ZOO WARS~Joe Exotic’s True Passion “A Life Ruined In 5 Minutes”

Joe Exotic’s True Passion “A Life Ruined In 5 Minutes”


“Your pain is my pain, and my pain is yours.”
There is no greater bond than your bond with your animals and only those who talk the talk, walk the walk and fight the fight can fully understand Joe Exotic’s message. He feels your own pain as I feel his; as gut wrenching as it is, I thank him for sharing this meaningful message and exposing himself for those who have joined him in this fight for human rights and animal welfare and so that maybe those who don’t understand, just might. Sadly, the people who torment animal owners won’t even try to understand or even care to and I wouldn’t be surprised if they use this against him-Watch for it…

What started as his joy…my joy and the joy for all private owners has become sadness at the mere thought of the loss and a living Hell at the actual and possible loss and “destruction of life as we know it” as free living and free thinking Americans are led to believe that we are protected from the abuse that people impose upon us. [They came with asault rifles and protective gear with the media in tow…Sensualizing the  news with the lies to promote themselves in false light.] I grieve at anyone’s loss and I cry hearing and feeling his pain.

Many appreciate all that Joe Exotic has done and all that he will continue to do for the animals and the people who continue to grieve and beating themselves up over the actions of what other people have chosen to do against both people and the animals-No, they aren’t interested in the animals, not yours or even theirs-Only a means for the great money funneling to them. [More on this in a future post It’s all about the money]

Trust is a difficult thing; follow your heart and be true to yourself and the animals that you so dearly love…
YES, ‘it’ changes your life as you knew it in a way that you never expected or intended. Life becomes a living Hell -What was taken from the very depths of your being can never be returned-

Anyone who has experienced the unnecessary and pointless loss or experiencing the pointless fear of what the Animal Rights Extremist-Terrorists could do and are doing leading the way for the destruction of all life, knows this. Joe is joined as other animal owners begin to walk the walk, talk the talk and fight the fight as victims of what has taken control over Joes life and the life of his animals and theirs.

The ‘enemy’ forges ahead with no concern for who gets in their way, who or what they hurt. The Karma lingering in the stink of their righteous indignation that serves no purpose other than for themselves as the entire Animal Rights Extremist-Terrorists Agenda is filled with hatred towards both animals and humans; their path set for the destruction of all life and values we were taught to believe. In the end, they can not win as the Animal Rights Agenda blows up in their face-Sweet Karma will led the way…Trust in that…

It’s not about revenge but to correct what is correctable after all, they themselves have already lost the celebration of life both animal and human, that spark that makes us rejoice in life.

There’s truly nothing left for people who have no respect for life including their own. We may never see an actual end of it as there might always be a Baskin (BCR) or a Kozlowski (WBCR) out there, a Laurie Gagen (Black Pine) and an organization filled with Humaniacs (HSMC) attempting to flourish with your demise or mine but once the truth reveals itself as it has with Joe Exotics reveal, it can not be denied.

You really don’t want to miss this rest of this interview. Tonight 8/12/2020 at 6pm cst

www.joeexotictv.com and live on youtube.


Poster chimp vs tiny monkey

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned, follow this blog  -B




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2 Responses to “ZOO WARS~Joe Exotic’s True Passion “A Life Ruined In 5 Minutes””

  1. What exactly happened? I didn’t watch the webshow

    • Part 2 of the interview is tonight-6pm cst…I imagine that Joe goes thru this on a daily basis-Something he rarely shares with the rest of the world is the pain…Obviously, you understand it by showing your concern…I updated the post-follow the link at the bottom of the blog for Joe Exotic TV -B

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