When Animal Seizures Are Lawless, Then ALL Animal Ownership Is At Risk!!! Part 3

On September 1st, I open my email and find the following message from RPOA-HUH!?! They don’t get involved with animal seizure-But wait, it’s a forwarded message from Zandra Anderson who sent a message to TX-RPOA and forwarded on to it’s members as an update. What bothers me about this is that it gave the impression that RPOA is supporting this  seizure that’s not a seizure-and whatever it is/was, it was done entirely wrong so far yet, is supported by Zandra Anderson ‘the dog lawyer’ -From the media reports and now this message from Zandra is asking for donations-HUH!?!

Where to send donations has been removed from the message as I do not support this unlawful and unconstitutional action against a private owner with a federal bankruptcy judge giving away property rather than ordering the property to be sold to pay her creditors…Yes, exactly what’s going on and this judge has very limited jurisdiction at that-Most certainly, he has no authority in matters of animal cruelty.

US District Judge David Jones knew very little about the dogs but Kara Kaufman said she wanted all the dogs removed- (Remember, Kaufman wanted REVENGE) and that’s exactly what she got…With no reference to TX-Health and Safety Code 821; which is the only way to seize animals in Texas, Judge David Jones totally ignored the statute and went outside the box to order the animals surrendered to the court and then given to Houston Collie Rescue rather than sold as valuable property to pay creditors-This is a bankruptcy that’s no longer a bankruptcy and turned into ‘something else’!!!

Now Zandra Anderson is aware of the statute yet supported this action-The following is her words from the RPOA message with permission to crosspost-OK I’m sharing it with my opinion of it-Door opened for my right to do so…There is no mention to keep your opinion, of her supporting this wrongful unlawful action, to yourself-Just why are people so afraid to say what they think of it…

It’s not that I support animal cruelty because I don’t but this was not an animal cruelty case and can not become one but now they have turned it into one which is unlawful and unconstitutional according to Texas Constitution and TX-Health and Safety Code 821-they all know it  I’m sure…After all, Zandra Anderson gets calls from wrongful seizure victims all the time for representation so I am beyond words for this to have happened; without reason or concern for Texas Law, this federal judge went outside the box for an animal seizure!!! -He lacks jurisdiction to set forth an order to seize animals and then give them away to a non government Not For Profit organization-This order now becomes void as he lacks jurisdiction to have done it in the first place-When a judge acts without jurisdiction it is not only void but there’s reason to attack the order and file suit.

As a reminder, this is NOT about whether or not those dogs needed to be rescued and is about the unlawful seizing of property. That being said at best, if were a cruelty case, it wasn’t intentional and no dog was in a life threatening situation that would require immediate action-Frankly, they knew very little about the dogs including the exact number and not uncommon for an owner not to even realize exactly how many she has when there’s a large number especially when that owner was accused once before and now terrified-Her dogs aren’t cows or other livestock where you keep track on the number-That being said, would make no difference if it was 1 dog or 10, it is still what it is-the unlawful seizing of PROPERTY…They say she intentionally lied to the court as the reason for the seizure-huh?!? Go on a witch hunt because a terrified owner didn’t know the exact number and terrified?!?

Do Texas lawmakers realize that the statue (TX-Health and Safety Code 821) is so abused that they might as well repeal the law and have no statute…

According to the statute however, there must be a conviction to keep the animals which are to be sold at auction with he money going to the owner to pay for the seizure, destroyed or given to a NFP-but at this point they wouldn’t even be able to file charges when there was no respect in regards to the statute and basic constitutional law requiring a valid warrant when things weren’t done properly but, they do it all the time disregarding the statue and attempt to forge ahead, as they usually do, to get wrongful convictions and keep the property thus the courts lack jurisdiction in the case-obviously…

Owners are threatened with prosecution and their property extorted away by government action which has no interest in animals as the law is written to protect people, not animals, and then freely given to a Not For Profit organization that accepts the merchandise, collects donations, bills the accused with outrageous fees for the seizure and then SELLS the animals for a fee as demonstrated in Past 2.

from RPOA~ “Follow Up” on Collie Seizure in Tomball, TX
Forward From Zandra Anderson
Texas Dog Commission: http://www.texasdoglawyer.com
3 Collies Turned into 93: Collies in Cruelty Seizure Need Your Help!
Tomball, TX (8/29/14)

History. Three Collies turned into 93 more Collies and here is how it
happened. Close to a year ago attorney Zandra Anderson, got a judgment in
the state lower court for the return of 3 Collies to Kara Kaufman. Kara, a
single parent mom, reluctantly had to place her Collies because of a breakup
that left her without a place to live with two small children and 3 big
dogs. She had been deceived into placing these dogs with Dr. Elaine Kmiec,
O.D. who used a fake name to get them. Kmiec had relinquished 51 Colllies in
a cruelty surrender in 2007.
Despite the judgment, Kmiec refused to return the dogs saying someone else
had them. Another suit was filed to get a receiver appointed but on the eve
of the hearing, Kmiec filed bankruptcy which stayed all state court

The bankruptcy case is being handled by attorney Famose Garner who secured a
preliminary injunction to enforce Kara’s judgment for the return of her 3
dogs. However, the bankruptcy judge went farther and ordered that all dogs
on Kmiec’s property be turned over to the Houston Collie Rescue. Kmiec
testified in court on Friday morning, August 29, 2014 that she had 35
Collies on her property. The judge made his order about an hour later and
the Houston Collie Rescue, spearheaded by its president, Vickey Willard,
went into action.

Seizure. The judge wanted the dogs seized “immediately” so the seizure
started just a few hours after his order was given. The Houston Collie
Rescue volunteers joined by attorneys Zandra Anderson and Famose Garner,
started removing the dogs from the premises at 3:30 p.m. Kmiec’s property
was a compound with a labyrinth of cages and runs that would boggle the mind
and the conditions were unthinkable.

It was soon learned that there were over 60 dogs on the premises which was
the last count when the media left around 9:00 p.m. to head back to do the
nightly news. But the numbers kept growing. There were yells of “we found
some more” throughout the night until all 93 dogs were removed. Soon there
will be more because two of them are about to deliver pups. All 93 Collies
were safely removed without one single incident. Some neighbors even helped
providing supplies and even a horse trailer to help remove the dogs saying
they were looking forward to some peace without the dogs barking.

Conditions. The confinement of these dogs was nothing short of draconian.
Most were underweight, some had serious medical conditions (open sores, hair
loss, huge open wounds, mange, flea dermatitis), most were severely matted,
and all were full of fleas. Their stench was overwhelming as many were in
feces and urine. The premises had everything imaginable stacked up and
tossed on the ground making it difficult and in some cases impossible to
walk through the maze.

None of the dogs knew how to walk on a leash and many of them dropped to the
ground rigid because they were not socialized so they had to be carried. But
with little exception, the Collies were very friendly and seemed to be glad
to be out of the imprisonment they were enduring.
The Good News. All of the dogs were removed to a beautiful facility that has
provided them with state of the art pens, clean water and fresh food. They
are receiving vet care and much needed grooming. There will be a hearing in
the bankruptcy court to determine what will be done with them in the very
near future. This will hopefully be the start of a real life for the

How Can you Help. The rescue is utilizing its volunteers who are
knowledgeable about dogs from cruelty seizures to do the hands on care but
donations are desperately needed. Please consider donating any amount to the
Houston Collie Rescue to help with the costs of caring for the dogs and for
all of the veterinary care they will all need for months to come. No amount
is too small and will be greatly appreciated by these deserving dogs and the

Lets get the animals back for the homeless single mom of two children-huh?!? Then let’s go get the rest of the animals because the owner was once accused of alleged animal cruelty -we don’t think she’s being honest with the court-Her attorney drops her because he once ‘adopted’ a dog and calling it a ‘conflict of interest’-What a snake he is to use that as an excuse…He’s already done nothing for his client; what an ass-wipe and imagine she would have dropped him anyway…

Part 2 Shows exact financial figures and demonstrates that there were paid volunteers (I bet Zandra is going after a fee-It sure wouldn’t surprise me!!!) The numbers don’t add up…as you can clearly see for yourself https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/09/04/when-animal-seizures-are-lawless-then-all-animal-ownership-is-at-risk-part-2/



Dozens of collies rescued from fake breeder

Friday, August 29, 2014


Dozens of dogs need medical care after being taken from a fake breeder in Tomball.
The woman misrepresented herself as a breeder in a court battle to keep them, although she did not actually sell dogs.
Volunteers with Houston Collie Rescue picked up the collies after the court ruled they were in danger because of deplorable living conditions. Some of those dogs will require medical care.
“We got back three dogs (Thursday), and the conditions of those dogs were not well. There’s one of them that will be having two surgeries next week. We don’t know what we’re going into,” Texas dog lawyer Zandra Anderson said.
Anderson says the woman surrendered 50 dogs in 2007.


The older (2007) “case”:

The other case, according to the Utah Collies Rescue Website, will be nationally televised on Animal Planet as a Petfinder TV show. This involves about 51 collies seized from Elaine Kmiec from Tomball, Texas. Ten of these were to be adopted out by Animal Planet to have their stories aired in 2008. The rest were turned over to Houston Collie Rescue.
Houston Collie Rescue called out for help and the following rescues took some dogs:
Northern California Collie Rescue
Pueblo Collie and Sheltie Rescue
Southwest Collie Rescue
Utah Collies Rescue


Jean Smith -Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2007

Another sad situation for our breed…Elaine Kmiec in not currently a CCA member…but has been in previous years…Greg.

Please feel free to forward or crosspost this email. [Bloggers note: Reminder all this is 2007-an Animal Planet SPONSORED animal seizure]

From: Houston Collie Rescue

By now some may be aware of the 51 collie seizure of dogs belonging to
Elaine Kmiec from Tomball Texas . It is our understanding that ALL her
dogs were seized and then voluntarily signed over to avoid prosecution.
These animals have been tagged as Animal Planet, animal Cruelty
investigations. We are posting what facts we currently know but they are
ever changing.  As of today HCR has been told that 41 of the collies
will only be released to Houston Collie Rescue . It is believed the other
10 will be adopted out and their success stories will be followed and
aired on Animal Planet.  Houston knows the collies are about 50/50 rough
and smoothies.  Some are testing HW positive, internal parasites, some
with demodex, emaciated, some more than others.

Houston Collie Rescue is very busy setting up locations and transport to
a command post to catalog, michrochip, photograph each dog. We will
release photos and descriptions as they are available.  All collies will
be vaccinated and altered as this is the releasing agencies requirement
and proof of such must be submitted back to them by HCR.

The Collie Rescue Foundation (CRF) and the CCA have both been wonderful
at offering HCR assistance.

HCR is already very inundated with rescues collies since we continually
cover all of Texas .
Due to lack of foster space and already 10 dogs in boarding and 2 more
coming in from Dallas our already discounted boarding expenses will be
even higher due to this intake. Once the photos are circulated any
breeders wishing to obtain their collies are welcomed but must arrange
their own transports.  We will be reaching out to our fellow rescues
throughout the US to possibly take some of these dogs into your
programs. Especially smoothies.  We are still sitting on 3 from Elaine’s
last seizure.  Again transports need to be arranged.

Vickey Willard, Co-ordinator
Houston Collie Rescue , a 501c3 Charitable Rescue Organization

cc: Barbara Lewis, HCR Co-ordinator

************ ********* ********* ********

I spoke to Vicky Willard, of Houston Collie Rescue , this morning and
Collie Rescue Foundation has committed to assisting in this rescue. We
have offered to help with the medical expenses, including heartworm
treatment, tests, and neutering.  If anyone wants to make donations,
they can make them directly to the Houston Collie Rescue , or Collie
Rescue Foundation, Inc. If you donate to CRF to help these dogs, just
make a note that you want the donation earmarked for the Houston Kmiec
rescue. As a 501c3, all donations to CRF are tax deductable.

donations can be sent to: [Donation info has been redacted]

please feel free to forward or crosspost this email

Marianne Sullivan , President

Collie Rescue Foundation, Inc.


So the witch hunt continues based on a 7 year ago owner surrender that had no conviction-Alleged animal cruelty. Donations coming in from all around the US and offers to foster or ‘adopt’…But information is required by application…Just wondering…According to TX-Health and Safety Code 821, if anyone is aware that the dogs can not be removed from the county and according to the statute the people helping to seize them must be within the county. -AND, according to TX-Health and Safety Code 821 -Each and every dog has to be assessed and the animals must be in need of emergency care for each and everyone of them…that would not pertain to fleas and matts-Furthermore, this is highly irregular  and far beyond the mistakes they normally make with animal seizures in Texass-You’d think a judge working and living in Texass would be able to address the law properly!!! None of what occurred would be admissible in an animal cruelty case in a Texass court however with animal cruelty case, no matter the law, anything goes to get to conviction and reason there have been so many suits filed and appealed-Done at taxpayer expense…

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

Thank you to those who contributed to all the information sent to me on this case!!! More to come shortly-Frankly this has been a difficult one to digest!!!


~ by topcatsroar on September 6, 2014.

20 Responses to “When Animal Seizures Are Lawless, Then ALL Animal Ownership Is At Risk!!! Part 3”

  1. There were 146 total animals removed from this residence! Seven were cats in cages. Ninety three collies the first night then two females had 23 puppies the next day and the rescue had to go back a second,time because the woman had stashed 19 puppies. The feces were deep. The pregnant females were in the worst of the pens. This woman needs a lot of counseling. This was very horrible for the the animals as they are large Collies and need to run. No one can possible give time and love to 146 animals on a daily basis and these dogs need love. Please consider that the woman brought this case to the judge in her bankruptcy filing and she perjured herself multiple times on the stand. To say the least the judge was frustrated with her, I imagine. This would have happened eventually.

    • So a terrified owner doesn’t tell the truth is now reason to take her property and give it away?!?
      This is not appropriate for an animal seizure according to property rights and in a state that is very specific with it’s animal seizure law (Note: the directive for procedure is contained within both US and State constitutions). This judge lacks jurisdiction to have ordered an animal seizure-Like I have stated several times, my opinion is based on law and property rights. What’s more offensive is that a federal bankruptcy judge who is supposed to be protecting those rights, has very limited authority, did it.

      Both US and Texas Constitution were established for the protection of LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY!!! EXTREMELY VALUABLE PROPERTY has been STOLEN by the court in the unlawful and un-constitutional taking from it’s rightful owner and given away to a private NFP organization-that’s sickening.

      This action by a judge, even a federal judge, is void. Her lawyer had no problem representing her and then out of the blue he decides he has a conflict of interest…Suddenly, this ass-wipe can’t protect her rights…I assure you, a void judgment can be attacked at anytime with no statute of limitations for taking action to attack this issue. When a judge acts outside the limitations of his court he can be sued and so can the Houston Collie Rescue, and anyone who is involved. What?!? Zandra didn’t warn everyone about this!!!-She sure as Hell knows this!!!
      This judge over-stepped his jurisdiction, he ONLY has the authority to order the dogs sold for her benefit to pay her creditors…His job is to protect people from this type of ‘witch-hunt’ and NOT be in charge of starting it!!! He has jeopardized his bench.

      Now you are saying how horrible it was yet, I haven’t seen the first picture of a filthy dog or cat for that matter and even if it was there, it does not excuse this action when what should of happened didn’t. NONE of it is acceptable!!! Don’t hate me for this information -Hate the people who started this action and inappropriately seized animals and participated-The dogs may not longer be ‘knee deep in shit’ (if they really were which I doubt from looking at the pictures I did see) but everyone who took part in this UN-LAWFUL and UN-CONSTITUTIONAL procedure, including yourself. Needing counseling in no way justifies the action of this court and the Huston Collie Rescue when there are very specific laws.
      Go read the Texas Health and Safety Code 821-Specific to only seizing animals that are in need of emergency care-worms-even heartworm is not an emergency and neither is your ‘filthy and stinky’ conditions!!! Reference is to Texas Penal Code 42.09.
      So don’t hate the messenger…’It would have happened eventually’ -maybe so but at least it would have been lawful-Stealing from a terrified owner is not just cause -Go talk to the Kaufman that wanted revenge who suddenly is no longer homeless and wanted her dogs back…Just how much room does she have and suddenly capable of taking care of the dogs and two kids-HA!-When you discover that the answer is that she can’t and isn’t, will you go steal those dogs as well and send her to counseling!?!-I bet not!!!

      They say actions speak louder than words and this one is screaming at me!!! -B

  2. Can’t say with any specific authority, since I did not see the warrant itself, but from what I heard, the search and seize warrant signed by this federal bankruptcy court judge orders the seizure of “all living things.” Most of the time in Texas, they’ll order “all animals, alive, dead, or unborn,” That has been found to be overly general, as a warrant must specify precisely what is to be seized. Now, “all living things” is even more general, and could refer to people, animals of any type, and even house plants, trees, grass, rodents, and insects! How about a package of active dry yeast in the kitchen? That’s living too! There’s good reason for the requirements that a warrant describe with particularity the thing or things to be seized. Bankruptcy courts are federal and governed by a totally different set of rules and laws than the state criminal laws regarding animal cruelty. For a federal court judge to order the seizure and giving away of property is probably worse than for a county court to somehow turn a criminal case into a civil one and then hear it and pass judgment, without jurisdiction.

  3. […] https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/09/06/when-animal-seizures-are-lawless-then-all-animal-ownersh… […]

  4. Wow, you really disgust me… a ton of info you have on here is not even true. I was involved with the seizure and so I know what really happened. You should not assume that everything you hear from the media is a fact. You are such a hypocrite. You really strike me as an animal hater since you seem to have absolutely no care for these animals. This woman did this to herself because she thought she was getting herself out of having to give back those Collies by filing for bankruptcy (obviously wrong move). What you also do not know is that this woman was dumping dead collies at the end of her street. She has no business owning any animals. And what kind of person are you to say that she should have sold sick animals, who would buy sick animals!!! No one should ever sell a sick animal, that is why there are laws trying to make puppy mills accountable, because they are SELLING SICK ANIMALS!! After receiving vet care, several of the Collies were near death.

    • BULLSHIT!!! You have no clue what you are talking about and haters of our PROTECTED Civil Liberties have no business living here. The judge was out of his jurisdiction, the lawyer lost her following altogether…and the woman was essentially given a death sentence. The rescue SOLD those animals and not all of them required vet care-Instantly those dogs were placed in peoples homes because there was nothing wrong with them that was considered a reason to seize someone’s property for some sinking; no, some FUCKING NFP could claim rescue and PROFIT from-Stop calling yourself an American -You classify yourself -You’re a TERRORIST within our borders.
      You were not invited to this blog and your comments; no, your attack is unappreciated…go back to your hole, look in the mirror and go back to talking to yourself.

      • And I bet you wouldn’t think twice about going on some strangers property and STEALING their dog because you don’t like the conditions they have their dog in right!?! How much PROFIT did that sinking rescue make off that so called rescue from the donations and fundraising PLUS the sale of those animals-You don’t adopt property-You buy it!!! You adopt children and children have nothing to do with property issues now do they?!? You can’t talk about apples and then compare them with oranges…Same old crappy arguments don’t fly here…So me the end result of all the money that came in PLUS the donations of animal food and supplies as well as the sale of those dogs and I’ll then prove there was profit made-Hey, you came here-not me going to you and asking. Make your case that there was no profit-You can’t because they are still using that so called rescue to make money…What are the salaries paid out each year-Show me their IRS report, LOL!!! They made money all right-Retail animal rescue has become BIG business with a shortage of animals to rehome-Wake up!!!

  5. Oh and, the “adoption fee” that the rescue charged, was way way less then all the vet bills, so if you are assuming that they made all this profit off of the dogs, then nobody should give this blog any credit.

    • Still saying BULLSHIT!!! There was a profit made. These so called rescues have been doing what they do for years-Not a single dog was in danger of dying and were placed rather quickly it’s all BULLSHT and collies are very BIG business-

  6. Oh okay, I did not know that you knew everything. Can you prove that they made a profit? I would really like to see where you are getting your information about all your claims. Can you prove that not a single dog was in danger of dying? Do you know how long it took to place all the collies? I am sure Collies might be a business for breeders but you are really grasping at straws by saying that a rescue is in it for the money. You need to get your facts straight and be able to back them up. Also, it really helps that you have a foul mouth, it makes you much less respectable.

    • Answer a question with a question-ROTFLOL!!! Really, you come here blasting me and make all sorts of claims but you can’t answer a single question-PRICELESS!!! There is no accountability here and the only thing transparent is the corruption. Breeders deserve to show a profit but unfortunately it’s not a big money making proposition and more for the love of the animals while rescues are based on hatred and lies about the animals such as the lies and corrupt due process where no justice was properly served. Animals are property and that judge was not authorized to order the seizing of any property for the express purpose of it to be given away. Anyone on that property that day was trespassing and anyone helping is a thief…That’s a FACT Jack-if you helped them do the deed then you are no different than any common horse thief. There is no shame for animal ownership or breeding animals and plenty under the guise of rescue-If you don’t like it being said what it actually is and what you actually are and can not prove your own words then stop doing it and by all means stop protecting people who steal animals thru illegal and unconstitutional means. I suggest you start reading the law and develop a clear understanding of what you are talking about. -B

  7. There are several posts on that ‘rescue’ and I did see pictures posted on FB-I’m not alone with my opinion of it-It’s not rocket science to figure out-If she was in bankruptcy court and the conclusion was she couldn’t afford them then the order would be that she sell the animals and pay her creditors-If she was there under false pretense then she could afford them-It was callous manipulation by the dog lawyer and her client who wanted revenge and got it. Only the animals in risk of dying or in need of emergency care are to be seized according to the letter of the law-it was never the intent of civil forfeiture laws to take all the animals and give them away-That would be the result of a criminal hearing and part of the ruling.

    At the time I was involved in ‘rescue’ and where I was doing ‘rescue’ and placed animals there was no incidence of Animal ownership is a dangerous thing these days and likely you don’t agree with that-
    Do read all the reports on that case before you jump in on it…appears you really don’t know the whole story yourself. I’m looking at the case in question as a whole and weeding thru the facts as they came out in the media and on FB from the rescue. Well aware of the 2007 case and well aware of SPCA in Houston.
    My own experience has nothing to do with this case with the exception that the media supports animal seizures for increased in readers…at least my case put the word out no more trespassing on private property to get a story…we might get sued…With an honest judge not in Marion County, we would have won that case!!!-they know it obviously-they dodged a bullet…but did participate in the conspiracy to take my animals.
    I don’t think we will get anywhere on these other than to agree to disagree. Do some research on collie and shepherd animal seizures-In Marion County the humane society has experience in BOTH!!! In a 5 year period…one quite large with the animals being rushed out of state…Neither had any hearing…What is that?!?
    Certain dog types -dogs in high demand have this type of history…it is quite alarming to see no hearings and no one signing away ownership which is encouraged to stop all proceedings…and get this on many of them -like with my case, they drop the charges and proceed anyway…what is that?!?
    It was an illegal and unconstitutional seizure. If there was reason for it, it would have been done properly and thru the proper channels-it was not-Have you given any thought to that-just saying…Instigated by that lovely dog lawyer (cough) for revenge and knew from the start it was the wrong way to go about it…

  8. Yes I have given it much thought, and my opinion is that it was done legally and I am so glad those dogs are out of her care (or lack of). The fact that she had money (she had no business being in bankruptcy court) and she did not care for her dogs, is very cruel. She was a hoarder, had mental issues, and had no business owning any animals. What good would it do to only take the animals that were in danger of dying very soon, only to leave her with animals that she would just do the same things to. It might make me feel a little bad if someone just could not afford their animals, but there is no reason why her dogs were super skinny, and never received any vet care for their multitude of problems. Not all people are conspiring to just take away other people’s animals for no reason, there is usually a reason.
    Also, I don’t know if you forgot what I said earlier, but I was very involved in this whole case and the seizure so I know ALL the facts about the case. Way more than you and way more than even the media. None of those dogs would have passed any kind of health certification in order to sell them. NONE of those dogs “could” have even been sold even if they wanted to, it would have been so wrong to sell sick dogs. And like I said, she was not hurting for money. I really cannot just agree to disagree, I feel very strongly that you are bashing people off of things you have no idea about. If you want to rant about your opinion of something, then go ahead, but don’t go around stating FACTS about issues you have no proof for. You should get into the habit of backing up things you are saying. Oh, and as long as there are millions of animals being put down in shelters or wherever, there is still a pet population issue and no one should be bringing in animals from other countries until animals here in the US are not being put down anymore. And there is no excuse for an animal that should not be bred to not be fixed.

    • Legally it wasn’t don right and that’s a matter of law…They dogs were sold…no matter what you call it, according to the USDA these adoptions are considered a sale and rescues should have been and should be paying tax on the sale of any animal. That rescue made a ton of money off their well published pleas ask for the paperwork-Compare their IRS filing to the year before and see for yourself-it’s a proven fact that they make money off these rescues…
      As far as animals coming from other countries they also come with other diseases and issues we currently don’t have here-This is a problem and yes they are bring them in and have been for sometime now…Purebred animals should continue to be bred…Classifying all breeders as a ‘puppy mill’ is completely wrong…-Breed specific rescue began because a few breeders got together and would provide to the rescues-Not happening like it once did…Hell, they can get all the dogs they want now-use as a fundraiser, sell the dogs it’s very big business -Don’t be blind to what is going on!!!

    • https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2015/02/02/accountability-and-full-disclosure-questionnaire/

  9. Exactly why I’m not a breeder-there’s little money in it and hard work-You dear possibly classify as a REAL rescuer but in with the wrong people I am sorry to say…I mow know more about the different courts than I ever wanted to know -and federal judges are not to be involved with state laws…Was there any police officer that went to get the dogs-you know inside the lady’s home with you-Was there an actual warrant to seize those dogs or just a court order? There are Texas laws concerning these cases that are already being abused thru the process. The dogs are to remain in the county where they came from…The evidence of the case…If you are in Texas and I am assuming that you are you need to read on warrants, and the Texas cruelty laws. Without a warrant, technically speaking, you were trespassing and stealing dogs, no matter who ordered it-The question is not whether the dogs needed to be rescued but that the process was illegal and instigated by the dog lawyer…it’s just that simple.
    I didn’t see in a single picture any dog that was in danger of eminent death…some grooming yes, but not death. I saw a messy home and I seriously don’t know any law that says the home has to be immaculate for a dog to live there-Now I avoid these types of discussions on FB all the time-I don’t judge people like you are doing in this case-it’s an opinion. I would be interested in any updates on the case-Haven’t heard of any hearing regarding this case in a Texas court-Did hear that they were going after the owner for fees….Did see they were selling the dogs with a lot of people who wanted them and thought they would be free for the taking…Those are high demand dogs…Did they all go where they said they would be going? My animals did not show up where they told the court they were going including a rare albino turtle I had paid $2,500.00 for…I only talk about the death rate of that seizure but not the missing property…
    Was there a criminal trial and will there be a lynching…Seems that all these cases come with people ready to make judgment and hang the owner…Frankly, Noah was a hoarder and wasn’t likely to be able to provide. Can you imagine the stink on that boat? But all the world loves Noah for taking two of each animal on board so they could continue to bred as God wanted the animals to do-I guess these days he’s changed his mind because everyone is now a hoarder or ‘puppy mill’ eh?
    Look you can support all the animal seizures you want which means you are supporting the Animal Rights Agenda-Sorry darling, but you just can’t have it both ways- Here go get an education: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7iik0dB9Da6H2nRsjhM9fwly this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2h_uP5bmhVY

  10. Jennifer-What it comes down to-What that rescue did that was dog flipping-whether you believe it or not and when you support raids and S/N (S/N police) then you support the Animal Rights Agenda and not Animal Welfare…You can not justify this seizure and the flipping of those dogs-

    “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozled has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.” – Carl Sagan

    Saw that quote today and thought of you instantly and all the people who supported this illegal and unconstitutional seizure.

  11. I am just so glad that the Houston Collie Rescue got those dogs instead of the SPCA where most probably would have been euthanized. All those Collies went into foster homes before being adopted, they all went exactly where they were suppose to. Only crazy people would think this is dog flipping!!
    Do you want to know what I support?? I sure do support animal rights!! Should animals not have any rights???!! They cannot speak, and so they need people that will look out for and care for them, when other people don’t. Noah did not make any money like puppy mills, and they were only on the ark for a certain time frame because they had to be. Was she saving the breed from becoming extinct??!! Don’t even get me started!
    There is a criminal case that is in the works, they are going to prosecute her, because she ABUSED AND NEGLECTED THOSE DOGS!. If someone was abusing and neglecting a child, do you think they should be prosecuted??
    To address the spay and neuter, it is actually so much healthier for an animals to be fixed if they are not going to be bred, so there is NO reason why a dog should not be fixed. But I guess you don’t care about all the animals being put down…

    • Damn right I’m biased just as biased as you are so maybe you’ll quit writing here and demonstrating that there are Animal Rights Extremist Nazis living amongst us claiming that civil forfeiture laws are valid -I don’t give a shit how she got those dogs -The woman if she truly cared about her dogs to begin with would have checked it out but out of her own ignorance and desperation she made the original error…You can’t even comprehend the written word-They stole those dogs during an illegal raid PERIOD!!!
      I would like nothing better than to see an end to the civil cruelty law-it serves no purpose than to form an opinion and steal animals from their rightful longstanding owners-Geee tartar on teeth so lets take the dog-WTF?!? The neuter an animal is a matter of minutes and the price is sky high now and you want to be the spay/neuter police and sterilize all of them-That’s not animal welfare that’s BULLSHIT right there!!! And there you go again comparing animals to children-WTF is this dogs re children now-You are nothing more than a nut job trying to justify their actions-There is absolutely no excuse in the world that justifies what you people did and continue to do to people and their animals-Scum Don’t bother sending another comment-it won’t be published because you dear are too busy trying to justify your actions and none of it makes sense-Like who issued the damn warrant?!? There wasn’t a single picture with any law enforcement present-NOT one so you’re a two bit LIAR!!!
      I’m not the one that’s a PSYCHO-I don’t steal, lie or resort to name calling to justify myself or my actions-You bet Noah was a breeder and a hoarder-according to YOUR definitions not mine. Oh they are money hungry just as you want to appear as some holier than thou person in the name of rescue-I was wrong about one thing-You’re no rescuer after all but a theft and a liar-Go fuck yourself and get off my blog-Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

  12. http://4graceandtruth.wordpress.com/2015/02/06/retail-welfare-rescues-and-why-their-founders-and-primary-participants-do-what-they-do/

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