from TX-RPOA~A forwarded: “Notice From TDLR”

Subject: Vacancy on Licensed Breeders Advisory  Committee

[RPOA NOTE: This refers to Licensed Dog & Cat Breeders.
Humans don’t require a state license to breed in Texas – yet.]

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation
[ ]

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation announces a vacancy on the
Licensed Breeders Advisory Committee. *This announcement is for a licensed
breeder. *

The purpose of the Committee is to advise the Texas Commission of Licensing
and Regulation (Commission) and TDLR on matters related to the
administration and enforcement of Chapter 802, including licensing fees and
standards adopted under Subchapter E. The Committee is composed of nine
members appointed by the presiding officer of the Commission, with the
Commission’s approval. The committee consists of the following members: two
members who are licensed breeders; two members who are veterinarians; two
members who represent animal welfare organizations each of which has an
office based in this state; two members who represent the public; and one
member who is an animal control officer as defined in Section 829.001,
Health and Safety Code. Members of the committee serve staggered four-year
terms. The terms of four or five members expire on February 1 of each
odd-numbered year.

*Submit an application online [ ]*
or download the application [ ].

Applicants may also request an application by telephone (800-803-9202), FAX
(512-475-2874 or email ( Applicants may be
asked to appear for an interview; however, any required travel for an
interview would be at the applicant’s expense.
Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion ad the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B

~ by topcatsroar on August 7, 2014.

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