Texas Animal Owners UNITE by Accepting this CHALLENGE!!!

When was the last time you sent a letter to your state and federal legislatures?!? Was it only to oppose a bad bill?!? Well, that isn’t enough!!! Far from it actually and for anyone residing anywhere near Tyler, Texas; here’s your opportunity to meet Ted Cruz-money well spent in support of David Simpson…then again, many of you have not even objected to bad bills thus less let you state and federal representatives become aware of your views on how you want them to vote on important issues-especially the issue of animal ownership.

The Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorist is ACTIVITELY  using the legislature and the courts to get to the end result of more laws banning or taking animals from their rightful owners. Animals can be victim but with animals as property-You are also a victim of the overstep and over-reach of these illegal and unconstitutional laws both state and federal!!!

If you are a VICTIM of the abuse of the courts and/or the legislature, you should be vocal. It is imperative that you get to know just who is voting for these regulations, statutes and laws that do effect your constitutional right to ownership; then, it is your obligation that your representatives get to know YOU!!! Take a few minutes asking yourself just what do you know about these people who are dependent on hearing from you as to what you WANT and HOW you want them to vote-after all, you voted to put them in office; how much do they know about YOU!?!

OK, you may have important things to do in the course of the day, especially if you have animals but if you don’t know WHO is making decisions on your behalf and more importantly, they don’t know you; then how can you expect them to know what YOU want?!? You can’t and this is where we fall short as US citizens, members of your community and property owners now that the law is concerned with what you do with your property and actual ownership of your property…What about YOUR ANIMALS-after all, they are your property and those animals dependent on you!!!

Example-Local Regulations

If you have 5 dogs and the law states you can only have 4, they can write you a ticket and force you to get rid of one of them. Furthermore, this local law can take one of them because of the state civil cruelty law (TX H&S Code 821) which allows them to do so; not because you were cruel to any animal but because the law states you can only have 4. Some people have had ALL their animals removed permanently, regardless if there was no cruelty but because they broke the law having more than 4 and claiming that the owner was a hoarder or because one of your animals is too skinny so the claim is that you are staving them when, in fact, there is nothing wrong with that animal-he’s just skinny and has free access to plenty of food and water…Been seen by a vet and the weight noted on the chart and following the vets recommendation…Technically, it would then be the vets fault as well but there’s rarely a mention of that or if there is, just how are you to prove that you are following the vets recommendation-you can’t because as a pet owner, you are no required to document your daily care for those animals-YOU and YOU alone will be blamed; then claimed that YOU and YOU alone have committed an act of animal cruelty when in reality, you have not been cruel to any animal or animals as the case maybe because you were not allowed to demonstrate or prove there was no cruelty-Poof, like magic, you loose your PROPERTY, your ANIMALS!!! Consider this an awareness alert…No excuse acceptable for not being informed that this has happened and is happening in almost all states-These animal cruelty laws were created by Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorists who are NOT people interested in the welfare of animals but only interested in animal rights and against ALL animal ownership-Do NOT assume your representative knows this -What you should be assuming is that he doesn’t!!!

This is just one example of the mis-use of the cruelty laws-YOUR animals the victims (as to the claim they were being abused) and YOU the victim of a far reaching regulation…Combined, you are both victims. Technically, you are to be protected against unlawful and unconstitutional regulations-Will cost you plenty to prove and take action. Your representatives have no idea how the regulations and laws are used against you. Hence, the reason to the claim that there is a significant rise of animal cruelty when in fact there is NOT!!!


Start writing your representatives and inform them you are against the government abuse, illegal and unconstitutional laws, statutes and regulations. More importantly, that you expect them to recognize and respect your LEGAL and CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to own your property and to not be subjected to a breach of due process simply to come onto your property with or without a warrant for the purpose of taking your property (your animals).

The problem of the government taking property is becoming more prevalent and there is a rise in animal cruelty cases with the Animal Rights Extremists/Terrorist taking action to support it and supporting inappropriate laws, statutes and regulations. They will (and are) write to the DA and the courts supporting these actions and they will write to their representatives supporting BAD illegal and unconstitutional laws, and asking for more!!! Meanwhile, you have done little to nothing!!!

As animal owners you can no longer sit back and do nothing-TAKE ACTION NOW!!! Start sending out those emails-

OPPORTUNITY TO MEET YOUR REPRESENTATIVE!!!-Will YOU accept my challenge-if not this findraiser then look for one near you…

Meet your representative at a local fund raiser!!! The cost is usually affordable-especially when you consider what is at stake here…

TEXAS-Ted Cruz will be in Tyler, Texas for a fundraiser and BBQ-WOO HOO!!! This is your opportunity for you to meet him and maybe hand him your business card or ask him to please watch for your email. Just maybe you will get to say, I’m an animal owner and would like to have the opportunity to explain to him how the Animal Rights Extremists are terrorists within our boarders and a serious problem. Or how the Animal Rights Extremist is NOT interested in or concerned with animal welfare…or that you donated to one of those extremist organizations and the money is not being used as you believed for animal care; but instead being used to promote legislation that you are against. Seeing you in person at a fundraiser will have a profound effect and likely there will be other representatives there for you to speak with as well.

I can’t think of a better way to spend $30- for my animals and my right to ownership than to have an evening discussing the issues with the promise of good food and a good time-maybe gathering a few friends so that you stay together and act as a group relaxed atmosphere.

Getting our tickets to this event more than 3-4 hours away and challenging my friends and like-minded individuals to join us to know some of the Texas representatives…I think it just might be important to them that we fled the state of Texas and we’re not alone!!!


Thursday, October 16

6:30 to 9:30 p.m.

Harry & Dawn Leatherwood’s Rio Neches Ranch
18654 CR 418, Tyler, Texas 75704

An email from David Simpson

Friends and patriots,

I’m excited to share with you that Sen. Cruz will be joining us in Tyler on Thursday, October 16th for a BBQ at Harry & Dawn Leatherwood’s beautiful Rio Neches Ranch. He’s coming out to support Representatives Matt Schaefer, Bryan Hughes, and me.  We’d love for you to join us!

Event details are below. To RSVP, go to TylerCruzBBQ.com.

It’s going to be a fun event, so come enjoy some great barbecue and a good time with Senator Cruz and many of our friends and neighbors.

This BBQ is also an opportunity for you to support our campaign efforts.  With elections for the House of Representatives every two years, there’s unfortunately no rest from campaigning.  Your contribution will provide us with the resources we need to keep defending the conservative values we all cherish.

You can buy your tickets by clicking here.  If you are able to help even more, you can sign up as a Host for the event, by clicking here.  No contribution is too small. This is our Texas and we’re all in this fight together.

Thank you for your prayers, words of encouragement, and financial support. I consider each true blessings.

For Texas and liberty,

David Simpson
State Representative, District 7
Join us in this meet of 3 Texas state representatives and Ted Cruz!!! Will YOU accept my challenge to attend?!?
Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

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