Zoo Wars~Opps-Looks like Baskin (BCR/WOES) is Barking Up the Wrong Tree~Don’t mess with Our Hybrids!!!

Thinking she can get away with just about anything and everything-after all, it appears this woman has even gotten away with murder!!! I think that Carole Baskin just may have overstepped her boundaries this time~Maybe messing with house cats will led to her demise -that is unless she finds another cat to ‘rescue’ and plead for more money. Of course that will take a special cat-one that might really be in need of rescue; however, after milking it for all it’s worth, she just might euthanize it as she has done before!!!


Big Cat Rescue, Tampa, Florida Complaints & Reviews – Fraud and Lies

My complaint is Big Cat Rescue, and the founder Carol Baskin, and the more I find out about her and the supposed rescue the more of a rancid flavor it leaves in my mouth. I became aware of Big Cat Rescue while researching Bengals, a hybrid cat I was interested in purchasing one. I found article in which Mrs. Baskin disparaged Bengals, claiming this cats were vicious, unpredictable, attacked pets, children, adults and the elderly, were a nuclear warhead for wildlife and would create a super cat in feral colonies that would prey upon even natural predators. Not to mention that she claims hybrid cats use owner’s house as a urinal. I was applaud, and after finding actual real partial research I welcome two Bengals into my home within the last the last couple of years.

I recently become reacquainted with Big Cat Rescue because of the hybrid ban she and several other sanctuaries and animal advocacy groups introduced in California and Florida. Through researching big Cat Rescue, I found that Mrs. Baskin, the founder of this BCR is a con artist, liar, and is a horrible person. Who knows her past since it changes to fit her moods. In some she was her second husband’s mistress and in her new version they became friends and later lovers. She is the reason he was wealthy. It must be nice to rewrite your past. She and her second husband breed exotic cats and currently most of her cats are from her own breeding program or from the exotic pet trade, which does not mean that the cats were abused as Baskin claims. I give her credit, she is well versed in writing tales of woe that have befallen her supposedly abused cats. But it is a rarity if even half of it is true. Why does she do this? Because abuse stories pulls at heart strings and brings in bigger donations. There is a paper trail which clearly show her purchases and births of her cats, and plenty of ex employees and volunteers she has bullied. She is not satisfied with only lying about her animals, she lies about other cat sanctuaries, because she does not want competition. Mrs. Baskin enjoyed her life as a millionaire, and uses the donations for her personal piggy bank. She gives herself a very generous salary and still lives high on the hog, while her cats, do not get the best of care as she claims. Many of them die of cancer because the land they live on was a land fill. So the water those animals drink and play in are contaminated. Her enclosures for the money she takes in should be much better, and she has been fined many times for lack of care and for unsafe enclosures. Many people have been hurt by her cats, from escaping, or when she allowed people to interact with her big cats. Baskin is a horrible person, who truly does little to help big cats. Anyone stupid enough to ignore the overwhelming evidence of fraud, lies, and immoral of her character and the people she surround herself with is just stupid. BCR should be closed down and Baskin should face charges of slaunder, fraud, and misuse of donations. Oh, she does not believe a word she says about hybrid cats. She stated in1995 that F2 Bengals made wonderful pets, and had a soft pelt. She also owns her own personal Savannah that lives in her home. I would love her to explain the picture with the cat wrapped around her neck. In all, I hate her, she also works hand in hand with HSUS. In all she is nothing but a very talented con artist. One day, she will get hers. Oh, and she said she loves animals, yet sat by as horses were being abused right nwxt next to her. She only loves money. She also called owners of hybrid cats animal abusers, she is one to since she owns one!


I’ve never been or even heard of this site but you can list complaints and make comments to complaints-Have fun-Knock yourselves out filing them-she can not delete them or make them go away.

My comment to this post:

More information on the hybrids from Carole Baskin-Big Cat Rescue/Wildlife on Easy Street (BCR/WOES) Lies, Fraud and Deception-In her own words. Over and over again we see her deceiving the public for donations-In my opinion, animals in actual need of ‘rescue’ should NEVER be sent there as they will be euthanized or die a short time later. Owner of the larges collection of dead cats anywhere in the United States should be her actual her actual claim to fame. Her late husband a cold case that can not be solved-He was declared dead by her although no actual body has ever been found. After inheriting millions on his supposed death, became a SCAM-tuary. Built on an old landfill in Florida with the cats provided water from the old retention pond. It’s no wonder the most these deaths have been from cancer or tumors!!!

​Carole Baskin is no stranger to bad legislation to end contact with big cats. Already helped to create bans that are unacceptable.

​Joined at the hip to HSUS and adapted to their standard of ending all relations and contact with animals has shown her true self when she attacked the hybrid house cats that are not considered anymore than a regular house cat and confirmed with FL-FFW …Time this woman be taught a lesion and just maybe the owners of hybrid house cats will be the one’s to stop her.


Disclaimer connected to this bog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on August 19, 2014.

2 Responses to “Zoo Wars~Opps-Looks like Baskin (BCR/WOES) is Barking Up the Wrong Tree~Don’t mess with Our Hybrids!!!”

  1. Do a little research, and you’ll find plenty to complain about, on this Big Cat Rescue outfit, headed by a “black widow, ” Carole Baskin. Do a search for Don Lewis, for starters. That’s the husband who people say is under the septic tank -which coincidentally was being installed at the time he went missing. Then there’s all the animals they bought together, and the ones still surviving she now claims were “rescued” from incompetent and/or abusive owners. The incompetent owners are her and her daughter themselves. She speaks out against paid exhibits of exotic animals and the practice of photographing people with exotics. Yet she herself charges an arm and a leg for tours of her own ramshackle “sanctuary.” There is a fairly recent photo circulating the Internet, of her current husband, Howard Baskin, holding a baby tiger with an ear-to-ear grin. Hypocrisy? You bet. She attacks breeders, mainly because her own attempts at breeding failed miserably. She attacks rehabilitation efforts… A group of bobcat cubs all died due to her own efforts to “rehab” them. She mounts attacks on other sanctuaries or private zoos every time there’s a single death or injury, whether to humans or animals, yet downplays the many accidents, maulings, and deaths at her own roadside menagerie. HSUS won’t say anything bad about her, since she has made some hefty contributions to them, out of the donations she received, that were supposed to be earmarked for animal care. Like I say, do a little research and you might be surprised at all you find!

    • And all can be found under the topic Zoo Wars on this blog or a well written blog by Juan Garcia-link was provided on this blog as well.

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