ZOO WARS~Now Accepting Interns-Really for WHAT?!?

I keep noticing that all these FAKE PSEUDO sanctuary’s are advertising for Internes-INTERNES?!? Are these the same people mimicking Ingrid Newkirk that the hope to be putting themselves out of business?!? Saying they are the BIGGEST and the BEST-for what?!?-of what?!? They certainly aren’t providing proper sanctuary for a single animal considering the animals are on display and at most, if not all these places, available for tours 24/7.

What’s the deal here?!? If they are putting themselves out of business, what do they need or even want internes for?!? What’s the REAL purpose of an intern program unless it’s for the money and to get paid for someone to actually be dumb enough to pay them to work there-Not a bad days ‘take’ you might say for the sanctuary-HA! But they have volunteers to work for free and what are they actually teaching Interns?!? -How to scam off the public?!? Or is it possible that ‘Intern’ is just another name picked out of a hat for  a ‘volunteer with clot’ because thy ‘paid to play’?!?

Well it just so happens I have been privileged to see a letter from an Intern at InsYnc Exotics where so many Tigers recently died and now replaced-Your not exactly going to draw a crowd without tigers are we?!? Of course not, but why so soon when a menacing virus that has claimed so many tiger’s lives is possibly still lurking!?! Might even be dormant in the dirt… Moving past that, I learn it’s one of the biggest shams I have ever heard of and frankly there’s no doubt that Internship is a big money maker!!! -No wonder Baskin is wanting to build  motel/hotel for her Interns-The place full of paying customers-Interns my ass.  It’s not what people believe as an “Internship” as the term is inappropriately being used.

Full Definition of INTERN (Webster’s Dictionary-):  An advanced student or graduate usually in a professional field (as medicine or teaching) gaining supervised practical experience (as in a hospital or classroom)

 Ahhhh, things really aren’t as they appear to be!!! Scamming interns and volunteers-interesting concept if you have the stomach for it…
From the letter: “I started at InsYnc Exotics in late May of 2013 as community service on tickets…140 hours” Required community service per sentencing by a judge from breaking a law. For example, often in some cities or counties, if caught drinking while driving, along with probation.
[Blogger’s note: anything taken directly from the letter will be quoted]
“I decided I wanted to become a volunteer. I liked the idea of helping out and loved the idea of learning new things…and since XXXXX wanted me to sign up, so I did…I worked hard and did everything they asked me… despite what else I had going on..”
“about a month in I was treated like crap infront of another volunteer and he was trying to use this other volunteer on his side..It didnt work out for him..he trashed community service called other volunteers idiots and didnt do much and instead of biting his head off …so the game of his that almost got him fired was put into play even though i knew he would never lose his job and was probably there to do just that…run me off..and then to prevent me of thinking badly, they started asking community service people if they wanted to volunteer.”
“Vickys son left Insync and tried to say the guy they hired came in was community service but it was obvious to me she knew this cat and the employees knew him as well, as time went on, their game was done… I was told by the accepted ones that they thought Vicky ran that place like crap…and at board meetings very stubborn and refuses to change anything….I noticed how certain ladies talk smack about people and are nice in their faces. I NOW know they talk smack about me and the rest of community service…”
“When you join Insync, they ask you to pay 50.00 and it goes towards your green shirt that you may or may not get…if they don’t trust you, then you don’t get…so you have to pay to be a volunteer…then they want you to pay 100.00 a month for membership…If you have 140 volunteers and they pay 100 monthly, that’s 14grand, even if only half can pay that 7 grand still…”
“They knew I didnt have it…In all their events they ask volunteers to brings drinks, coolers, ice, water melons, turkeys, gifts, and any thing else physical that she does not have to pay for…I brought coolers and turkeys stuff like that…Plus the substantial amount of extra monies these volunteers pay Vicky to assure their spot, loyalty, and knowing…what i started noticing is at least on my watch, she didn’t do much but babysit two cats and deal with the vet…
“it was said and it is true this lady refuses to even wash her own dishes for real, she sends out emails refusing to even buy toilet paper and refuses to for 140 volunteers. whom i believe pay for their toilet paper every month…she wants us to donate bottles water and then wants us to pay her a quarter for a bottled water and save the cold ones for her staff…5paid staff and two alleged to bully the other two that they perceive as weak…given one of them had a relationship with the owners son.”
That’s just some of it -I am more than shocked-I’m pissed-no wonder no on wants to volunteer anymore to help the animals or people for that matter, after being taken advantage of like that-And I guarantee if it’s happening at one of these places, it’s happening at others including humane societies and other types of animal shelters…Where nothing is provided for the volunteers-Pay a quarter for the water that you just brought there and expected to drink yourself-and what happens when one goes down from the heat and had no water all day?!?

What’s with the toilet paper?!? Not providing it, again, will discourage anyone from going there and helping but brainwashed into believing it’s a privilege (which it is to do a Random Act of Kindness) goes so un-appreciated with so many ‘playing to play’ calling them interns makes absolute no sense to me-If anyone can provide a better explanation of this type of fools scam, please fill me in!!!

Any volunteers coming to help out should not be paying any fee, should be provided at least cold water, if not food and water!!! Anyone that’s been involved in this program should know that this is not how it always works…Only at places that are in it for the money and that’s quite a chunk of change!!! Anyone experiencing such treatment or has shoud share their stories!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on August 27, 2014.

5 Responses to “ZOO WARS~Now Accepting Interns-Really for WHAT?!?”

  1. Well damn, you can’t really be expecting that “the big cheese” founders would lower themselves to clean pens, feed animals, clean-up around the place…..they need slaves (oops, I mean “volunteers”) to do that stuff because it makes them feel a lot more important than they really are.

    I know one rescue that when there were wild fires in the area, their slaves couldn’t show up because they were too busy worrying if they’d have to evacuate their own homes, so none of the corrals got cleaned until they showed up again.

    So it’s no wonder the founder of the ‘rescue’ is getting fatter and fatter and is now obese instead of just somewhat over weight. That’s also the reason she rides horses like she’s sitting in her favorite barca-lounger too…. lol

    I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I wasn’t outside all the time feeding and watering my own animals, and besides that, I can’t be taken a chance that someone gets hurt and then sues the crap out of us…….I seriously don’t trust people anymore, so better to be safe rather than sorry.

    • If they can’t handle the large numbers and what it takes for happy volunteers then they should have limited the number of animals-NOT taken in more!!! So there’s one ‘figure-head’ watching the soaps and posting on FB and other social media and 5 employees-Wonder what happens the day no one shows up for work!??? Or the day the volunteers stop coming?!? I keep reading story after story how they need donations to care the animals-yet sounds to me like they have been getting plenty just off those ‘interns’!!!

      • I don’t care who it is. If anyone goes into a deal like that saying that they will give anything and expect nothing in return, they will give everything and get nothing in return. The “takers” have their own stupid little club, and it’s designed to exclude or use people like me.

      • I took better care of my HIRED help-no toilet paper, bring your own-HA! Wonder if it says that on the front gate for paying customers, LOL!!!

  2. Don’t believe what any of them say. I have the world’s biggest cat sanctuary and refuge. I may not have any animals, but it’s still the biggest. You can intern with me and not have to do a thing, for half what you’d pay them -plus $20 for a tank-top, and a watermelon and sacrificial lamb now and then. As soon as I have an old car for you to live in on-site, I’ll post my address.

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