Cyber Lynch Mobs Ignore Real Suffering

One of the most well written blog posts I have read in a long time!!! If you are someone wrongly accused and a victim of hatred or your helping someone wrongly accused then you know what’s going on -If not you might be questioning the issue or maybe you are part of it. And it doesn’t even have to be about cruelty-it can entail destroying a person’s credibility when it too is not called for. The extreme ugly side of Animal Rights Extremists has not gone by without notice…I guess they will need to move on to a new hate and purpose for their urge to bully others. It has not gone by without suffering and even death. With no sorrow or remorse they continue on.

I recently received a comment about an extreme hater from one of the Alpha Tex trolls~Daisy is still on FB stiring it and going after others!!! She’s moved on alright, according to the commenter, now in Oklahoma, or so she believes. For all I know, ~Daisy could be in NY, who knows-her hatred exists on the Internet so she could be anywhere she chooses she claims to be…She could even be a HE…

Real versus Imagined Abuse Cyber Lynch Mobs Ignore Real Suffering

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, many anti-breeder zealots and rabid, radical animal rights terrorists claim abuses where there is none. They claim that anyone who takes care of their animals differently than they do is inherently cruel and should have their animals taken away. They make NO distinction for variances in totally acceptable, legal husbandry.

They form cyber lynch mobs to harass and cruelly berate the owners of the animals they perceive as neglected or abused. As I’ve discussed before, it seems to be more about the opportunity to harass people than anything for the benefit of the animals. They urge each other to steal the animals, destroy private property, wish death and pain on the owners, even going so far as to describe how they want to torture the owner or that the world would be a better place if that person committed suicide.

I will never, ever condone or support this kind of behavior. These bullies (for that is what they really are) have been known to post pictures taken while trespassing, put the owner’s name and personal home address on public Facebook pages and radical hate groups in the hopes someone will vandalize the property or steal the animals– or worse, hurt the owners.

This is not acceptable behavior, and I am disappointed with Facebook. I personally have reported several comments and hate pages on Facebook, including posts from people discussing how close they live to the pet owners and how they are going to go steal their pets; not once has Facebook removed the posts based on reports I’ve made. Likewise, they never removed the comments I’ve flagged where people threaten to beat, torture, rape, or murder people. I sincerely hope that the Facebook moderators can sleep at night knowing that someone may get hurt or KILLED because of this dangerous mob-mentality that they did NOTHING to curb!!!!!!

I’m just so sad and frustrated by it all.

This blog was inspired by two news articles that I was made aware of, as well as some Facebook hate pages.

The first article is about a German Shepherd who lives outside. The animal rights zealots and cyber lynch mobs are up in arms that Ruger, the German Shepherd, lives outside, tethered to a dog house. They claim that leaving a dog outside in winter is by definition “abuse.”

It bears mentioning that Ruger is on a very long chain, allowing a lot of mobility, and he has an electrically heated water bowl. His dog house, which is raised off the ground to keep him dry and has a flap in front of the door to help hold heat in, is equipped with straw and a heating pad.

That’s right, a healthy and happy dog who has a heated water bowl AND a raised, heated dog house is being “abused” in their minds.


And yet, there’s a huge outcry from people wanting to have Ruger taken away from his family, just because he lives outside. The usual cyber lynch mob is screaming for the dog to be taken away. They are also urging each other to steal the dog. The local police where Ruger and his family are have been inundated with calls, and have visited Ruger and his owners no less than three times from phoned-in reports of abuse and neglect. Now that the police have declared that Ruger is just fine, the owners are compliant with the law, the lynch mob is throwing a fit about the police “not doing their job” by not taking Ruger away. These people have even flooded the owners with requests to outright buy the dog, to “save” him and “give him the love he deserves.” Plus there’s people who’ve contacted the owners directly to berate them for how they care for their dog.

While rolling my eyes at the stupidity of these people, I was linked to another article, about Joe the cat, who was shot seventeen times in the head. Yes, you read that right. Poor Joe was shot SEVENTEEN TIMES. IN THE HEAD. It’s a miracle he’s still alive, poor dear soul!

What people–HORRIBLE, soulless “people”–did to Joe the kitty is abominable. It is indescribably cruel, heartless, and horrifying. How anyone could willingly inflict such intentional pain and suffering on a living being purely for cruel “entertainment” is and forever will be far beyond my comprehension.

I also fail to comprehend why there is no outcry from the zealots. After all, they claim that animal welfare is their purpose and that they want to protect animals from abusers. So why is there no “FIND JOE’S SHOOTER” page, no lynch mob calling police to focus more squarely on it, no zealots discussing how closely they live to Sarnia and how they should go do some legwork to try and find witnesses who could help bring Joe’s torturers to justice?

Oh, that’s right, they’re too busy harassing and threatening to steal a well-loved dog with a heated doghouse.

These people have the luxury of First World Problems. They have so little actual experience with real abuse that they have forgotten what it looks like. They want any excuse to bully and harass innocent pet owners, and they’ve lost sight of helping animals who are truly in need.

Of course the elephant in the room is that these assholes who refuse to give up when the authorities have cleared pet owners (such as Ruger’s family) of alleged abuses, who continue to rattle their sabers and flood the police with call after call demanding action, are taking time and resources away from real abuse cases and real crime.

But since it’s about bullying people and trying to destroy people for the zealots and lynch mobs instead of actually helping or saving animals, little wonder that they don’t care about animals that are REALLY in need.


Much thanks to Arrogant Afghan Hound for this thoughtful and thought provoking post!!! I will be following this blog.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

TY Michelle!!!

~ by topcatsroar on August 1, 2014.

2 Responses to “Cyber Lynch Mobs Ignore Real Suffering”

  1. Just one thing I could add here is, if Ruger WERE taken from his home, where would he land? Most likely in an under-funded “shelter,” that has no heat in winter, so he’d STILL be freezing in winter, indoors, although without the comfortable doghouse and heated water bowl. But it’s okay. The terrorists got him removed from those abusive owners.

    • Thankfully, they didn’t win on this one and Ruger is safe at home but you are right, had they won that case, it’s a strong possibility where he would be!!! Or in an outdoor kennel with the same conditions like the ones in Moron County…just saying…and I doubt there would be a heated water bowl or fresh straw and likely would have thrown him a blanket that would get soaked with either urine and water and be useless to a freezing dog.

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