Special Interest Groups of Animal Rights Extremist-TERRORISTS Want to Control the Decision of the Court

SPECIAL NOTE: This is an account of actual court room activity of a case involving stalkers from Animal Rights Extremists-Terrorists for a first time violation after 2 years of a 5 year probation period which in itself is a bit harsh from the original case of a non-violent, passive, un-intentional crime. The very same stalkers are now stalking the DA and the ADA making demands for jail time. They staged a demonstration of power over the court and the people involved in the court room just in their being present; joined by other Extremist-Terrorists from outside these counties. THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO SCREENING EQUIPMENT IN USE OR SECURITY IN THE COURT HOUSE OR ON ENTERING THE COURT ROOM.

I too was present to support my friends and I became concerned about my personal safety in a court room overflowing with people; beyond maximum capacity. People who were to be before the court yesterday  were waiting in the hallway with no bailiff letting anyone know their names had been called unless they had said they would wait in the hallway-no microphone was in use. ANIMAL RIGHTS EXTREMISTS-TERRORISTS WERE ALLOWED TO BE STAGING A SILENT DEMONSTRATION IN THE COURT ROOM INCLUDING TAKING PICTURES OF THEIR INTENDED VICTIMS, THE DUHONS, THE DA, THE ADA, US AND LIKELY THE JUDGE IF HE DIDN’T RULE AS THEY HAD BEEN DEMANDING. THE RIGHTS OF EVERY AMERICAN ARE AT RISK WITH THIS TYPE OF ACTIVITY BEING ALLOWED.


On entering the court room yesterday, there was a distinct air of hatred emerging from the jury box. Dressed in red, Animal Rights Extremist-Terrorists were making their presence known to the judge, the DA, the ADA, and Anne Marie and Shane Duhon who were there to appear before the judge for a first time parole violation, the first in two years of a 5 year parole.

[reference link: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/07/27/first-offense-against-probation-for-non-violent-crime-could-destroy-a-family/ ]

Like typical stalkers and bullies, they had placed calls all week to both the Assistant District Attorney Chris Henry and District Attorney Jeff Smith insisting that they push for Judge Bill Welsh to put the Duhons in jail and throw away the key; as if these two people had committed some violent crime endangering the public when they had NOT!!! Frankly, there was no crime ever committed when you consider the fact that Anne Marie was running an animal rescue as she had done when she lived in Louisiana only this time, she became overwhelmed and no one offering a Random Act of Kindness to help provide for the animals. Instead both she and her husband were stalked and treated badly for a non violent and passive case of unintentional animal cruelty. That was two years ago. But the hatred for the Duhons never stopped, the stalking never stopped altho they were placed on a 5 year probation.

The hearing yesterday was for a violation of that probation yet, even the ‘expert’ euthanasia specialist with the SPCA came 1/2 way across the state to sit in that jury box in silent demonstration, as if there to claim of some victory over a probation violation and finally getting to euthanize two human beings.

How quickly she and the rest of this gang of hoodlums has forgotten the words of the federal judge in a RICO case that included the SPCA-The ‘Mob Mentality’ of the Animal Rights Extremists special interest organizations that settled out of court to the tune of 9.3 million dollars (from the SPCA) to the Field corporation; rather than face anymore humiliation for having done the harm. Currently, Attorney General Pruitt has HSUS (PETA/SPCA with neck ties) under investigation and they have been subpoenaed. HSUS has LOST it’s Charity rating!!! -Paid the Feld Corporation in a settlement for RICO violations. HSUS got off the hook and spent donations intended for Animal Welfare, even thou they give less than 1% of the money collected to animal shelters and paying their CEO a salary the likes of which you will never see.

Outside the court house-Latimer County-OKOutside the Latimer County Court House following their silent show of force in a packed court room.

PETA, an Animal Rights Extremist organization, was represented yesterday; Ruth Steinberger  from PETA proudly sitting in that jury box. PETA has a 97% KILL rate and lusting to kill the Duhons right there in that court room.

The room was otherwise filled with people who could have cared less about this case. No one was dressed properly and neither were these people in the jury box. Sloppy, in jeans, some torn and others in tank tops including the sloppy older woman with the animal shelter-A TANK TOP but oh, it was red-likely she couldn’t afford to buy a new shirt that fit her properly and apparently not able to shower. Sad but true from the looks of it; these were the people that DA Jeff Smith is basing his opinion of the case to push for a sever sentence of jailing the Duhons for rabbits and chickens to be used as food. -HELLO!!!

The case will be continued…

Later this month, Shane and Anne Marie Duhon will again be in court facing the judge on a simple parole violation of non payment of fines and possesion of animals. The outcome of this could have both of them going to prison for a first time, non-violent parole violation. The taxpayers are, once again, paying for this and are being used by Animal Rights Extremist-Terrorists from PETA, SPCA and other people from Arkansas and outside the county to push their personal adgend against the Duhons.

This is a total waste of tax payers money. It is an even bigger waste of the taxpayers money to send someone that is gainfully employed now and able to pay their fines on time to the court; to prison. Bullies will be bullies no matter the cost-especially when of no concern to people who live outside Latimer and LaFlore, Oklahoma. The Duhons will have to pay for representation.

To top it off, there would then be three minor children placed in CPS custody and again this will be at the taxpayers expense.

Shane and Anne Marie hit a rough patch but they have worked hard to correct it and have done so. There is no justification to accelerate a deferred sentence for a non-violent, passive, unintentional crime to prison time.

Usually the courts change the deferred sentence to a suspended sentence but because of a few Animal Rights Extremists and the incorrect reports from the media that this has received from PETA, SPCA, and P.A.W.S.; the Animal Rights Extremists- Terrorists involved are claiming that the Duhon’s are going to get “SPECIAL” treatment. SPECIAL TREATMENT My ASS!!! -Treatment that drug dealers and users, thieves and drunk drivers do get all the time. All of them break the law time and time again; receiving chance after chance. Michael Vick got special treatment-the Duhons may get special treatment alright-right back in jail for a parole violation.

Shane and Anne Marie have broken NO laws; they simply violated a court order in an attempt to be able to keep their house note paid and the heat/lights on during last winter. -So for that they MUST go to prison?!? I think NOT!!! But that’s what PETA, the SPCA and members of P.A.W.S are insisting of District Attorney Jeff Smith.

District Attorney Jeff Smith has said repeated to anyone who asks, that he wants the Duhons in prison because he is sick of all the press this has gotten, tired of his phone ringing off the hook and believes that by sending the Duhons to jail will make it stop and get himself re-elected to the office he currently holds for Latimer and LaFlore Counties.

Well, DA Jeff Smith needs to be reminded that as an elected official, he owes his alliance to what the majority of the taxpayers and voting pubic of those two counties want and it’s certainly NOT giving preferred treatment to the demands of a special interest group of Animal Rights Extremists-Terrorists; especially when the majority from these terrorists groups that attended the hearing, are NOT from Latimer or Leflore Counties.

What the taxpaying voting citizens of Latimer and Leflore Counties gave him they can also take away. The voting public can voice their displeasure at the voting booths next election day by voting Smith out of the DA office and voting in an official that would better manage their tax dollars and concentrate on the REAL criminals out there for the protection of the residents of these counties rather than wasting time and money for this issue. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

The Duhons spent 10 days in jail already for a parole violation and certainly is enough punishment. Now ordered to hire an attorney for representation. The media totally misrepresented this as an animal cruelty case when it is NOT!!!

I can’t help but wonder why DA Smith hasn’t gone for a protection order for himself, members of his office and the Duhons-Animal Rights Extremists are known for the harm that they can do-I can’t help but wonder if this shouldn’t be considered unreasonable stalking and personal threats from this group of Animal Rights Extremist-Terrorist.

This was NOT for the purpose of re-hearing an old case as that would be considered double jeopardy; nor was this even a new case but a violation of probation. Honestly, I can not see the value in it for the tax payers when they have to set aside a one or two hour hearing, possibly longer and demanding that the Duhons hire an attorney as they should be treated no differently than anyone else for a first time violation of probation and not this outrageous activity.

Maybe DA Smith needs to be reminded that his job as an elected official, is to provide fair treatment for everyone and not waste tax payer money. They voted him in, they can vote him out:

District Attorney Jeff Smith
100 S Broadway, room 300
Poteau, OK 74953
fax 918 647 3209
phone 918 647 2245

Watch for updates…

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on August 8, 2014.

14 Responses to “Special Interest Groups of Animal Rights Extremist-TERRORISTS Want to Control the Decision of the Court”

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  3. I have been following your blogs for quite a while now and these two stories about the Duhons are horrific. I could not believe all of this so I took it apon myself to research the case. This is a clear cut case of one so called rescue (i could not find much new up to date information on PAWS of wilburton and Ms Bearden so that group looks fishy too!) wanting to keep all the donations and love to themselves. I looked at all the information on Cajun Country Ranch animal rescues page and the animals looked like typical rescue animals some great some over weight, some not so great some skinny but nothing that one would not see in any shelter or rescue worth its salt. Isn’t that what a rescue does take in not so great animals and work to the best of their ability to make them great?
    what these women and one man are doing to destroy a family that was just trying at first to help a bunch of unwanted animals is disgusting. And to go after them when they make a mistake like many of us do (not that loosing a job and trying to feed your family is a MISTAKE mind you) and want to put them in PRISON???? Where is the compassion for humans here? i will be sharing this with all of many many friends some of which do live in the very area these hateful animal rights activists live. I bet they will love to know who their enemies really are! I will also be telling them to withhold any donations to any of the groups that were involved in this terrible deed. I wish that i knew how to reach the Duhons and tell them that they have my support!

    • I will deliver your message to the Duhons…Maybe your friends would consider helping them with money to get an attorney as required by the judge and according to lawyers I have consulted, they should have regardless of what the judge ordered. I believe we can get them to open a bank account where they can receive money thru pay pal or deposited directly to them!!! Le me know…These are not rich people obviously!!! Already a little behind with payments to the court (from the original case- they owe $6,000.00 to the court) to be made in payments and now have to pay for an attorney and still support themselves…Trapped in the system where they should never have been charged in the first place and struggling as a result of it-horrifying!!!

      • First of all this is a LIE-I am personal friends with them. Shane is working hard at a good job and has always had a job with the exception of recent un-employment and started a recent new job-Your information is coming from the cesspool that YOU dwell in-get a life and off your couch!!! And if-that IF they were living in filth -which they are NOT-that would be absolutely none of your fucking business. How about an invite to your home and I pop in on you when you least expect it and see how you live. I imagine there’s garbage and dirty dishes all around your COUCH you couch potato!!! I only posted your comment so I can reply to it-Marjorie I repeat-get a life…NOTE-Your comment has been removed and I have the last word on this-HA!

    • paws in wilberton, only info I can find-208 east blair phone 918-465 2587 trying to find out if they are state certified and lisenced like they are suppose to be! Stacie DeFonte is the PETA rep that was there to take the animals and we all know what they do to them. I was at the auction where she was taking pictures of more than just the Duhons. Still trying to track down the name of the big guy that was trying to intimidate me at the courthouse, he is suppose to be the animal control officer in Sebastion county Ar. Let’s not forget dear Ruth Steinberger, her claim to fame is putting down animals at the Sebastion SPCA. If big boy pulls his stuff again at court on the 26th of august and does work for sebastion I’m going to Greenwood to file a formal complaint- I live in Sebastion County!

      • Thank you very much for the information-I’ll pass it on-
        I sure don’t understand how or why people do the things they do to destroy the lives of fellow human beings. Whether Anne Marie and Shane broke probation or not those people have no business attempting to influence the court in the manner that we witnessed in that court room. And the massive phone call campaign to the district attorney. People outside the county and the state have absolutely no business being there in the first place.
        For the most part I see support for the Duhons although in a court with a district Attorney that is out of control and a judge who doesn’t have a clue as to what a felony charge should be because a passive unintentional ‘crime’ that hurt no one certainly should not have been considered a felony in the first place. Was there really even any crime committed in the when the animals involved were ‘rescued’ and no telling the condition when they arrived just because a bunch of vicious opinionated people pounced and said it was?!? Just how much training does that A/C officer have to judge a rescue and push to remove the animals?!? -Just what is his personal agenda in all of this?!?
        The point of mentioning all this is that the Duhons accepted a plea bargain with a 5 year probation and there might not be a way to go back and correct that but there’s no excuse for the treatment they are receiving from these extremists for crying out loud!!!
        Shame is on all those people (I use that word loosely) for what they do!!! They seem to have forgotten they are supposed to be helping animals and helping people to provide for those animals!!! It’s called a Random Act of Kindness!!! No an outrageous WAR to destroy people and their lives. -B

    • What were there 6 or 8 of these supposed extreme terrorists there ? That’s all I saw.

      • Marilyn-You sent several links to media stories-1 old one and all already seen…Media stories can be challenged and you bet some of these will likely even up in court as the information contained in these articles is not correct -the media can be held liable..I hope that they are-the Duhons could use that money!!!
        Unless you have been involved in rescue, then you wouldn’t understand that animals do not arrive in perfect condition and often takes months to get the animals back to good health.
        But the current case does NOT involve any animal cruelty-It’s for breaking probation and in no way indicates that any animal cruelty existed or there would have been new charges-there are none. There is no way to justify this type of treatment for a break in probation after 2 years-They made a mistake, that’s it…There is nothing that justifies the big hoop-da-rah over this-NONE, got it!!! Any other crime would have had their hand slapped and told not to let it happen again and reason we see actual criminals back on the street.
        When CPS is brought in and you don’t want to loose your family; with no money for an actual attorney that will actually fight for you then what choice would you have but to take the deal!?! Interesting that CPS is involved once again!!! -For a probation violation?!? No judge or jury is after blood for a first time probation violation!!! This is a waste of taxpayer money, these people are nuts and pushed the envelope one too many times-The Duhons were ordered to get an attorney and did just that-NOT a worthless public defender that virtually did nothing. However, this is a different issue at the moment. For people to be traipsing from out of state and across the state for this is more than enough to demonstrate the Animal Rights Extremists true agenda as TERRORISTS to any community. Obviously their agenda is not to help animals and is to hurt people!!!
        Get that through your head and think about it…There was no animal cruelty-the case is NOT about animal cruelty and frankly, there was no animal cruelty in the first place but that’s water under the bridge now isn’t it!?! I will not be posting your links; you have something to say, then say it but there is no argument that justifies 8-12 people coming in like a ‘mob’ to hold a silent protest in court, sitting in a jury box (I guess they got there early for the best seat n the house, lol) to attempt to sway a judge in an extremely small town in OK!!! It would actually be funny if it wasn’t so stupid and alarming at what this might do to a family. Hope they enjoyed their lunch and the scenic drive-HA! How many more times will they come for nothing?!? -That’s funny!!!

      • Those people who came to the court are animal lovers who don’t want the murder and torture and slow deaths of many animals by the Duhons to go unpunished. I can see that trying to show you the truth is futile so this is the last I will reply to your ignorance.

      • What slow DEATHS!?! No dead animals were ever found BECAUSE THERE WERE NONE!!! If they were animals lovers, they would have helped the rescue when they had one, when they had the chance…Apparently you are the ignorant one!!! -They WERE punished you fucking IDIOT!!! They were put on 5 years probation-This is NOT a cruelty hearing you moron. They broke probation, that’s it, nothing more and all the animals were healthy and then puff, they disappeared -There are no additional charges. -What part of that don’t you understand-Wait I just said fucking idiot-You aren’t getting any of it and caught me at the wrong time with your STUPID logic-Stop wasting my time by proving you are an complete idiot on my blog. Go look at those ‘animal lovers’ walls on FB-Spewing hatred towards people is overwhelming!!! As much as your ignorance!!!

      • I was there, I saw it, I have video. You have no idea what you are talking about. After this reply to your violent name calling rant, I am closing my account so I cannot receive another like it.

      • Don’t let the door kick you in the ass. Animal Rights Extremist Gestopos are not welcome to receive thus less post any comment on this blog!!! “Violent name calling rant”-You were never threatened with any violence-If stating what you are is called name calling so be it-Did it hurt your feelings?!?-Awwwwwwwwwwwww-I do hope so!!!

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