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murder conspiracy!!!

Numerous un-solved cases -Exposing the lies and the secrets of the conspiracy…

JULY 19-6pm central time


Murderers Among Us

July 15, 2014 at 5:07pm

United States- Have you ever wondered when the animal industry really become a target for greed, murder and a huge conspiracy?

Let me take you on a series of shows that will break down the timelines for you of just when the first person might have been the first of a string of murders in order to control the exotic animal industry and make millions doing it.


These series will make you wonder just how a hand full of people can pull off such a worldwide scam to blindside politicians, news media and get so many people to believe that their goal is to help exotic animals in captivity when in fact hundreds are being killed once their purpose of raising thousand is used up.


You will take a trip through the life of Jack Don Lewis, Sam Mazzola and Terry Thompson. Where they just crazy exotic animal owners or where they a target of a conspiracy to control your lives and your animals for their own self profit and greed?

If you own a dog, cat, pet bird, fish or a tiger this is something you need to start focusing on to help you understand that your rights and your animals are next in line to be taken away. No one that loves animals is exempt from this agenda.

They started with big cats, moved into Ohio with all exotics in mind including primates and now moving across the United States to ban hybrid cats such as Savannah cats and Bengals.

So get your friends and neighbors involved in watching these shows and taking a stand for our lawmakers to stand up to the corruption of just what is going on and who is profiting from this before it is too late. All starting July 19th at 6pm cst on www.joeexotictv.com

This show can be watched from any computer, phone, tablet, youtube live and many more devices. Please share as we can not expose this alone.


I think it is damn funny how all of these people just happened to be handy to be on tv and on site during this tragedy, platform, agenda, what ever you want to call it. But I think there is a snake in the grass, the man trained to make a disaster happen and low and behold he is on the scene. Wake up America you are being used as fools” -Joe Exotic

Media-dangerous animals

The Perfect Murder

July 13, 2014 at 4:54pm

Zanesville OH- Have you ever wondered about what really happened that cold day in Zanesville when all the animals were set free to be slaughtered by the authorities, Jack Hanna and the two zoos that responded. Well the animals that where not worth anything anyway.

You must ask yourself first of all why would a man that loved his animals set them out to be slaughtered.

Than you must ask yourself if you were going to make a statement by doing something like this why would you take the last stand by pulling your pants down and then shooting yourself to leave your exposed body to be embarrassed in what you have done? And why was the gun used registered to a Sheriff’s deputy and why was that swept under the rug so fast.

Last thing that has always bothered me and any animal person should be asking the same things are one of two things.

1-    Why where the animals that where worth something not let out, I mean they let out the baboons which are a dime a dozen, but the Celebes Apes are worth $10,000.00 and they remained in the cages along with the leopards.

2-    If you really wanted to hurt someone and make a statement would you not have let the leopards out since they would have gone right for someone’s throat?

I can tell you the world’s theory of why Zanesville happened. Money and Power, that’s the reason. It seems very funny now that this massacre has happened and the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries along with the Humane Society of the United States has its foot in the door of the State this massacre happened in to change the laws and be one of the only exempt organizations in the law that can have these animals and take yours away with leaving the only Government agency out of the picture, the United States Department of Agriculture, yes if you hold a USDA license you are not even exempt from this law and they are the ones paid by our Government to train, inspect and hold you responsible for keeping these animals.

So why is this such a big deal? If you look at the involvement within the circle of facilities and organizations involved, they all use Zanesville as a huge marketing tool to get their point across that animals do not belong in private hands. But wait a minute, who are these people, they are not city or government owned, they are nothing but private people themselves who think because they call themselves sanctuaries and belong to this club of mobsters they have more rights to horde, collect and raise millions and you don’t.

Using the fundraising tool of saying I took in or need to rescue animals from Ohio and throw in the Zanesville tragedy seems to have a special ring to $30,000.00 and sometimes even more to bring in Tigers and other animals from private owners who have no business owning these types of animals.

Last remember that in the last years not ONE person has been killed by their exotic pet, it has only happened at licensed facilities or at a Global Federation accredited facility. Not in your private home.

So why are they hell bent on taking your animals away? Money and only money. Take a look at the facilities that are using this to their advantage to profit and you be the judge, who was the high power of making this happen, and who are the followers of benefiting from Terry Thompson being killed. And ask yourself are we living in America or some 3rd world country being slaughtered for profit while our Government fights wars in other countries. This is the only country you can be declared a domestic terrorist like PeTA by the USDA on November 30th 2009 and still hold a nonprofit status.

If at any point something’s happens to me, I wish that you people of this world stand up and fight back, I am neither crazy enough to harm my animals nor am I crazy enough to hurt, threaten or attack our Government or members thereof. So as long as I fight this fight I am a huge rock in the road of the Animal Rights agenda, so please be sure they investigate better than they did in Ohio. But don’t sell me short, killing me won’t be as easy as killing Terry Thompson.

Stay tuned for the all new Joe Exotic Tv, Eye Witness News on the exotic animal scams, coming Friday, July 19, 6pm central time, every night on www.joeexotictv.com


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B



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