UPDATE: Special Interest Groups of Animal Rights Extremist-TERRORISTS Want to Control the Decision of the Court-Part II

Animal Rights Extremist-Terrorists in full force once again and once again they will have to set a new court date-Not set at this time-Ah, they wasted all that gas money coming from across the state and Ft. Smith, and your donations to any of their groups likely paid for their fuel and possibly their lunch as well…And you thought the money was for the animals-HA! You should know better by now…

Link of interest: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/08/08/special-interest-groups-of-animal-rights-extremist-terrorists-want-to-control-the-decision-of-the-court/

Shane and Anne Marie Duhon along with their attorney, Warren Goutcher were scheduled to appear in court today at 2pm.
Due to some backroom work, that appearance didn’t happen. Oh, but all 12 or so Animal Rights Extremist-Terrorists didn’t know THAT either-too funny!!! They showed up alright, once again, all decked out in their respective groups red tee shirts, blue jeans/ shorts and flip flops and sat down again in the jury box expecting to see the Duhon’s hauled off in handcuffs today.

To say that they were disappointed when they were told that the Duhons’ attorney asked for and was granted a continuance would be a gross understatement. Caryn Bearden was heard to say “WHERE is that DA?!? I want to talk to him!!!” and of course she felt more than comfortable attempting to intimidate Anne Marie and Shane by sitting down not 5 feet from them. In a stage whisper, telling a gentleman with a service dog awaiting his turn in front of the judge, exactly who “they’ are with a nod towards the Duhons, who they are.

Needless to say neither Anne Marie or Shane felt a moments fear from a woman who did not have the courage to state who she was-‘loud and proud’. Then Bearden even had the gall to walk up to Shane when Anne Marie and a ‘supporter’who then walked off to answer the call from the attorney.

Bearden then was heard to tell Shane “I don’t want anything bad to happen to you…” [HUH?!? -What BULLSHIT!!!]

Shane kept his cool and the calmly replied “Well then STOP what YOU are doing” -then turned away. Yes,

All of what has happened to Shane and Anne Marie can be laid directly at Caryn Hass Bearden’s feet. -In her own words “spearheaded the take down of Cajun Country Ranch” in a jealous fit of fear over her rescue PAWS of Wilburton possibly loosing out on donations to Cajun Country.

Many of the Animal Rights Extremist-Terrorists were the same as before, they do not live in Wilburton but come from other counties hours away. What a sad waste of gas and time for them-GOOD!!!

The next court date has not been set yet but you better believe they will find out and once agan take a stab at influencing the court’s decision.

Bloggers note: Shane is working long hard hours just to be able to pay for this attorney.
They do not have any extra money so what they are paying the attorney is taking away from paying for other things in life like their house, utilities-FOOD!!!
IF anyone feels the call to help them with the attorney fees there is a paypal account for that at cajuncountryranch@hotmail.com. Please note that the money is for a gift/legal fees. Besides fighting this mess, they are also fighting Child Protective Services to get their children returned to their home. ALL of that takes money -Something that they do not have.

All the things you didn’t know and now maybe wish you still didn’t!!! These people are totlly nuts and yet influence the courts in this country -This is just one example of how they do it-I did a FB search for some of them and there is one who is also involved in child services-Bet 10 bucks she made that call to CPS-Stupid bitch!! There’s nothing in place to stop this type of stalking as well there should be when they go al out to destroy lives and families!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog for more updates on this case -B

~ by topcatsroar on August 27, 2014.

3 Responses to “UPDATE: Special Interest Groups of Animal Rights Extremist-TERRORISTS Want to Control the Decision of the Court-Part II”

  1. I drove Anne and Shane to the courthouse to make sure and witness any possible physical or mental abuse toward the Duhon’s by the radicals. there had been enough with the drive bys at their home the last two weeks. After court they came home with me to help worm my herd of sheep and goats, check a donkey’s hoof I was concerned about, hauled hay poured 40 gallons of milk for the pigs and much more. I was proud to witness their knowledge and gentleness toward the animals I care for. It breaks my heart to have a full grown woman ask if she can hold one of my baby bunnies and almost cry when I said yes. I’m not a rich person and all I could do was send them home with okra from the garden and fresh milk from the cow. It will never pay for all the help they were to me. Love you Top Cats for staying on top of this.

    • Thank you for this thoughtful post for your friend; I’m so glad you found this blog!!! Haters will always be haters…How sad and pathetic!!

  2. […] Link of interest: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/08/27/update-special-interest-groups-of-animal-rights-extremis… […]

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