ZOO WARS~US Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorist Nazi Comandos in Action

Mr. Hetrick has PROTECTED CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS that are being abused by the new law-No owner can be/should be forced to give up their animals and no government as the right to take away someone’s property based on the creation of a new law that is DISCRIMINATING.

They have built a penitentiary in Reynoldsburg that cost the tax payers in Ohio plenty-MILLIONS!!!-for animals?!?…property?!?-huh?!?…Animals have no rights but people do…and it’s within Mr. Hetrick’s PROTECTED Constitutional Rights to continue to own his animals and not have VALUABLE property taken from him by the government. -A witch-hunt approved by the government and enforced by the government -the government has no interest in animals and certainly not Mr. Hetrick’s!!! They promise to locate a good home for his animals as if he asked or as if those animals have no value when he didn’t and the animals are of great value. Furthermore, the approved list is contaminated with Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorists that are merely a front for the collection of donations.

Help stop this action from occurring and protect YOUR constitutional rights before they decide you can’t own YOUR property/animals with those constitutional rights being taken by Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorist Nazi Commandos which is exactly what they are.

The new laws were created and approved by Jack Hanna, Big Cat Rescue (BCR-Carole Baskin), Tim Harrison, GFAS and HSUS participation and approval-These are NOT experts but are private citizens who stake a claim that they are. In fact, Carole Baskin shouldn’t have a facility on that property or own any big cats. Go here and find out just how illegal Baskin has operated for years- https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/10/10/zoo-warsinvestigative-reportbig-cat-rescuecarole-baskin-lives-for-the-power-and-bragging-rights/

If they can take exotics then they can take domestics and livestock animals just as easily as they created the new law against the exotic animal owner. HOWEVER, the way this law is written, they already can and it’s just a matter of time before they do…Good luck with that Ohio-Be sure to thank your Livestock Association for that…When they are forced and start screaming bloody murder there will be no one left listening and they have done nothing to help fight this bad law-instead they flipped on exotic animal ownership.



State may close down sanctuary for not following rules on exotics

STONY RIDGE, Ohio — A Stony Ridge animal sanctuary is in danger of being shut down by the state for noncompliance with state exotic animal laws.

“It’s going to ruin my whole life,” said Kenny Hetrick, owner of Tiger Ridge Exotics. “This is all I know.”

Mr. Hetrick, 69, received a letter Thursday from a special prosecutor on behalf of the Ohio Department of Agriculture. The letter gives him 10 business days to voluntarily surrender his animals to the state or face criminal or civil charges in Perrysburg Municipal Court and have his animals seized by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

He began rescuing exotic animals when he was 23 and said he has maintained a license with the U.S. Department of Agriculture with no violations. He has had as many as 30 animals on the five-acre property along Fremont Pike, but is down to six tigers and a black leopard, which are considered endangered animals, as well as two lions, a Kodiak brown bear, a liger, and a bobcat. His wolf hybrid is not included in the exotic animal law.

“Every animal I have has been rescued from somebody that didn’t want them,” he said.

Four of the tigers are former mascots of Massillon Washington High School, a school in Massillon that gets a new Bengal tiger cub each year to travel with the team and greet fans during the football season. Brian Pachis, assistant athletic director, said the tradition of having a live tiger cub mascot extends back several decades.

“We normally get them in early August and keep them just through the football season,” he said.

Ohio’s new exotic animal law was enacted in 2012 after dozens of big cats, bears, wolves, and primates were set loose by their owner, Terry Thompson, near Zanesville in 2011. He committed suicide after releasing the animals. Many of the animals were shot and killed by law enforcement.

PDF: Letter from the state to Mr. Hetrick

The law prohibits ownership of many exotic animals but allows those who possessed them before Jan. 1 this year to get permits for them. The dangerous wild animal permit application was to have been submitted by Dec. 31, 2013.

Groups such as zoos, accredited sanctuaries, and educational facilities that have a single animal as a mascot are exempt.

Erica Hawkins, communications director for the Ohio Department of Agriculture, said Tiger Ridge Exotics is not exempt because it is not accredited through the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. She said Mr. Hetrick had received a number of notices regarding his animals, and a state inspector who visited the property to talk with Mr. Hetrick was refused entry.

11n7tiger Obie is one of six tigers at the sanctuary, which has housed up to 30 animals. It now has only the tigers, a leopard, two lions, a Kodiak bear, a liger, a bobcat, and a wolf hybrid.
Obie is one of six tigers at the sanctuary, which has housed up to 30 animals. It now has only the tigers, a leopard, two lions, a Kodiak bear, a liger, a bobcat, and a wolf hybrid. – THE BLADE/ANDY MORRISON 

“Referring cases for prosecution is the last in a long line of steps we try to take with owners to get them into compliance with the law,” she said. “It’s not a step we want to resort to.”

Kyle Silvers, the special prosecutor from Toledo-based law firm Shindler, Neff, Holmes, Worline & Mohler, said charges could be filed as soon as Oct. 23 in Perrysburg Municipal Court if Mr. Hetrick does not surrender the animals, and the state would have the authority to confiscate them at that time.

Mr. Hetrick said he cannot afford to comply with many of the state’s new regulations in order to get a permit. He said he would be required to replace 3,200 feet of fencing with a stronger gauge fence, construct concrete barriers to prevent animals from digging under fences, and sterilize and microchip every animal. He would need to obtain a $500,000 insurance policy, and the permit itself would also cost him $1,000.

“I’m not a millionaire,” he said.

He receives donations to help care for his animals, and area farmers will give him horses and cattle that need to be put down and can then be butchered for meat to feed the exotics.

Obie_2.jpg Obie XXXXII puts on a happy face for the students of Smith Elementary School as the Obie Crew makes stops at all the elementary school during Massillon McKinley Week.
Obie XXXXII puts on a happy face for the students of Smith Elementary School as the Obie Crew makes stops at all the elementary school during Massillon McKinley Week. – Independent/GLENN B. DETTMAN 
Mr. Hetrick said most of the animals in his care are elderly. He has stopped accepting new animals and will be out of the rescue business when those he has now die.

“We’re probably talking five years and I won’t have anything here,” he said. “Give me five years and let them live their lives out. They’re happy here.”

Mr. Hetrick is searching for an attorney to file an injunction to prevent the state from seizing his animals. He said other sanctuaries and rescues are full and fears the state will kill all of them.

Mrs. Hawkins said the state has already begun contacting sanctuaries across the county to find space for Mr. Hetrick’s animals. In the interim, they would be kept in a holding facility in Reynoldsburg that was built specifically for enforcing the new exotic animal law.

“We have not euthanized any animals,” she said. “We’ve rehomed 30-some dangerous wild animals in the last couple of years. Sometimes it takes time, but we’ve found homes for everybody.”

An animal would only be killed for medical reasons, she added.

Contact Alexandra Mester: amester@theblade.com, 419-724-6066, or on Twitter @AlexMesterBlade.


Now if you believe that last statement from Mrs. Hawkins; then you must still believe in the tooth fairy. How many so called ‘rescues’  have you read?!? Well, you better start reading!!! Furthermore, moving an older animal causes a great deal of stress with a very low chance that the animals will survive the relocation or will have live as ling as they might have due to the additional stress imposed on them being taken away from their rightful owner.

This new law is indeed wrong on so many levels I was surprised to see so many owners having surrendered their animals and worse yet, sending any animal to Big Cat Rescue (BCR-Carole Baskin) or any GFAS facility (HSUS facility) is a death sentence from the get go. Animals that are normally handled and receive intimate contact with their care all their lives with their owner such as Hetrick’s animals; would be cut off from any contact what-so-ever and Baskin who promoted this law wouldn’t take all the big cats…even if she would, who in their right mind would want her to?!?

Stand your ground Mr. Hetrick If they can do this to you then they can do this to anyone at anytime for any animal.

Letter from the state to Mr. Hetrick: http://www.toledoblade.com/attachment/2014/10/11/Letter-from-state-to-Hetrick.pdf

Link of interest: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/10/10/zoo-warsinvestigative-reportbig-cat-rescuecarole-baskin-lives-for-the-power-and-bragging-rights/

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B



~ by topcatsroar on October 12, 2014.

9 Responses to “ZOO WARS~US Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorist Nazi Comandos in Action”

  1. thank you for writing this, my dad has done nothing wrong but fight to keep his animals. its unfair and unjust. and just heartbreaking, please help us fight for ohio animal owners, we are the first but we won’t be the last. this is just the beginning of another massacre on a much larger scale.

    • Sad day when our government is once again supporting these witch hunts to take property away from a private owner…Our government is actually support an Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorist groups that have demonstrated they will say and do anything to support their agenda-They are a minority of people who have people believing that these kinds of laws are necessary for public protection when in fact these kinds of laws were written with the intent to do harm including taking property, arrest, press criminal charges and destroying a persons life and right to live as a person knows it.
      I hope you dad is able to get an injunction to prevent his action and file suit against this, everyone who created this ‘law’ and everyone acting in a conspiracy with the intent to take valuable property and then give that property, the animals, to a NFP under the guise of color of law!!!
      Stay well and keep your dad and his animals safe from the hands of the Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorist Nazi Commandos!!! -B

  2. “Referring cases for prosecution is the last in a long line of steps we try to take with owners to get them into compliance with the law,” she said. “It’s not a step we want to resort to.” -Only problem with that is, since December it’s now too late to comply. So what “steps” do they take now? Anything short of seizing animals and putting them in the new animal prison would be a violation of their own law.

  3. I just want to correct your erroneous statement that animals have no rights. They do, and they should. Farm animals and pets, as well as wild animals all have the right to live in a safe and healthy environment, free from abuse. That’s why animal neglect and abuse are punishable crimes. I have no idea whether Mr. Herrick is providing these things, but I assume that he is.

    From what I can tell, the state’s argument is mostly to keep the community safe, which you didn’t address at all. Do Mr. Herrick’s rights supersede those of the community he lives in?

    If you want to convince people to help, you’re going to have to do a better job providing facts. The state absolutely has both a right and an obligation to care for the safety of the community, even at the expense of individuals. That’s not even up for argument. So WHY are they wrong? Facts, please.

    • You can not create a law that 1) infringes on protected constitutional rights, period, 2) just because you suspect it might harm the community when there has been no harm done to the community (and actually just the opposite-just saying) by Mr. Hetrick or his animals. Just because you suspect someone of murdering another that does not mean he did it-in this country we are ALL innocent until proven guilty-so prove it-What harm does or has it done to the community for him to be there with his animals and to provide a service to the community-NONE!!!
      The worst part about that new law is the discrimination and GFAS facilities in general are a joke, especially in comparison to what some people provide in private facilities for their animals.
      No you are not going to be protected in your community with this new law-You are more likely to be bitten by a neighbors dog than to have an encounter with any of Mr. Hetricks animals. Caged and contained animals do not present any eminent danger of anything!!! -B

      • How’s this for an approved place to send Mr. Hetrick’s animals: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/10/10/zoo-warsinvestigative-reportbig-cat-rescuecarole-baskin-lives-for-the-power-and-bragging-rights/
        I think ‘my favorite part about that law’ (NOT) is animals are to be sent OUT of Ohio, if they make it that far that is, to places like that or otherwise. Once you take a good look at these places that is,-sight unseen, no great investigation into intended facility, by Ohio authorities, and then claim the animals will be transported properly and well cared for; this is an outright LIE!!!
        As a member of the community, as you so put it, have an obligation to make certain that your government is working FOR you and not against you or any member in your community as it appears Ohio is currently doing!!!
        That enough for you?!? -B

      • I looking over your comment you start right off the animals have rights-No, animals do not have rights. Animals are dependent on the person who takes care of them to properly provide thus it’s called animal welfare and the new Ohio law has absolutely nothing to do with animal welfare and has everything to d with he Animal Rights Extremist to get rid of ALL animal usage…including but not limited to domestic animals (pets), exotic animals, and farm animals and at the same time are promoting a vegan lifestyle. Once they have accomplished one of their goals they move right along to the next. The exotic animal owner has been the easiest to attack and there are much fewer people owning and breeding now. What right does any government have to impose a breeding law on animals?!? That’s part of their new law in Ohio-yeah, that really protects you and your community as you so put it-NOT!!!
        Start concerning yourself with the real issues that demonstrates that your government is not concerned about YOU and your community with an Ebola outbreak now in this country. Already demonstrating that the hospitals and natural order of things, can NOT contain it. And it won’t be long before you are more likely to be in contact with that virus than you are apt to come in contact with a tiger. You really think the government cares about you and your community?!? Then why is their no vaccine?!? http://www.westernjournalism.com/u-s-government-patented-ebola/

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  5. […] Links of interest: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/10/12/zoo-warsus-animal-rights-extremistterrorist-nazi-comando… […]

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