Petition to SUPPORT the Selling of Rabbit Meat at the Whole Food Grocery Store

Some might consider the issue ‘controversial-Others not so much some shaking their heads and wondering what the problem is. The rabbit is confused…or is it people that are?!?

The rabbit known as food worldwide is also a pet. The pet people who love this adorable creature are up in arms because whole foods sells rabbit meat-OMG!?!-NOT!!! Rabbit has long been considered the perfect food with very little fat and what do you know…it tastes like chicken they say-I actually have never eaten rabbit although I have eaten such delicates as frogs legs and Buffalo but never rabbit. We had rabbits as children and were rather obsessed with them with big giant hutches and providing for them-our first arrived one Easter morning and for me and my brother it was the greatest gift ever.

The years have gone by and my rabbits since…would I consider eating one-I just might and appreciate that is an option at Whole Food. Below is the petition in support of their selling rabbit meat; obviously, I am not offended even thou I have had pet rabbits and would be the same if I had a pet cow, I do eat meat.

Follow the link to sign the petition!!!

Please continue selling rabbit meat in your stores

Rabbit meat is incredibly healthy and inexpensive, when raised in a clean and healthy environment with all of their needs seen to – in fact, rabbits are more cost effective to raise than any other livestock.

Rabbits are able to provide more edible meat on the carcass than even a chicken (meat to bone ratio is high).

It’s similar to chicken, very delicately flavored, and can be substituted in any chicken dish.

It’s low in fat, highly nutritious, and easily digestible, almost cholesterol free, making itvery heart patient friendly. It has less sodium and more calcium and phosphorous than any other meat.

Even if you were to disregard all the health and financial reasons why you should continue selling rabbit meat in your stores, you should keep in mind the sheer volume of people that WANT to be able to buy rabbit meat, which is gradually becoming more acceptable here in the US – in other nations, they’ve been raising and eating rabbits for generations without batting an eye.

Yes, rabbits are cute and can make good pets, and anyone that wishes to adopt one and keep a house bunny is welcome to do so. For myself and many others, it’s important that stores continue offering rabbit meat, so that I, as a customer, can continue buying rabbit meat as a healthy and inexpensive meal option for the well being of my budget and my family.

Please join me in this petition to implore Whole Foods to continue selling rabbit meat in their stores, and please share to help get the word out. Thank you!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others  -B



~ by topcatsroar on August 7, 2014.

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