Business Fails Without it’s Animals

OMG!!! This is just so upsetting to see a headline like this one!!! My late husband always held this show in high esteem. No show can simply change it’s venue from what it’s known for and survive!!! Would be like a musical on Broadway with no singers…There really is a small minority of people pushing these laws…It’s time to take action before we loose everything we hold dear!!! Animal people interested in animal welfare out number the Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorists but we remain silent while they take the lead, from their couch, at being vocal.

Take a time out from your social media or whatever it is that you enjoy doing and become vocal before they get what they want-An end of all animal ownership…Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorists don’t care about animals-many can’t stand them-some too stupid to realize that what they want will effect them-after all, most of them are extreme vegans; many don’t have or care for any animals yet president and founder of some stinking little humane society in some stinking little podunk town possibly in Texas…Yeah, big fish in a small pond…getting away with slaughtering and murdering animals and calling it a rescue-Really, that’s animal rescue?!?


It’s Curtains for the World’s Oldest Touring Circus After Mexico Passes Animal Law

The world’s oldest continually touring circus called curtains on itself — for good — in rather anticlimactic fashion Sunday in Mexico City.

The Atayde Hermanos circus, founded in 1888 and playing to audiences all over Mexico ever since, shut down abruptly with a final performance that was only announced that very morning. The closure happened one month sooner than planned, in response to dwindling revenues and shrinking audiences after a citywide ban on the use of animals in circus acts was approved in June.

Opinions were divided over the law, with circus performers protesting in the streets, while animal rights groups welcomed the measure as a progressive step toward eliminating animal cruelty in Mexico — although other espectáculos públicos, such as bullfighting, are still legal.

The final Atayde Hermanos show took place Sunday at 8pm under a big top off a major thoroughfare in Colonia Portales, a lower middle-class district of Mexico City, 126 years after the first performances in Mexico.

According to Guinness World Records, the Atayde Brothers is the world’s oldest touring circus — although VICE News couldn’t confirm how long that listing will remain valid after this week. Originally, the Atayde circus planned to run its performances in Colonia Portales through October, but circus leaders said government propaganda about the new law was affecting ticket sales.


Disclaimer connected to this bog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on October 7, 2014.

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