When Animal Seizures Are Lawless, Then ALL Animal Ownership Is At Risk!!! Part 1

This is not whether or not these dogs needed immediate emergency care due to unintentional passive animal cruelty-This demonstrates just how lawless it is in Texass and includes a federal court and a lawyer who claims to represent animal seizure victims and knows the Texass laws concerning animal seizure and rescue-ALL done outside the law and in my opinion demonstrates just how every animal owner is at risk in Texass of loosing their animals (everywhere actually) without any concern for the actual laws in place for the proper seizing of animals.

Every time I point these things out people run and hide or attack me as a supporter of animal cruelty which I am not. I am a supporter of proper law and constitutional liberty to life, liberty and property of both state and US Constitutions, as well all Americans should be!!!

A Federal Bankruptcy Judge has no business ordering all the dogs seized-I doubt there was even a proper warrant…tried in the court of public opinion -This case totally lacks due process from the start. Get ready for a long thread on this one…I am pissed!!! -Part 1

Here’s where it starts: A plea for help but had she properly done her research to begin with, then she wouldn’t have needed to go to Go Fund Me and her vindictive aggression for the person she WILLING gave her dogs to!!! If she was really concerned a the time for her dogs then she would have done a background check and gotten a photo ID!!!


Please Help Rescue 3 Collie Dogs!!!

Hi,I need help ASAP! I am going to do my best to make a very long story short. I had adopted 3 Collies to a lady who seemed very nice and who loved the breed. I found out later after she took the dogs, that she lied to me about her name and her address. When I found out who she really was and where she really lived I went to confront her about it. Well, apparently she has had around 70 collies seized from her property a couple of years back for cruelty and neglect, which is why she lied to me. When I went to her property, I could hear tons of dogs barking and the smell of dog feces was horrendous! She still kept up her lie about her name even though I knew who she really was and she refused to give the dogs back. So I hired a lawyer (one who specializes in animal cases) and we went to small claims court. In court we even found out that she forged a notary’s seal and signature for a power of attorney document that she made up as a justification for lying to me about her real name. Well, the judge saw right through her and awarded me the dogs. That should have been the end of it, but it was only the beginning of this nightmare. Even with a judgment, I am having trouble having it enforced. Plus, all of this lady’s property is exempt so I will have a lot of trouble getting my attorneys fees back. But I am not really worried about the money, I mainly just want those dogs out of her possession.. It will cost about 4500-5000 to see this through and get these dogs back. but needless to say, I have exhausted pretty much all of my funds and I don’t know what I will be able to do if I can’t raise some money to see this all the way through. There is no way I can just let her keep those dogs: This has already drug out for several months now and I cannot even imagine the conditions she is keeping them in. I have contacted the Houston SPCA and they do not really seem to care that much. This lady also lives in an unrestricted area, so the city will not get involved.. I have exhausted all of my options and this seems to be the only one that will get the dogs back and hopefully I can get all of her 50+ dogs taken away from her as well. She is a hoarder and does not need to have any animals. Any help will be much appreciated and every penny will go towards getting those dogs back as well as the others that she has.

Thank you so much


If that doesn’t show intent, nothing does-Likely the reason she only received TWO donations of a grand total of thirty bucks!!!

But she went non stop to get the dogs back and after a court  battle that ensued she did finally get her dogs back-I guess she’s not homeless and broke anymore with two children I might add!!! Aided by her attorney Zandra Anderson…But it didn’t stop there and the back story to all this is as crazy as this woman not doing a background check and getting a photo ID-That takes common sense and no money -with very little effort!!! Makes me question her ability to care for her children thus less the dogs that were returned-Can’t help but wonder if her three dogs magically had pyo and blue balls and were S/N without owner consent!!!

The pictures from this lawless animal seizure aren’t pretty but remember, as stated above, the Houston ASPCA did not want to get involved but now suddenly there is a need for an emergency seizure for fleas and matted fur-huh?!? (note-who hasn’t experienced fleas!?!) There was no mention in the court order for any reason to take the rest of the dogs that I have seen so far-but tell me, are fleas and matted fur a reason for immediate seizure of the rest of this animal owners dogs!?!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of another lawless Texass animal seizure and how they did it!!! Incredible!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog  -B




~ by topcatsroar on September 4, 2014.

5 Responses to “When Animal Seizures Are Lawless, Then ALL Animal Ownership Is At Risk!!! Part 1”

  1. yes, top crap wants to rail against the regulators!!! the humanity!! when you side with an animal hoarder with a record over COMMON SENSE, you just show how blind to reality you are.

    • This is the last comment from you that will go up-No one invited you here and no one gives a shit about your opinion which clearly lacks any intelligence to post your crap…

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  3. Looks to me like it’s “Kara,” the owner of the 3 dogs, who said, “She is a hoarder and does not need to have any animals.” So if she said it, it must be true, and the bankruptcy judge took her word for it, magically transformed himself into a criminal court judge, and declared animal cruelty without any cruelty trial. -Only in Texas!

  4. […] *Zandra Anderson recently participated in an illegal and unconstitutional animal seizure during a bankruptcy case as reported in a 5 part series of post on this blog.  Links -When Animal Seizures Are Laws: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/09/04/when-animal-seizures-are-lawless-then-all-animal-owners… […]

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