Police Officers Receive Training on How to Spot a CRIME By the ASPCA-HUH?!?

Don’t even try to tell me this post is a bit radical-A bit radical is when private citizens claim to be the experts and the state police have them come in to train them on how to spot the signs of dogfighting. This is so absurd after following the link at the bottom, you puke in your mouth -just a little of course. These private citizens want to put an end to certain breeds of dogs (BSL) and an end to all animal ownership. These private citizens settled with the Feld Corp for issues of RICO and our government has not made a single arrest for their ‘mob mentality’. But you sure as Hell can bet your bottom dollar there will be an arrest for ‘suspect’ of dogfighting and when they can’t make that charge stick, then they will charge them with animal cruelty-


Gee, I hope they realize that the accused has to be caught ‘in the act’ for there to be a charge of a criminal offense after what the ASPCA ‘taught’ them…

Fictional Scenario and yet, quite probable-possibly has happened that someone or some animal is shot and killed by an overly zealous police officer-No reasonable person would do this but, this police officer has been prepped and hyped up by an Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorist Nazi Commander and Chief-Furthermore, he’s been told not only about dogfighting but the ‘tail, tail signs’ (intentional pun) of animal cruelty so it must exist and of course if you can’t charge someone for dogfighting (no one witnessed actual dogfighting); they are taught to fall back on charges of animal cruelty of course… The ASPCA, as ALL other Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorists NAZI organizations, believes that ownership means abuse and pit bull dogs simply a causality of the war [note: the ASPCA promotes Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) and lobbys for legislative laws with money collected for animal care note: Where HSUS left off, the ASPCA has taken over your TV lately with their commercials of the sad animals IN THEIR CARE!!!] against animal ownership:

Suppose a police office after receiving his ASPCA ‘training’ now goes out on patrol and then drives into a local quiet neighborhood. He spots a pit bull dog, or what he ‘suspects’ is a pit bull dog, outside on a chain. The tires on his squad car come to a screeching halt. The man grabs the radio and reports to headquarters-“We got ourselves one Boss. I’m calling for back up and going in! -Dog on a chain”

With guns drawn, this officer heads up the path to the door. Does he ring the door bell-oh Hell no, he bashes the door in. Meanwhile little Johnny was watching Sesame Street in the living room, mom is in the kitchen making dinner and dad’s not home from work yet. “Hands up” yells the policeman, “Everyone down on the floor.” But little Johnny is scared and goes running to his mom in the kitchen. The sound of the gun is heard; Johnny now falls to the floor. Mom goes screaming out of the kitchen as the policeman grabs her and throws her down to the floor, after all, the ASPCA said the dog outside on a chain is suspect of a dogfighting ring, this woman must be in charge. Johnny lays lifeless as he’s been shot -little Johnny never regains consciousness.

Yep, he got himself one alright-Trained by the ASPCA to spot a dogfighter. But that’s not the end of it-oh Hell no…About then, Dad returns home from work and sees the squad car parked in his driveway. He comes rushing in his home to see what’s wrong calling to his wife. Once again the policeman fires his gun so both little Johnny and his dad are now lying in the middle of the living room floor in a puddle of blood. The only sound you hear is coming from the TV-“Rubber Ducky, your the one, you make bath time…”

Nope the ASPCA denies total responsibility for this yet they instigated this, called themselves the ‘experts on dogfighting’ but no dog was fighting! Only the presence of a dog tied to a tree on a chain, chewing his bone and lying next to a blue barrel that was provided for a dog house (opps, another sign of a dogfighter, blue barrel dog house, according to the ASPCA ‘expert’)

The problem here is they decide that the presence of a dog on a chain lying next to a blue barrel had to be a dogfighter and when it wasn’t; therefore, could/would turn it into an animal cruelty case, the survivor now goes to jail, even though she lost her entire family, the police officer gets his immunity granted; after  all, he was trained by the ASPCA ‘expert’, with the wife now found guilty of animal cruelty when there was no instance of animal cruelty or dogfighting in the first place.

Think it not possible-not only is this possible but as stupid as it sounds -and agreed it sounds really stupid, people charged with dogfighting and/or animal cruelty are subjected to policemen with guns (assault riffles are not uncommon in these instances) and a police officer who is armed and dangerous can and does often use force on his suspect. How many illegal/legal dog kills or children are becoming a causality of the war against animal ownership do you have to read about before you decide that “Wait a minute there’s something wrong with this picture!” Children taken away from their parents in these cases of ‘animal cruelty’ this can not be right!!! -Where’s the evidence?!? They claim that a messy house and/or dirty dishes in the sink indicates animal cruelty, tartar presence on teeth, worms, skin infection, ear mites, long toe nails, etc is all now a sign of animal cruelty-really?!? REALLY!!!

So what started as ‘suspect of dogfighting’ is now a full blown cruelty case and no one admitting they were wrong; had to press charges of something or other…Most these cases are false -FAKE charges of animal cruelty…Just the presence of more than a couple of animals makes a person an animal hoarder-and is considered a crime these days -If hoarding animals is a crime then collections of anything could also be considered a crime if-that’s IF someone else is interested in gaining control over the property that another person owns…

No one has asked a single question about a persons PROTECTED CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS that is provided to all US citizens-US citizens are asked to protect our freedom at all costs and look how easily the agenda of the Animal Rights Extremist-now TERRORIST  Nazi can take it away based on the ‘evidence’ of dirty teeth, long toe nails, a skin infection-what have you, when no actual crime was ever committed.

They always claim that the presence of mud after a huge rainstorm is now an animal wallowing in filth-seriously?!? SERIOUSLY!!! Statements with the wild outrageous use of descriptive words of what a picture-A PICTURE admitted into evidence-is the evidence-EVIDENCE- and the judge told what he’s suppose to see in that PICTURE to base his judgment on-seriously?!?-SERIOUSLY!!!

In the courtroom, Protected Constitutional Rights are objected to-seriously?!? SERIOUSLY!!! The warrant, if there was a warrant; defective yet, no matter, none of this is allowed to be brought up in court…The person charged is now forced to prove he wasn’t cruel and to explain the dirty teeth, prove the mud was not feces because they claimed it and showed the court a picture so it must be true, to explain why there were dirty dishes in the sink, explain why appliances were on a counter…but there’s really no defense for such claims when the evidence was a picture and a vet report and the vet claiming themselves an ‘expert’ as they were told to do by the ASPCA (or other Animal Rights Extremist organization that did the training) with the judge told what he’s looking at in testimony-seriously?!? SERIOUSLY!!!

So now I come across an article about the training the police are receiving from you know who-the ASPCA and could have easily been HSUS or even PETA or some other Animal Rights Extremist organization with members claiming to be the ‘experts’ when in truth, are NOT yet, they are doing this training.

Now maybe the tale is a bit over board and far fetched but after all the cases I’ve read and continue to see in the media including the less advertised by the media court cases, all of it conceivable and much of it happening as the police invade our homes and take property and issue citations or simply haul innocent people to jail. Including a federal bankruptcy judge giving these so called ‘experts’ an order to go into a persons private residence and take their property and then the ordascity of the court to award these private citizens (now calling themselves ‘rescuers’) the animals -they very people who made the claim of cruelty-Has occurred as reported on this blog last month-Even a federal judge forgot that a citizen has PROTECTED CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS…a private citizen was in bankruptcy court, not a court even allowed to charge a person with animal cruelty, thus less to issue an order for private citizens whose only credentials are that of a NFP IRS clearance -I think we are a bit pushed when a persons life is less important than the life of an animal. The animal, has no protected constitutional rights has no protected rights but the US citizen does and totally ignored because he was alleged to be cruel to animals when he was not and can’t or isn’t allowed to prove his innocence against the ridiculous claim of cruelty and now a priority for the FBI-seriously?!? -I kid you not!!!!-SERIOUSLY!!!

To claim animal fighting they must witness the incident and NOT claim that because a person owns a pit bull, has more than one of these dogs or breeding these dogs, selling these dogs, etc before any such claim can be imposed on a person who has PROTECTED CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS as alleged dogfighter.


“Well, if past experience is any indication, then VT is going to start hearing about cases of “dogfighting” every week in the newspaper or on the TV and just all over. All these “officers” who know NOTHING about animal behavior or animal health are going to be finding “dogfighters” under every front porch and at every dog park they see. The people that live in VT are about to find out just how fast the cops can manufacture charges. People have been charged in other states with “dogfighting” just simply for having dogs in the back seat of their car. Have fun, VT, because when the State finds out how much money they can get using accusations of “dogfighting” none of you are going to be safe. Oh, sure, they’ll go after 1 or 2 sensational cases to set the precedent, they always do. But, by then they will be addicted to the eradication of “dogfighting” in the same exact way in which other states are addicted to exposing supposed and unproven “animal hoarding”.” -Michelle Adams


Vt. officers learn to spot the signs of dogfighting


Canine sports drinks, performance enhancing drugs and painkillers: Dog fighting paraphernalia for an illegal sport that law enforcement says is happening more and more in Vermont.

“It’s popping up here and there, whereas maybe a year ago we didn’t even have, you know, one a month,” said Ofc. Milicia Lynds of the Fair Haven Police Dept.

Lynds and 29 other law enforcement and animal control officers took a class Friday on how to investigate dogfighting. It was held at the Vermont Police Academy in Pittsford. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals organized the class.

“Dogfighting is probably one of the most brutal forms of animal abuse,” said Terry Mills of the ASPCA.

Dogfighting is illegal in Vermont, with a possible sentence of up to one year, if convicted.

The ASPCA says the origins of dogfighting date back to the 1750s. Professional pit bulls are trained, much like human boxers, for a big fight. They are placed in a pit and at some point, one of the dogs can’t scratch anymore and the other is declared the winner. The fights can be held in the basements of houses or abandoned buildings.

“The dogs themselves lead a very solitary life, on a chain, for the most part, except when they’re being trained for a fight or actually fighting,” Mills said.

Despite organizations like the ASPCA educating people about the dangers of dogfighting, enthusiasts continue to participate in the illegal sport.

“It’s all about money and egos,” Mills said.

The ASPCA says they have seen fights around the country where the buy-in is $25,000– and all the way up to half a million dollars.

Vermont State Police have made 37 arrests since 2010 for animal cruelty, although those are not broken down specifically for dogfighting.

Recent cases like a Bennington man, who prosecutors say they suspect of dogfighting, have put the spotlight on the activity for Vermont State Police. They asked the ASPCA to come hold the class Friday to further educate officers on how to recognize the crime.*

“On a traffic stop, what to look for, if there’s something in a vehicle, if you’re in somebody’s home and you see the treadmill, you see the blood marks on the walls. You know, things to look for,” Lynds said.

The ASPCA emphasizes that those who are involved in dogfighting may be who you least suspect. They say they’ve busted firefighters, teachers and even veterinarians.


*So at the request of the state police they asked private citizens associated with and Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorist organization to hold a class to further educate officers on how to SUSPECT a crime-HUH!?! Of course it doesn’t say that the ASPCA advertises themselves as the ‘experts’ -now on ‘crime’ over and above officer training and offers these classes for free. What BULLSHIT!!! ALL Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorists Nazi organizations offer this…

BLOGGERS NOTE: Go here: http://www.aspca.org/fight-cruelty/dog-fighting to read the propaganda put out by the ASPCA…There are numerous links but be warned-it’s a form of Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorist BRAINWASHING all leading to Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) against dogs that these private citizens who claim to be the ‘experts’, who aren’t, deem specific breeds to be aggressive in their behavior and claim should be banned-I am against any ban on animal ownership, support breeders in their choice to love a specific breed and their choice to become an animal breeder.

Say NO to Bans on animal ownership!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on October 14, 2014.

2 Responses to “Police Officers Receive Training on How to Spot a CRIME By the ASPCA-HUH?!?”

  1. What are the signs of “dog fighting”? Having a washtub, vet supplies and a treadmill. If you are an animal rescuer and you want your dogs to be clean, or are giving medication, or are trying to lose weight using a treadmill, you are now considered a “dog fighter.” Nice.

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