ZOO WARS~Update~Primate Safety Act S.1463~SHARE WILDLY!!!!

The animal ‘WAR’ rages on against Animal Rights Extremists creating laws and regulations to ban ownership.

It’s ALL animals that are indeed being threatened and the ‘WAR’ is against YOU and YOUR relationship with animals!!! Create laws where everyone is a lawbreaker and we’re left with NOTHING-The same groups stake claim that YOU are an animal abuser -Calling for total bans and over regulation-What happened to Life, Liberty and Property-Law s are supposed to be created to protect citizens and their PROPERTY!!! -NOT make them criminals!!!

ONE person was injured by her own choice to be in harms way and now she wants laws to stop all ownership of all primates. I can’t help but question why she is pushing for the ban and believe that she must be getting paid to be the Poster Person for this-that big ARBUCK sure would pay an awful lot of medical bills. Instead of being a Hero for trying to help, she’s blackened her name.

The Primate Safety Act-Calling ALL primates dangerous animals BUT this law does not effect those using a primate as a service animal-WTF!?! ARE they dangerous or not!?! The law is contradicting itself -Wake up and smell the poop!!! BULLSHIT!!!

The constitution guarantees us the right to Life, Liberty and PROPERTY-ANIMALS ARE PROPERTY; what one person considers a pet another considers a wild and dangerous animal-These animals are several generations out of the wild; bonded and imprinted with people for care and socialization. Many used as service animals and therefore proves that ALL are NOT wild and dangerous animals as so implied by the first part of the law…How can any lawmaker create such a contradictory law when the law is expected to be PURE!?!

There is NOTHING pure about the Primate Safety Act and whether you own a primate or not, whether you know someone who owns a primate or not or whether  you want to own one or not has absolutely nothing to do with it -YOU need to get actively involved AGAINST any law that is created to limit ownership-LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY!!!

The proposed  law:

Captive Primate Safety Act – Amends the Lacey Act Amendments of 1981 to add nonhuman primates to the definition of “prohibited wildlife species” for purposes of the prohibition against the sale or purchase of such species in interstate or foreign commerce.

Makes it unlawful for a person to import, export, transport, sell, receive, acquire, or purchase a live animal of any prohibited wildlife species in interstate or foreign commerce (i.e., for pet trade purposes). Modifies exceptions to such prohibition, including by making it inapplicable to a person who is: (1) a licensed and inspected person who does not allow direct contact between the public and prohibited wildlife species, and (2) transporting a single primate of the genus Cebus that was obtained from and trained by a charitable organization to assist a permanently disabled individual with a severe mobility impairment.

Sets forth civil and criminal penalties for violations of the requirements of this Act.


Poster chimp vs tiny monkey

Additional talking point below-



Maybe one of the biggest misconception of all times is the Primate Safety Act!!!

“Oppression is the subjugation of one group by another, carried out under conditions of unequal power, and often enforced by threats of or by actual violence. According to Webster’s Third International Dictionary (1993), oppression is the “unjust or cruel exercise of authority or power esp. by the imposition of burdens; esp. the unlawful, excessive or corrupt exercise of power other than by extortion by any public officer so as to harm anyone in his rights, person, or property while purporting to act under color of governmental authority”

Summary of Proposed Legislation: The Captive Primate Safety Act proposes to amend the Lacey Act Amendments of 1981 to prohibit the importation, exportation, transportation, and sale, receipt, acquisition, or purchase in interstate or foreign commerce of nonhuman primates as pets. The proponents argue that federal legislation is needed to curb the pet trade of nonhuman primates, which they argue pose health risks to the public, and to protect nonhuman primates from improper care.

The Captive Primate Safety Act was opposed by the Department of the Interior in the last Congress because of the costs and hardships associated to enforcement it. Following is a list of reasons why UAPPEAL opposes the Captive Primate Safety act.

There is no public health risk: According to the statistics cited by the proponents of this bill, there have been 80 recorded injuries from pet monkeys in the U.S. from 1995 to 2005. An American therefore has a 1 in 38 million chance in being bitten by a monkey. Although nonhuman primates can carry zoonotic diseases (which are scientifically possible to transmit to a human and vice versa), there have been NO instances in the United States in which a human has contracted a disease or died from a bite from a pet monkey. There is an absence of an appreciable health risk which is backed up by statistics from the CDC verifying the lack of disease transmission or death from pet nonhuman primates.

Costs $4 million a year to enforce:

The estimated costs associated with enforcing this bill are $4 million per year. In addition, the implementation costs have been estimated at $17 million. On a per bite incident basis, the cost that will be spent to prevent each bite is a half a million dollars. This is especially alarming given the present economic conditions of this country and the difficulties in enforcement anticipated by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Duplicates existing law: Most, if not all, states have laws prohibiting animal cruelty or neglect.

Approximately 40 states have some sort of regulation for the ownership of nonhuman primates. In addition, countless municipalities and local governments have ordinances or city codes addressing issues associated with the ownership of nonhuman primates. These local laws represent the balance appropriate for the respective communities and those communities are charged with the responsibility and expense associated with enforcement. For nonhuman primate species determined to have a high need for protection, the Endangered Species Act already prohibits their sale and international trade as pets. Every state already requires a health certificate for entry into the state and it should be left to the states to make these decisions, not the federal government.

Would have negative consequences:

This bill does not exempt interstate travel with nonhuman primate in the case of an emergency such as an evacuation due to a tornado or hurricane. Owners would not be able to visit family members in another state and take their pets with them or attend educational opportunities such as seminars and conventions given by nonhuman primate organizations. These educational opportunities are very important for owners to stay current on animal care techniques and enrichment strategies for their pets. Nonhuman primate owners are very serious about the care of their pets that are a part of their family just the same as domestic animals are a part of many American families. This bill would do nothing but create a needless and unfair hardship for the existing owners of these animals.

 Overreach by Federal Government:

The importation and regulation of primates should be handled by the state and not the Federal Government.

Contradictions in the proposed law:

This law is contradicting itself when primates can be allowed to be a service animal. ALL primates can not be considered dangerous animals when it allows disabled individuals to have as a companion or service animals-It can be one or the other but can not be both.

Ownership of certain property can not be considered a criminal offense.

Primate ownership in and of itself can not be considered a criminal offense. The creation of this law criminalizes law abiding citizens for crossing state lines with their property which should be considered a state regulation and not for the federal government to decide; putting both people and animals in harms way. The concept of the Constitution is to protect Life, Liberty and Property. Laws are created to protect people and their property; not to make them criminals. When we create laws where everyone is a lawbreaker, what’s left is lawlessness.


Where and how to send your message -DO IT NOW!!! For email address/contact forms go: http://www.senate.gov/…/contact…/senators_cfm.cfm

Just C/P the talking points and get the message out to stop this BAD BILL!!! TY!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on August 2, 2014.

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