Please continue to call or write the US Senators is your state telling them about your opposition to S1463 the Captive Primate Safety Act. Tell them this bill may be coming before the full Senate for consideration and ,as their constituent, you want them to vote NO on S 1463.

This bill will have a very negative impact on your life and you deserve to have your concerns taken into consideration before this bill is passed.

Give them your name and address so they know you live in their jurisdiction. Give them some examples of how this bill will affect you…
Examples: You will not be able to take your primates to a vet in another state,
You will not be able to take your primates to visit your family in another state,
You will not be able to will your animal to a person out of state in the event of your death,
Importation and regulation of primates should be left to the state, not the Federal Government.

You can find your Senators here… Congress.gov | Library of Congress scroll down to where you find the members of the Senate. Choose your state and it will take you to your Senate members. Only call the US Senate members of your own state!

Whether you have already signed a petition; whether you have already made contact; do this again…Even if you don’t own a primate…Remember what happens to other types of species can happen to an animal that you own!!! Already Carole Baskin~CEO Big Cat Rescue (BCR) and ALDF are trying to ban certain species of house cats in California for no other reason than how those animals are bred and how they look with the claim that these types of cats are more aggressive and a threat to wildlife -not of which is specifically for those types of animas than any other house cat. As a matter of fact, she often compares big cats to house cats; just bigger.

Please share WILDLY!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned -B

Justin 302407_234365913266554_1122968575_n

 Justin at *Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, Inc., Kendalia, Texas -September 2011-old picture, re-used several times

So this is sanctuary huh?!? Beats me -I just want to go home!!! It’s dirty here, my mom never would have forced me to live like this…I miss mom’s hugs and kisses-Can I go home now?!? Really, I didn’t do anything wrong and neither did she!!! That CRAZY woman did this to me-I don’t like “sanctuary” -PLEASE let me go home where I was loved and had a nice place to sleep and my own TV-Where’s the grass?!? Where’s mom!?!

*Against private ownership-PETA recommended facility-Says they are a closed facility meaning no USDA (?!?) or anyone monitoring their activity yet they have an Appreciation Day coming up next month and you can buy your way in for a ‘special tour’ of this place!!!


~ by topcatsroar on September 18, 2014.

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