The FBI is Now Centering Focus on Animal Cruelty Convictions-Ignores Complaints on REAL Terrorists Within

dangerous humans

What’s with this now?!? My world is sure upside down as I’m sure it is for a lot of people!!!

So I tried reporting the illegal taking of my animals WITHOUT conviction and going thru an entire illegal process and no one did a thing about it. The law states INTENTIONAL -Not only was there no Intentional cruelty but there was no UN-Intentional cruelty against a single animal-There was never even a REAL criminal trial concerning criminal conviction for Intentional Animal Cruelty but they kept the animals in spite of the law created to deal with cruelly treated animals and what to do if there is no conviction in Texas. Furthermore, I’m not alone in this standing against the illegal law enforcement and illegal hearings concerning (my) animals. There are literally hundreds of such cases, all of which in one way or another, that are an illegal process that began with the opinion of a private citizen who is NOT an expert and has no authority to step on the property and state their opinion. In Texas the sheriff is responsible for animal control if there is not a trained animal control officer and frankly I can not find a single case where an actual ‘animal cruelty expert’ was called in before the taking of any animals for a non-emergency removal of animals from a private owner; I’m not even sure if an unbiased person even exists. Laws are to be respected and governed by state and US Constitutions, the law is supposed to be pure.

From the second they stepped on my private property after dark on a Sunday night after a neighbor complained of what they ‘thought’ they heard and where they ‘thought’ that sound came from; the process of investigation began and was totally unreasonable, illegal and unconstitutional. There were 3 days of such searches and no animal was immediately removed needing emergency care.

The “complaint”, we were told was anonymous yet such complaint should have been filed properly by the person in Wisconsin who made the first call. The same complaint was then filed “anonymously” by his juvenile cousin in order to be accepted as an actual complain, yet without an affidavit testifying to it, and both calls were made to the local game warden, NOT the sheriff’s office although, later did go to the local sheriff.; after all, the game warden no longer had authority over animals that Texas classifies as “wild and dangerous” animals yet he was the first to come to our property, blocked the driveway with his truck and turned his overhead emergency lights all of which constitutes being seized and in custody, even without a proper search warrant. He verified that the animals were on the property, saw that the animals had shelter, water and that we were in the process of feeding the animals at which time he should have left. But instead, the sheriff deputy by then arrived with his K-9 in tow and he too insisted on seeing the animals even thought the game warden verified that he saw the animals and there was nothing wrong. At this point both men should have left but instead, then insisted that the local ‘animal control officer’ was to  be called in although no such person existed! Other officers arrived and insisted on seeing the animals. This went on for hours while waiting for their ‘animals control officer’ to arrive; after dark on a Sunday night and the temperature outside getting colder delaying us from getting our chores done and forbidden from providing for the big cats.

As if all that wasn’t enough to constitute an illegal seizure on our own property; the ‘animal control officer’ THAT WASN’T, finally arrived and was nothing more than the local humane society (HUMANIAC) president and founder who only had a business card, a car and a PO Box with two children in tow that she insisted accompany her tour of the animals in question. This was nothing more than a private citizen with no training, not an expert, who had an opinion and interest in seizing animals that would be awarded to her organization for the sole purpose of proclaiming herself and her organization, a hero!!!

Of course the local Humaniac has an agenda and should never have been allowed to be involved especially when there was no search warrant in place and forced upon us as an ‘animal control officer’ with actual officers pf the law just lusting to throw us on the ground, hand cuff us followed by an arrest, seizure of the animals and threats of killing the animals per their threatening statements to us. All of them armed and we considered them extremely dangerous we felt threatened for our safety and our lives.

This type of thing went on for three days including bringing others onto the property with a search into private buildings and trailers WITHOUT a search warrant and including exhuming the body of our dear lion who had recently died while on transport.

Just who and where we filed our complaints:

Complaints were sent to the US Marshal’s office, the Texas Rangers, the FBI, the Texas Attorney General and the US Attorney General’s office and others. This also includes that my partner -who is deaf-was denied an ASL interpreter thru the entire process of the unwarranted searches, arrest and jail, meeting with court appointed attorney, arraignment and through the first hearing, that we were told was for the criminal offense of a class A misdemeanor and in reality was a civil hearing in JP Court with court appointed attorneys-Unknown to us and apparently the court appointed attorneys, although they should have known and certainly would of for any other ‘claimed crime’; is that a Texas JP Court can NOT hear a case of class A misdemeanor, no dofferent than it can hear a case of armed robbery of a bank or even murder; nor can they hear a case greater that $10,000.00 against an owner and not the state against the property. ALL of this considered IMPOSSIBLE yet all of this happened and there’s more, plenty more yet, not a single agency did anything regarding the abuse from law enforcement and the judicial system. The veterinarian involved (not an expert and green behind the ears) with no training or knowledge of  many of the animals that that were placed in her care-even the animals that she was trained in were murdered without a single medical test taken, no permission from the judge to destroy animals taken as EVIDENCE and no permission from us as we were still the owners of those animals – She and the HUMANIAC proceeded to killed 1/3 of the animals before the first hearing!!! Yet , the court gave that vet the benefit of ‘expert’. This a vet that was the agent for the HUMANIAC’S organization and liable-her veterinary clinic and herself-You bet she had an interest in seeing that this dirty deed was done-no matter that it was all illegal and un-constitutional and twisted in truth and the facts!!!

The abuse continued all the way thru the appeal even though the court appointed attorneys dropped us at the conclusion of the JP Curt hearing; we continued pro se. We were actually denied a jury because the county clerk stated they could not empanel a jury within a 10 day period as dictated by the law and the statute allows for a jury. WHAT!?! The first hearing went beyond the 10 day limit as dictated by the statute but not the appeal?!? Come on now, what kind of fools did these people think we are?!?

These people had 2 years to file criminal charges against us and did no such thing as they knew a criminal hearing would never ever allow such testimony from a non-expert, no way to prove intentional cruelty as there was none-We filed a federal suit against the ugly abuse of the law and the judicial system for breach of our constitutional rights to be free of abuse of due process and MORE!!! But wait, that’s not the bottom line here!!!

After another year and a half of documents and papers went flying back and forth through the court and a failed mediation where some of the defendant’s attorney didn’t even bother to show up with the court allowing them off, at last minute I should add. It seemed that there was no respect for a court order with pro se litigants by even the magistrate that issued the court control order that all the attorneys agreed to respect, the Federal Judge then proceeded to dismiss the defendants of the federal suit, when they went for summary judgment. Their claim for summary judgment did not meet the ‘four prong test’ as prescribed in the federal rules for civil process in the federal court-this case continues as this case is on appeal in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals; we continue pro se with no attorney. Not exactly a fair process for those wrongly accused and abused by law enforcement and the judicial system! We are wondering what happened to our right to take these defendants to court with a jury present.

A REPLY from the FBI:

After several emails the reply from the FBI agent we contacted, we were advised us to file a civil case-WTF!?! The civil case was already in the process of appeal and the civil process is a completely different process than criminal-The illegal and unconstitutional process continues in Marion County Texas and not one agency looking into this matter pr any other.

The theft of more that $200,000.00 of property by the government is unacceptable and is a theft of property especially when the appeal judge from the JP Court had no civil jurisdiction for presiding over a civil matter and one of only three County Courts in Texas that can not hear civil cases-No training in matters of law-He gave away our very valuable and dear to our hearts property… Texas Government Code 26.258 is very specific and takes precedence over any less specific law or statue.

Have you attended any of these seizure hearings?!?

What a crock!!! -Evidence is NOT an opinion-It never was and never will be legal unless given by an expert and that’s not a vet fresh out of school or a vet in a local practice often connected to the local NFP HUMANIAC organization; but an actual expert. The majority of these cases are built on non-expert opinions of private citizens. -More often than not, local vets could not possibly judge these situations and no expert is brought in for review due to the expense of it. However, if someone is accused of any other type of ‘crime’ they sure would go to the expense-

The opinion from some private citizen associated with a not for profit organization should also not be used as testimony-remember to object when your time comes-it just might-Be prepared… You better believe, as an animal owner you subject yourself to be accused of cruelty under such circumstance and possibly convicted unless you make sure the evidence has been preserved including the ‘fresh pile of shit’ on the kitchen floor if there is one because your dog freaked on the intrusion. If they are going to claim that the floors were covered in feces then they better have documented it and the hard evidence (The SHIT of this matter under these conditions) preserved in the evidence room because otherwise there is no evidence of it. And if they are going to say the cage or kennel is too small, they had better have the measurements of that cage/kennel and the measurements of that animal. And if they are going to claim about the ‘stink of it all’-They had better have done the sniff test with a Nasal Ranger that measures this ‘stink of it all’. A home freshly cleaned and mopped with freshly cleaned animal kennels and litter boxes would never measure much and would be in normal range as was the actual situation they were presented with at the time of our RAID!!!

Opinions from private citizens and vets (like ass-holes, everybody has one) not trained as experts in animal abuse simply put, just doesn’t count. Where is any law written for UN-intentional cruelty or Act of God emergency for animal protection or clause include in these absurd laws and statutes for seizing cruelly treated animal TX-Health and Safety Code 821)?!? Unless they can prove intentional as applies to the cruelty law in your state, then they can not convict!!! But Wayne Pacelle (CEO of HSUS) admits to UN-intentional as his reference to it in the following press release…

Pacelle’s own words “One generation and out” Meaning no one will want to own an animal; be able to own an animal, when they get finished creating illegal and unconstitutional laws

I received the following article and was in shock considering that HSUS is under investigation for fraud in several states; most recently, complaint filed by the Attorney General in Oklahoma yet still no one or any agency is investigating the RICO violations done to Ringling Brothers (Feld Corporation) where there was an out of court settlement-Doesn’t this constitute an reason for investigation and possible criminal charges on the NFP organizations involved?!? You bet it does!!! Yet no one is!!! And you thought UN Agenda 21 was a conspiracy theory-I promise you it is not!!! Very REAL and taking control over actual democracy in this country.

HSUS most certainly has representation that’s for sure, yet failed to prove their case against Feld and then, the tables were turned and them and the others involved in that case.

There are other cases in Marion County, Texas that demonstrate just how bad it is there with people unprotected from wrongful enforcement and their judicial system. January will be 5 years of pure Hell with no concern by any agency where complaints were filed.

I hadn’t planned to expose all of this but after reading this article I simply could not allow it not to be said and is included in our untold story, in our own words, showing the hard evidence of the illegal process and court documents that are for public record and review. We remain waiting for the opinion of the judges and for the requested hearing before those judges where we will be allowed 15 minutes to demonstrate all of this and the defendants in the case will have theirs -HA! Dismissing the defendants of this suit would be unacceptable yet it just might happen; the percentage of cases won at the appeal process is low especially for pro se litigants. We stand our ground that the Federal District Court is in error of dismissing the defendants and then tossing out the claims, especially with the hard evidence that was presented to the court and on the record including that there was never the first hearing in federal court although there were still motions pending and waiting for a hearing-it never happened.

A civil case, in matters against the criminal actions of law enforcement and the judicial system, just isn’t an appropriate reason not to investigate this case for criminal action and other cases where people have gone thru this inappropriate process. [More below]

FBI to start tracking animal cruelty cases

The FBI will begin tracking animal cruelty cases just as they track other crimes, Wayne Pacelle of The Humane Society of the United States said in a blog post Tuesday.

Pacelle said John Thompson with the National Sheriffs’ Associationgave him the good news that Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comer has signed off on including animal cruelty offenses in the Uniform Crime Report.

Local agencies will also track cruelty cases to report to the FBI.

“No longer will extremely violent cases be included in the “other offense” category simply because the victims were animals. Just as the FBI tracks hate crimes and other important categories, we will now have critical data on animal cruelty,” said Pacelle.

“This is a great step in the right direction,” said Annette Laico, CEO of PAWS in Lynnwood. “As advocates for companion animals and wildlife here in Washington state, any national measure to help protect animals to live long healthy lives is a measure we support.”

Pacelle said HSUS has been pushing for the change in policyfor years. He said without a reporting requirement, there is no way to track the number of reported incidents of animal cruelty cases each year, which impedes efforts to properly focus enforcement resources and violence prevention programs.

Animal cruelty—like other crimes—must be reported, classified, and analyzed in a comprehensive manner that results in swift and efficient enforcement of the law and in the general improvement of society.” he said.

Pacelle said now that animal cruelty, including animal neglect is included in the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, “there is a real concern from law enforcement agencies to pay closer attention to such incidents. With accurate data, law enforcement agencies will also be better able to allocate officers and financial resources to handle these cases, track trends and deploy accordingly.”


I think I just threw-up in my mouth a little however, there is still hope for justice to be properly served!!! HSUS, Wayne Pacelle should be careful for what he wishes for…

One can only hope that this might mean the FBI is looking into whether the process was appropriate and lawful, the accused was not a victim of wrongful illegal and unconstitutional charges and the taking of animals putting both law enforcement and the judicial system on notice to work within the proper and the appropriate meaning of the animal cruelty statues…Either way, The Oregon Supreme Court has stated that animals can be victims of abuse while at the same time recognizing that animals are property, therefore owners can also be victims of the animal cruelty law. Those enforcing animal cruelty can be sued and it does matter if the owner of the animal(s) is convicted or not as the owner is the victim of such laws. [Bloggers note: There is no such thing as a criminal conviction in a civil case]

This blogger is outraged that Pacelle thinks that by giving priority is a benefit to law enforcement. While I am outraged about the lack of concern from the FBI so far in matters concerning animal cruelty so far; I am hopeful that this might mean investigation into past and current cases of charges of alleged animal cruelty-We shall see now won’t we?!!!

Link of interest to this post:

and MORE feel free to brose this blog-every post remains as a courtesy, educational purposes and for documentation.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on September 25, 2014.

4 Responses to “The FBI is Now Centering Focus on Animal Cruelty Convictions-Ignores Complaints on REAL Terrorists Within”

  1. Kudos! One more time, Top Cat! Most of us believe JUSTICE will prevail, until we are forced to prove our innocense in a court of law. It is here, in this court where the difference in LAW and JUSTICE is learned. They are NOT the same. And, the APPEALS process in itself is not what most folks are taught either. If your request for oral arguments is granted and you get 15 minutes to speak, the judges control and ask the questions… have no control over the motions appealed, or the amount of time the judges spend on one, so that your 15 minutes is eaten up rapidly and most will not even be addressed, as it appears, they do NOT want to address the CONSTITUTIONALITY and the denial of your rights! BUT, they do like, from what I have seen, heard and experienced, to rule that a lower court did not have jurisdiction over a case, thereby placing the case right back where it was appealed from, but limiting the judges’ sentencing without jurisdiction or authority. Our State Supreme Court Judges should be made to work a little harder for their money and to use common sense…..above all…INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY! just sayin’

    • I see that you are addressing the lower court while I am addressing BOTH and the federal appeal is the only case ‘pending’ which concerned the lower courts as acting without jurisdiction to do so. the federal court addresses that the federal court was in error for a ruling with no hearings for the entire case and giving summary judgment when it didn’t pass the 4 prong test to provided for summary judgment. They federal district judge then addressed the claims of the case by tossing them out. The appeal was complicated for us to demonstrate BOTH the federal error dismissing the defendants and the way they addressed the claims. By tossing them they addressed them.
      The civil process is extremely difficult when it is centered around your constitutional rights and the abuse of due process of the lower courts that ALSO lacked jurisdiction. There are so many inconsistencies in every court we have been to so far which is likely why we have not heard back from the court yet. Civics 101 did not teach me a strategy game of cat and mouse which is what the courts have done so far. Oh course we have a claim when the courts lack jurisdiction and we were brutally threated by law enforcement now claiming extenuating circumstance when there nothing extenuating existed which led to further abuse from the judicial system beginning when a judge granted a search and seize based on nothing had he actually looked for a REAL cause to do it and if not a puppet of the district attorney. The appeal from the JP Court was Kangaroo court leaving us with the actual abuse of our property valued at more than $200,000.00.
      Funny thing is there is already what is appearing to be an inconsistency from the appeals court and concern is that because the case is civil with different rules than the rules of a criminal case. Hopefully we have already demonstrated the case at the appellate level, the judge has his hand slapped by the appeals judges and goes back to district court for a trial with a jury and no more games being played to distract the judge from allowing a fair process that is expected from the court.
      As far as that 15 minutes is concerned, we are more than prepared to answer any question asked including why the lower courts lacked jurisdiction to why we believe the federal district court is in error and frankly, all of it is already addressed with this appeal which is limited to the number of words used and verified. There was no disrespect of the federal judge; we simply stated that he was in error and here’s why. Now up to the opinion if three judges to decide if they can get past how sickening the actions of law enforcement and the judicial system of the lower courts.
      In a sense, I don’t expect to win and at the same time I can not conceive not winning this appeal. Then again, no federal agency that is supposed to protect citizens from such abuse has done anything so therefore, the abuse continues without criminal investigation of the actions of the county therefore the only conclusion I can come to is that no one considers this as criminal activity yet had we just taken more than $200,000.00 of personal property we would be considered criminals and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. -B

    • I am a couple weeks away from a dismiss or trial. I had 2 cases the first one got dropped. I believe the second one will also. I didn’t take their plea deals. I would love to help change the laws any way I can help let me know. I would be interested in hearing the specifics of the cases

      • Gina, are you on FB?!? Send me a message back that won’t be posted on how to get in touch with you. I moderate every comment. -B

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