a black leopard, which are considered endangered animals; two lions, a Kodiak brown bear, a liger, a bobcat, and a wolf hybrid.

RELATED ARTICLE: State may close exotic animal refuge

Andrew Schuman, a Bowling Green attorney representing Mr. Hetrick, asked Kyle Silvers, the special prosecutor from Toledo-based Shindler, Neff, Holmes, Worline & Mohler, for an extension, but said he was told “they’d been working with him for too long.”

“It’s not that [Mr. Hetrick] doesn’t want to comply, it’s just a question of money,” Mr. Schuman said. “I can’t stop them from filing a complaint against him in court. If it comes to that, we’ll defend it.”

Mr. Schuman is the former special prosecutor for the Wood County Humane Society, a title Ms. Silvers now holds. He said he has visited Tiger Ridge with his family several times since about 2006 and offered to take the case. [BLOGGERS NOTE: Animal Rights special prosecutor hired by the state-All this costing the taxpayer even more money-The penitentiary for exotic animals already cost the Ohio taxpayers millions and will destroy an old mans life-Anyone living in Ohio should be alarmed by this as the purpose for the new law is based on could be rather than fact-an outrageous presumption and the law protects no one.]

Mr. Hetrick said he is working to complete the permit application now and send it in with the $1,000 fee.

Tiger Ridge is not an accredited sanctuary with the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, so it is not exempt from the law. Mr. Hetrick said he cannot afford many of the state’s stipulations, such as increased fencing and a $500,000 insurance policy. [BLOGGERS NOTE: The law is discriminating]

“I’m trying to get into compliance with what they want,” he said. “I’m doing all I can do.”

Word of his situation has spread, and people nationwide have contacted him. Two online fund-raisers, two Facebook pages, and an online petition are supporting him, as are many individuals. He estimated people have raised several thousand dollars on his behalf.


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Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B


~ by topcatsroar on October 18, 2014.

7 Responses to “ZOO WARS~Please Sigh the Petition and SHARE WILDLY!!!~Tell Ohio’s Governor to Stop This Action Against A Private Exotic Animal Owner~Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorists Nazi Commandos In Action”

  1. Ohio’s Gov. Kasich just doesn’t care. He didn’t listen to us, he doesn’t listen to anyone. He throws people out of town meetings when they try to oppose him. He won’t make appointments with constituents and he doesn’t listen to what anybody says. I wish you all the luck to get this turned around. Heaven knows this man’s legal rights are being taken away not to mention his beloved animals.

    • But this is exactly why I wrote this post-The average Joe Blow Taxpayer doesn’t know and certainly would never have approved a penitentiary for animals. Do they even know they could have created a voter referendum to stop this action and get it on the ballot for a vote!!! All these animal cruelty laws and bans were created by Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorists and the more we share and send it to go viral. We need to sign petitions to stop the fraud from such places like Carole Baskin’s Big Cat Rescue who is using money collected for animal care to promote a ban on ownership to provide her with a bigger audience to collect more donations so she and her husband will be able to collect even bigger salaries than they receive now. That place built on property not fit for animals and people to visit…
      What’s not on this petition is that if they do take those animals it will cost the taxpayer even more money when Mr. Hetrick files suit against the state for a discriminating law that criminalizes him and allows the government to come on his private farm property for the purpose of stealing his valuable animals. Kasich does not control the federal court from siding with Mr. Hetrick!!! Kasich doesn’t own the voters who will NOT want this man for another term for wasting tax payer money and stealing property from members of their community!!! -B

  2. So what I want to know is which big cat rescue’ is going to be “helping” the government agency with the seizure if it happens? I want to know who it is so that I can send the seizure questionnaire to them, and also the accountability and transparency questionnaire for designated donations and see if they will fill them out.

    This appears to be another power-play, egos being exercised, and “fixing something that isn’t broken” at the expense of the animals it will harm, and perhaps even kill……and that is not even speaking too tearing animals away from their FAMILY…….criminal is what it is, but if there is a “rescue” involved somewhere in this mess, we may be able to expose their scam……

    • Oh there will be plenty involved!!! But likely the government will com in for the actual seizure with employees from the Columbus Zoo (maybe even Jack Hanna himself-after all he’s a media hound and you better believe the media will be there for this-Question is will the media take part by trespassing onto private property for their photo op and would actually depend if Mr. Hetrick invites them in to get the footage for possible suit to be filed against this government action to STEAL his animals!?!
      I suggest if you are interested in learning more about sanctuaries and their so called ‘rescues’/rehoming; go to Global Foundation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) in the United States and get those questionnaires to them!!! I will HAPPILY publish the results IF you get any of them back!!! Most are livestock ‘facilities’ which I know will be of special interest to you so, is a great place to start. Included should be Black Pine Animal Sanctuary which is NOT GFAS but claims to ‘rescue’ among the list of places who should receive them.
      How about if you also include the honest facilities that are not GFAS while you are at it like GW Exotic Animal Park-for honest answers to compare with the ones that will not be honest or unlikely to even return that questionnaire. Did you know all zoos stake a claim to ‘animal rescue’ from time to time but not major players in the scheme of things. Main player with this seizure would likely be Black Beauty Ranch in Texas (HSUS) -This one would likely bring in too much bad press for most of them-we wouldn’t want that now would we?!? [Note: Did you know that new law states that the private owner can not designate who will receive his animals even though he will always remain their rightful owner?!?
      The government has no interest in animals yet it has created illegal unconstitutional laws to take animals away from their rightful owners to give them away to private citizens disguised as ‘animal rescuers’ who are not experts with exotic animals. To qualify to become accredited as a GFAS sanctuary doesn’t take any actual expertise-It’s how much money you have to hand over and your willingness to work within the parameters of their rules (HSUS rules as GFAS is HSUS)-hummmmm, sounds like a blog post in and of itself doesn’t it!?! Wait, I think I may have already touched on this subject-I wonder how many were actually listening?!?-HA! -B

  3. Yep, we know all about the GFAS……quite interesting when you look at the people who were in at the ground floor when they started that mostly bogus accreditation ‘program’ that you are correct when you write it doesn’t have much to do with experience and/or expertise with animals and more to do with having a “pretty place” that plays well to the people who are into superficial and material things, and if an animal can’t be made “pretty” or “well” they are simply KILLED but of course, “it’s with a heavy heart” and then the killers go on to convince their enabler followers who only like to see “good things” and animals ALWAYS recovering when that is simply unrealistic, but just because animals often do not “get well”, it doesn’t mean they’d rather be dead than perhaps look not very good, but these non-animal lovers who have often seized animals, gotten in thousands of dollars in “sympathy/pity” donations from kind-hearted, but naïve people, and then when their donation-value is exhausted, they kill the animal………yeah, that’s what I call rescue….. NOT!

    I’ll PM you my phone # because we should formulate a plan for getting those questionnaires circulating which will expose the swindler ‘rescues’ and separate them from the people who have rescues who really do want to help, and often don’t have the nicer places because they work in real jobs and spend their hard earned money taking care of animals themselves and NOT using donation money to live off of, and because the swindler rescues are fabulous at show-boating, using social media to do “country club rescuing”, and have no qualms regarding embellishing, lying, trashing and ruining people, etc in their quest of not so much an “open door policy” (at the rescue) but instead, the “open hand policy” of “gimme, gimme, gimme more free donation money”, $$$ IS their bottom line so they don’t have to work at real jobs to support their ‘rescue’……

    THAT is also why those rescues have the revolving door of followers because some people aren’t as naïve and stupid as these ‘rescues’ think they are, and some do begin to notice its always about manufacturing a crisis like a seizure, or buying horses from the auction, paying well above kill price, but they still call the horse a ‘rescue’ even though they were bidding against other rescues for the horse worth some money on flipping, so they are constantly asking for donations.
    The questionnaires in circulation would be another nail in their coffins regarding exposing their misappropriation of donations, their failure to be transparent, their failure to present evidence of their EXPERIENCE and EXPERTISE with the types of animals they ‘rescue’, and often kill or “disappear” to who-knows-where, and also their collusion with their veterinarians where “one hand washes the other” in terms of the vet getting more and more clients since their favorite rescue uses that vet, but the public hardly every sees vet reports, necropsy reports, etc because no vet that values their licensing will go that far as to lie about WHY an animal was “put down” and put it out there for public scrutiny and possible investigation for fraud, lying, etc…

  4. I can’t find out why they took the animals in the first place. Abuse, neglect, starvation, WHAT? If it was “regulations” based, it was cruel to pull them animals on a maybe case. They should have been left in their cages, guards working for the state to monitor the place 24/7 until the mess could be brought in front of a judge, and then, if needed, move the animals. The animals were not thought of first. This move was probably done needlessly. So sad.

    • It began with a hurricane a little over a year earlier and the first relocation didn’t work out-A search for property began and once found had an attorney go to the county commissioners with the types of animals involved to be moving there-Said there wouldn’t be an issue so the property was purchased. The animals were registered with the state so registration was not the issue either. It became an issue once the first call was placed from Wisconsin by another animal sanctuary (WBCR) and the very same place had family living a mile down the road…Kind of curious from the get go you might say when the invasion onto our private farm property began they were asking about my association with WBCR-there was none…They were in contact with each other and then advised of the kind of animals we had with approximate ages…A few weeks later they left with 6 of the big cats-the youngest and most expensive of them-leaving the older ones behind…
      The DA stated in the media all he wanted was the cats gone in a county that allows the animals (there are bears residing in the same county to this day who did nothing but spread the word (common gossip) about the animal seizure even before it ever happened, too bad he couldn’t call us and advise us what was going on after all, he recommend the area-HA!
      The county commissioners said there wouldn’t be a problem…The enclosures were going up and exceeded the requirements of the state with twice the security required as well. We were caught in the grip of ice, snow and extreme weather for the first few weeks of arrival so animals were placed in an emergency situation where the most fragile to climate conditions were moved to the warmest trailer out of their bigger cages…the very same cages they totted off with that were not listed on the warrant to take.
      THREE days of warrantless searches-there was no emergency situation at all for any animals or any reason to do any of it…More than 2 decades of experience and an animal educator-
      The case went thru two court proceedings and unknown to us, neither court had jurisdiction to hear those cases by government code which is the constitution of the state of Texas-The entire animal seizure was a sham…Protected Civil Liberties are at issue, not the animal seizure and the case is now going to the Supreme Court for hearing although I suspect justice in this country will NOT be served…and from the looks of it, we’ll prove that.
      Not a single animal was starved or abused or even in need of emergency vet care -THREE days of warrantless searches and not a single animals removed for any reason…Yet 1/3 of the animals were slaughtered in the next few days without permission of the judge, no medical testing or from us, the actual owners of the animals. WEEKS later animals began to die-You can not blame the owner under those circumstance-no treatment was required -they were boarded at a vets office for crying out loud-No special treatment until they got sick in her care with treatment begun after it was too late so they died-tried to blame us but the necropsies showed no disease…The vet in capable of caring for them NOT the owner!!!
      The warrant didn’t state why they were seizing the animals and occurred within weeks of relocation there. So you figure it out and figure out what justified the cases being in the wrong courts-Their judgments are void and reckless that the federal courts neglected their OBLIGATION to vacate judgments when there was no jurisdiction.
      These current cases are NOT about any animal cruelty issue -Strictly based in the PROTECTED Civil Liberty abuse at the hands of the law and the judicial system of the lower courts -we do not seek for any judgment to be changed -You can’t change a void judgment and they all know that…
      I hope that provides you with enough information on the case to sign our petition to hear this case. TY -B [see blog post entitled “You See People~I see MONSTERS” for more information]

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