TRUTH-There is No Pet Over Population -Finally Admitted by HSUS

Of course they lied-Straight up from the top and so began the beginning of your indoctrination into the Animal Rights Extremists Agenda without your even knowing it…S/N all animals and not allow them to breed, adopt a shelter pet and save a life of an animal as if you would then become some great hero for what?!?-A FAKE ‘rescue’-What BULLSHIT!!!

Thus began your indoctrination into laws for licensing all intact animals…your indoctrination into believing that, those poor homeless animals the fault of the breeders-Your fault because you wanted and bought a pure breed pet where you knew the specific tendencies of the breed and could get what you wanted…Buy a shelter pet and not one from a ‘puppy mill’-More BULLSHIT!!!

The vicious hatred of all breeders began and it hit hard through all communities and especially on social media. The MYTH remains alive and well no mater that they have admitted to it; after all, once there are no pets available, the ultimate goal of the Animal Rights Extremist-Terrorists is exposed there will not be enough breeders left to make much of a difference; after all, laws now created to stop people from breeding animals; already they have stopped the sales of companion pets in Pet Shops-HELLO!!! The public bought hook, line and sinker.

Same with these ‘Safety Acts’ as previously posted on this blog-These BAD bills do NOTHING for animals or humanity-Created for the sole purpose to stop all relationships between man and animal…Fight off these misconceptions thru the discovery of the lies and betrayal to force you to go vegan and end all relationships with animals before it’s too late for future generations to enjoy some of the things that you may have ultimately denied them.

from Nathan J Winograd:

The Myth of Pet Overpopulation (HSUS Edition)

At their national sheltering conference this year, HSUS’ Vice-President for Companion Animals admits that pet overpopulation is a myth; that there is a huge market for shelter animals that vastly exceeds the number of animals killed for lack of a home (17 million homes vs. 3 million killed); that we can adopt our way out of killing; and we should.

Though the supply-demand imbalance is actually even more pronounced in favor of the animals (they are using old data), nonetheless, HSUS says that it isn’t a question of ‘too many animals, not enough homes,’ but the need for increasing market share. Coming from HSUS, this is a revolutionary change, striking as it does, to the heart of the killing.

  • Watch the above 1 minute video excerpt where HSUS is finally making public the statistics revealed by the study, done on their behalf five years ago, showing how demand for animals exceeds the numbers killed in shelters (supply).
  • The whole 1 hour 10 minute video is available by clicking here.
  •  A review of the data is available from the No Kill Advocacy Center by clicking here.

Though No Kill advocates have endured years of ridicule and abuse for exposing the lie of pet overpopulation, one of its primary proponents is finally admitting that, in fact, it simply does not exist. The questions now become:

  • Will HSUS begin to address the true causes of shelter killing?
  • Will it force shelters to change the way they operate so that animals are kept alive long enough to get into those homes?
  • Will they stop promoting and defending the practice of shelters killing animals when there are empty cages?
  • Will they stop working to defeat laws that mandate all the programs and procedures that allow shelters to replace killing with alternatives?
  • Will they stop telling shelters that they are free to keep killing, rather than implement those alternatives to killing?

So far, the answer to all those questions has been “NO”.

Nathan J Winograd


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion ad the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B


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