Zoo Wars~Carole Baskin~CEO Big Cat Rescue-BCR/Wildlife on Easy Street-WOES~In Her Own Words

Carole Baskin will live to regret her own words. Then again, I’m not sure she remembers what she said/says from one minute to the next.

Big Cat Rescue (BCR) is NOT and can NOT become a verified accredited Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries and frankly, I wonder how it can be considered an accredited sanctuary when 1) There are so many lies about the animals and has been exposed and 2) It does not meet the criteria for how it is providing for the animals-There are more DEAD cats on display thru the Great Wall of DEATH memorial (huh?!?) than there are LIVE animals even thou the animals were sent to the taxidermy for their fur and bones to be preserved -I can’t help but wonder what happened to the rest of their bodies…

Carole Baskin-CEO BCR, has never stopped lying about her animals that she claims were a rescue, an not…not improved living conditions, has poor health care procedures from non exotic experts, has no isolation procedures in place for incoming and sick animals and gone after others for things that they are doing when in reality, cub pictures do NOT hurt the animals with guidelines already in place by regulations in the Animal Welfare Act already…yet things that she has actually done and/or has happened at BCR are her claims for the creation of BAD LAWS!!!

Now if that’s not a load of BULLSHIT nothing is…

Big Cat Rescue followers and supporters seem more like IDIOTS, FOOLS and DUMMIES rather than intelligent free thinking people. I can’t help but wonder why she remains as GFAS by accrediting this facility and is actually throwing themselves under the bus. All of them are the same potential liars and thieves-What’s the saying?!? One bad apple spoils the bunch?!? Sure does!!!

And that’s the point to all of this-ya think!?! Why support GFAS sanctuaries and or FAKE Scam-tuaries/Scum-tuaries all fighting to be the biggest and best (huh?!?) with FAKE claims of sanctuary when in fact they own and are enjoying animals that they don’t want you to own by creating laws that would allow them but not you…All making big money thru displaying their animals and you paying to go see them when there is likely a deserving zoo near by offering bigger and better!!!

Links of special interest to stop BAD Bills in congress and how to send your message-DO IT NOW!!!:



The Animal Rights Extremist-Terrorists want to steal your freedom-Easier to stop a BAD Bill than a BAD Law based on the lies coming from HSUS and BCR and now joined by other FAKE sanctuaries!!! How to send you message instantly to Your representative can be found at the about links-There are animals and animal owners counting on you to take 5 minutes of your time to send your message!!!

Rescue your FREEDOM granted to you by the constitution and it’s amendments-Say NO! to all bans that take away your freedom to live as a living FREE American!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

FWW says that Big Cat Rescue is NOT a Florida accredited sanctuary!!!

FWW says that hybrid cats are classified as domestic house cats!!!

TopCatsRoar says that Carole Baskin is hijacking animals for $$… 

Justin 302407_234365913266554_1122968575_n

So this is sanctuary huh?!? Beats me -I just want to go home!!! It’s dirty here, my mom never would have forced me to live like this…I miss mom’s hugs and kisses-Can I go home now?!? Really, I didn’t do anything wrong and neither did she!!! That CRAZY woman did this to me-I don’t like sanctuary PLESE let me go home!!!


~ by topcatsroar on September 17, 2014.

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