“On The Dawn Of A New State Law That Keeps Tony The Tiger & Other Big Cats Home, Louisiana Department Of Wildlife & Fisheries (LDWF) considers regulations to again threaten the Live Tiger Exhibit at the Tiger Truck Stop. (LDWF) should be reprimanded for tyrannical attacks against private exotic animal owners and reputable Louisiana animal enterprises. They should be held financially responsible for the taking of people’s legally owned property without compensation, every exotic animal death they have caused, violation of constitutional rights, and for the mental anguish they have caused Louisiana animal owners. Maybe they would like to shut down a business that gives tigers a good home, contributes largely to its community, and helps rescue teenage abducted girls from sex offenders. Animal Rights Organizations that have the State’s ear do not pay taxes. (They’re 501c3). They do not contribute to the community! Why is (LDWF) catering to out of state animal terrorist organizations? WE WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS TYRANNICAL ABUSE OF POWER ANYMORE!!!”

Both Tony the Tiger, Tiger Truck Stop and Yogie and Friends will be affected by this-These people just won’t stop trying to force the animals out of Louisiana-What a total waste of taxpayer money and they don’t care…no sweat of the Animal Rights Extremist-Terrorists like Baskin and ALDF who are both from out of state and teamed up to remove all big cats from Louisiana…Is it their hatred of Privae Exotic Animal Owners or their hatred of the animals?!? Either way it’s wrong and beyond belief!!!


The owner of Tiger Truck Stop is fighting a new set of rules that might force his to give up his main attraction.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is considering new restrictions on exotic animals and held a public hearing about them on Tuesday.

Among the proposed amendments is a change in the definition of a zoo, which would exclude Tiger Truck Stop.

“A zoo is defined as more than one species or more than one animal. Who are you targeting other than me?” asked Michael Sandlin, owner of Tiger Truck Stop.

The Grosse Tete truck stop would not meet several of the new requirements for a zoo: that it be accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums; that it be publicly- or municipally-owned; and that it have more than one animal.

Animal activists say the truck stop is no place for a tiger. Some of the people who attended the hearing described seeing very poor living conditions. “What I saw were several throwing rocks at Tony, and I had to intervene to stop them,” recalled Carney Anne Nasser, a Tulane Law School professor and member of the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

Tiger Truck Stop’s permit has survived several attempts by activists to have him moved. Employees say the fight has gotten personal.

“We’ve been threatened to be bombed. We’ve been threatened to be shot at when we leave work,” stated Melissa Macy. “That’s a terrorist action. Not an activist, that’s a terrorist.”

The proposal would also ban people from owning exotic animals, like cougars or bears, and slowly phase out private ownership of monkeys. Additionally, it gives agents more power to make unannounced inspections. “Very few people can afford the nutritional requirements of wildlife, their very specific biological needs, and certainly their environmental and housing needs,” said Hilton Cole, Director of Animal Control for East Baton Rouge Parish.

Sandlin defended the way Tony lives, both the way he’s cared for and the way visitors are protected. He claims that the truck stop, which is accredited by the United States Zoological Association, is the safest possible place for him.

“I would say, you could take it from any angle, and see that there are more accidents at AZA-accredited zoos than private zoos anywhere in this country,” he stated.

The public comment period is over for the proposal. The comments will be viewed by the secretary of the department and the Wildlife and Fisheries Commission. A decision can be made either to adopt, modify, or reject the changes between the middle of October and July 2015, but sources say the decision should be made sometime this fall.

Sandlin indicated that he would file a lawsuit against the state if the proposal is enacted.


Round two has begun for both Tony at the Truck Stop and All the cats at Yogie and Friends -No one benefits if this passes-and just how will this effect Mike the Tiger?!? There can be no exemption with his change-Maybe it’s time for ALL caregivers in Louisiana to ban together against this or any other changes they propose in the future!!! Note: Chimp Haven is NOT a zoo!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog  -B

~ by topcatsroar on September 4, 2014.


  1. One thing bothers me here. How can this ” Carney Anne Nasser, a Tulane Law School professor and member of the Animal Legal Defense Fund” (from out of state, I might add) stand up in court and claim to have seen people throwing rocks, and use that to say the it’s no place for a tiger (or any animal, for that matter)? Shouldn’t it be the rock throwers who are banned? Did they shut down the zoo in CA after those drunk teens threw rocks and the tiger jumped its compound and stalked them? If I throw rocks at PETA HQ, should they move the building? For years, people have been saying that an old landfill in the heart of a metropolitan and residential area is no place for a roadside zoo, yet BCR continues on their merry way.

  2. We are all so sick of this Oppression! What in this HELL are we able to do to fight these crazy people? Is there no news media, no deep pocket aficionados, no one out there in power that understands what is going on here? Should we get a billionaire to back us and pay these people off? Because that is all they are interested in – collecting money for their pseudo causes – oh, and hurting animals, of course!

    • I was replying to another absurd bit of lawlessness…There is very little being done to support animal ownership-We need to change the face of animal owners and be more public and vocal-This should not interpret as your life becoming an open book but no one is doing anything to protect themselves-“Oh that won’t happen to me I just have a dog” is BULLSHIT or “I don’t live in Louisiana” doesn’t fly either-We’ve gone full circle from a time when bonding and conditioning was primary to hands off/no contact -FAKE sanctuaries as the norm when it’s a known fact that well socialized and animals bonded to their owners receive better care and live longer-it’s not rocket science-Animals today are several generations out of the wild-Taking animals from a good home because of a ban on ownership or regulations near impossible to meet, that can change at anytime, is unconstitutional and discrimination…ALL of it is ‘mob-mentality’ coming from Animal Rights Extremist-Terrorists who don’ have a clue and can’t decide which they hate more-animals or people!!! -B

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