Zoo Wars~LIES-LIES-and more LIES, Endless LIES to Create Animal Bans

More people getting paid to write articles for Big Cat Rescue-The possibilities are endless-That special twist to in an attempt to get an experience of a lifetime banned-Sickening when e legislatures believe the lies being told buy a ruthless woman, Carole Baskin-CEO BCR, paying people to repeat her words or worse yet, writing the articles herself by another name…LIES-LIES and more LIES. There is no requirement for a tiger to be on concrete or in a cage the size of a postage stamp although many of the tigers at Big Cat Rescue are living in extremely small cages that do NOT meet regulations-NOT secured to the ground and it is my belief that because this ‘facility’ is built on an old landfill is loaded with PCBs which would explain the cancer and tumors for al the have died there…Where’s the USDA or FFW on that!?! Furthermore the cats drinking water is pumped in from the old retention pond -also contaminated!!!

I am familiar with “Jungle Safari” -Owned and run by one of the nicest guys you ever want to met, Robby Engesser, and does an excellent job with his cubs. Obviously the writer found NOTHING wrong so made an attack based on LIES from Baskin!!! The following article is nothing but a cruel joke as it’s contents are not based on truth and facts -This is unacceptable!!!


I am shocked and saddened to see that a man named Robert Engesser is traveling the country and setting up a roadside zoo full of exotic cats and  cubs in various cities using the name “Jungle Safari.”

Last week they were in our town at Rantoul Plaza.

Unscrupulous breeders of exotic cats like Engesser travel the country  displaying tiger cubs at fairs and malls and offering customers — for a fee of about $35 — the opportunity to pet the cubs and have their photos taken.

These breeders often promote their “pay to play with tiger cubs” scheme under the guise of providing consumers with education about big cats. But the  truth is they are simply using these innocent young creatures to make money.

[Bloggers note-I guess she wants Robby to provide all that he does for free-Maybe the truth be known, she didn’t have or could afford the $35.00 for an experience of a lifetime!!]

Without knowing the facts, seeing children pet cute tiger cubs seems adorable and innocent. But according to Big Cat Rescue, an accredited sanctuary in Florida, in reality these cubs endure a miserable existence while they are on display and then are destined, in most cases, to a life sentence in deplorable conditions or are killed as part of the multi-million-dollar illegal trade in tiger parts.

[Bloggers note: According to FFW-Big Cat Rescue is NOT a Florida accredited sanctuary as previously reported on this blog. 2) The only deplorable existence than in a SCAM-tuary/SCUM-tuary like BCR as what Baskin describes is of her own facility. 3) OUTRIGHT LIE-“killed as part of the multi-million-dollar illegal trade in tiger parts”-non-existent although I can’t help but wonder what BASKIN does with all those tiger skins and skulls on the return from the taxidermy of more than 150 cats that HAVE DIED AT BIG CAT RESCUE largely due to cancer and tumors.]

If asked, these exhibitors usually tell patrons that the cubs will have a wonderful home once they are too big to have contact with the public, either at their facilities or elsewhere.

However, regulations allow any owner in the U.S. to keep a tiger in a concrete-floored, chain-link enclosure not much bigger than a parking space, often with nothing to do but walk in circles or stare out … for the rest of their lives.

[Bloggers note: One look at any enclosure demonstrates that this is not usually a requirement and the only small enclosures are usually found in places calling themselves ‘sanctuary’]

Enforcement of the rules that do exist is limited because there are not enough inspectors to adequately monitor the thousands of tigers owned by people licensed to exhibit animals. We treat criminals in prison far better than the way most owners end up treating captive tigers, whose only crime was being bred by a breeder/exhibitor to make money.

[Bloggers note: There are not there are not thousands of  tigers un-regulated…Fact is over regulated]

People who are unaware of the facts surrounding this important issue innocently support the abuse by patronizing the cub displays. The cubs are adorable, and the exhibitors are skilled at telling their lies. But  increasingly, people are becoming aware of the issue and the abuse. As the number of people who object to such displays grows, more and more venues are banning the displays, both for humane reasons and because it is good business not to offend the growing number of customers who do not want to see animals  mistreated.

I want our town to be a forward-thinking one and ban these roadside zoos.

That was written by a complete IDIOT and unfortunately many people will actually believe this pack of lies-COMPLETE BULLSHIT an un-fortunately can led to the obvious…


This week Governor Andrew Cuomo signed new legislation that now makes it illegal for traveling fairs and attractions to allow people to come in contact with lions, tigers and other big cats.  Fox News says wildlife advocates claim these baby tigers are often taken from their parents at a young age and neglected.  The interactions with humans can be harmful to both people and the small animals.  And then once the animals grow too old to be trusted with humans, they are discarded.


I have yet to see a tiger cub discarded especially when there is USDA/APHIS control on these animals with record reviews of where the animal go- Animals can not be exhibited without the owner having the required USDA/APHIS permit to exhibit-There is nothing illegal about having you pictured made with any big cat cub unless you live in New York State and this law goes beyond reason!!!

There’s NOTHING better than an adorable tiger cub, holding him and having your picture taken to remember the moment. Then you learn that tigers are going extinct in the wild and banned from ownership or restricted ownership in this country-Pictures most definitely do make a difference and extremely educational as you might not know or even care about the plight of this animal had you not decided t have your picture taken in the first place-Good going New York-Another dumb move for things that you really know nothing about!!!

Realizing that she will never be able to have this experience again-a jealous Carole Baskin~CEO Big Cat Rescue wants no one to have this special moment and privilege. She failed as a breeder and will never be able to touch another cub without the ridicule so she figures that you shouldn’t be able to either-Now no one in New York state will be able to touch ANY animal-Thanks Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue/Wild Life on Easy Street (BCR/WOES) for destroying the enjoyment, relationship and education with animals for people living in New York!!!

I am glad I have better things to do than destroy the lives and businesses of other people by creating obscure reasons for laws based on my hatred of both animals and people-By complaining about other people and missing out on the things I enjoy because I have created a life for myself that I hate. This is the worse kind of BULLY and LIAR feeding the Animal Rights Extremists-Terrorist Animal Gestopo to get it done.

At the zoo FredAt rhe zoo 4 cropped

Great day at the GW Exotic Animal Park-Thank you Joe Schreibvogel!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B



~ by topcatsroar on August 20, 2014.

7 Responses to “Zoo Wars~LIES-LIES-and more LIES, Endless LIES to Create Animal Bans”

  1. GW Exotics is a horrible place. Do not believe a word he says. Do your research. Big Cat Recuse IS a legitimate sanctuary and IS accredited.

    • I know more on the topic than you give me credit-HA! Up close and personal with both!!! GW is one of the nicest privately owned animal parks in this country-Carol Baskin’s Big Cat Rescue is built on an old landfill-Likely contaminated with PCBs and harmful to both human and animal…The highest dead rate for big and small exotic cats in this country is at BCR!!! Even bags on it with the wall of death-Then takes the animals to a taxidermy for the fur and bones-and you don’t think that’s an issue-I beg your pardon. It n fact that FFW issues a letter stating that BCR is NOT a Florida accredited sanctuary and IS an attraction-NOT A SANCTUARY!!! Before witting to me with suck an idiotic statement without doing the research!!!
      I am a retired circus performer and educator with big cats- I met Backin when she was Lewis and Wildlife on Easy Street with FFW preparing to confiscate 3 tigers that were illegally brought into the state of Florida and she had no permit with that agency or a proper breeders/exhibitors license with the USDA-I was on tour performing when I met the Lewis’ and helped Don, her late husband that she had declared dead, out of that bad situation…She knows what it feels like and yet continues with he plight against ownership and the bans continuing throughout this country-She is NOT the largest big cat sanctuary in this country-she’s not even a sanctuary-
      Before you state that GW is horrible I suggest that you go there and see for yourself!!! And obviously you haven’t been to BCR either, LOL!!! But fools post comments on this blog all the time-Furthermore I am not Joe Exotic and while I do know him he does not have any control on this blog But his work is amazing and what he’s uncovered about Baskin is the truth…If you want to continue going thru your life with a blinds eye go ahead but obviously your uneducated and outright stupid comments are not welcome here!!! -B

    • Here ya go you poor misguided fool-Not only is BCR NOT a Florida accredited sanctuary-She can NEVER be a GFAS verified accredited sanctuary!!! BCR is built on an old landfill and is FACT!!! It can never pass soil and water inspection!!! Actually endangering both people and animals residing and visiting that property!!!

  2. I hate Carol Baskin, and her hypocrisy. She has no right to shame anyone. She is evil, a liar, a con artist and a master manipulator. Anyone that is stupid enough to fund her laughable sancuary should have smuck tatooed on their forehead. It easy enough to research her lies, how she lies and makes up boo hoo stories about her supposed rescues. Most of the animals are from her own pathetic breesing program. Why did Baskin have this sudden epiphany about animal rights? Why, so the public can fund her personal cattery! Her latest crusade is to ban hybrid cats, and that would give her the pickings of F1-3, and the unwanted ones can be killed. Now anyone that use any means besides allowing people stare at them or make up abuse stories as she does are abusing them. REALLY!? She is pimping her cats with every sob story, every picture, every tour. Carol Baskin is no expert, except at picking pockets of the stupid, manipulating the AR agenda to please herself, the truth is she wants no one to enjoy the beauty of wild cats. Only she is. Her sanctuary is a joke, and California zoos blow her out of the water. The one in my local park is so much better. Hers is pathetic! Hers is on a landfill, and I wonder how she gets away with that! What she says about hybrid cats is laughable, because there is a video of her saying the opposite 15 years ago and she owns a hybrid cat! Explain that to me. In all, she is just a con artist, that married rich and liked the lifestyle, and has the public to live high on the hog. Wake up people, and see her for what she is!

  3. By now I’d think people would be wise to that style of “reporting facts” while actually spouting nothing but speculation. Anytime the talk shifts from the individual to what “these type of people oftentimes do…” it should set off a red light in the back of your skull. In the old witchcraft trials, a person could be hanged based on the speculative talk of “what witches generally do.” Gypsies have been bashed through history, based on what somebody claims roving bands of Gypsies oftentimes do. And today, despite Civil Rights, minority individuals are still judged, based on -you guessed it- tales of what minorities usually do. When people do not really understand something and know the facts firsthand, they tend to speculate, fill in the blanks with suppositions, and fall back on the stories they’ve heard from others (who heard it from someone else, ad infinitum). The real harm and damage result from those who hear or read this fiction masquerading as fact, and believe it. This is comparable to condemning the people of Tokyo because they killed Godzilla, or more realistically and timely, condemning Steven Spielberg for killing a dinosaur (yes, by now we’ve all seen the picture online!). People are just to quick to believe everything they see or read in print. The old adage that “If you read it in the News, it must be true,” simply no longer applies in this day and age of unregulated and anonymous Internet “news.” People like Carole Baskin even stoop so low as to send anonymous complaints to themselves, then use those as fodder in their attacks on others. Even when there is documented evidence that she did just that, people WANT to believe her tall tales and lies.

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