ZOO WARS~Big Cat Rescue (BCR) is Once Again at the Heart of LOBBYING for Another Animal Ban

Big Cat Rescue continues to lobby for bans on Big Cats and does NOT have a C-4 to use funds collected for animals for this purpose!!! The IRS has been notified yet does nothing -Big Cat Recuse’s 501-C-3 should be revoked to keep them from inappropriately using those funds. Anyone who donated to BCR for animal care should be filing complaints with the IRS to stop the inappropriate use of money that they donated for animal care…NOT for the use of money for hotel rooms, fancy restaurants and wining and dining members of legislatures for the creation of bans on animals or activities that involve animals…Ban the lawful use of cubs then how about we ban the use and contact of any small animals…After all, the big complaint is that animals are being exploited and exactly what these places are doing to earn a buck that they claim is for animal care and not being used for animal care at all…I venture to say that Baskin’s has more money invested in the ‘Great Wall of DEAD ANIMALS’ (more than 150 to date) then they have used to improve the conditions for animals at BCR. Pat Craig’s Wild Animal Sanctuary’s latest scheme is to raise $145,000.00 for a leopard ENCLOSURE-This ‘free range’ aspect of that facility is BULLSHIT created on the aspect that animals don’t deserve human contact even for animals closely bond to their rightful owners that he’s busy scheming with the rest of these so called ‘rescues’ to STEAL animals!!! If what these places are doing is not a breach of ARTA and RICO laws then I’m a monkey’s uncle (no pun intended) with GFAS/HSUS the heart of these thefts…Create laws where everyone is a criminal then you have a society of law breakers…

The following article the Cat Channel.com


Tiger Selfies Banned

A New York bill that stops big-cat interaction with the public could stop abuse of exotic felines.

Taking a selfie with a tiger may soon be an action of the past with New York lawmakers’ upcoming proposed ban on big cats being contacted by the public. According to those backing the bill, erroneously called the “tiger selfie ban,” it may keep tigers from abuse throughout their lives, starting as cubs.

Big-cat cubs are allowed to be displayed in the U.S. between the ages of 8 and 12 weeks old. Unfortunately, this opens up the idea to some less ethical big-cat petting zoo owners that they can breed cubs simply to pet during these “safe” weeks, and then leave them in an unsafe and psychologically taxing small space for the rest of their lives, out of the public eye. This is according to a report by Howard Baskin, advisory board chair of the nonprofit sanctuary Big Cat Rescue. Big Cat Rescue is the world’s biggest sanctuary for the world’s largest cats.

[Bloggers Note: Big Cat Rescue is NOT the world’s Largest sanctuary for the world’s largest cats…Far from it!!!]

The bill, which is now waiting for Governor Andrew Cuomo’s signature, prohibits those who exhibit big cats from allowing the public to get close enough to make contact with them at any age. In a statement by the  International Fund for Animal Welfare, New York Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal, the creator of the bill, says, “My bill will protect the public and help keep big cats and other wild animals in safe conditions.” The IFAW is on the front lines of federal legislation to protect big cats throughout the United States.

[Bloggers Note: Her intention is stated as for wild animal protection-IFAW is NOT for animal welfare and is another Animal Rights Extremists Organization-Why is I know this and Linda Rosenthal-the creator of this bill, does NOT!?!]

Rosenthal started this process by introducing a unanimously passed bill (A. 739) that bans animal tattooing and piercing.

[Bloggers Note: Tattooing often used for animal identification.]

Baskin says that cub petting is always abusive to cats since it starts when tiger cubs on display are torn from their mothers at a young age, and kept in small cages. Some owners of these exotic petting zoos allegedly tell customers to blow in the cubs’ faces or yank their tails. This is very stressful for the cubs, according to the bill backers.

[Bloggers Note: Baskin was once a breeder ant wrote/published a book on bottle feeding cubs-A practice she herself did as bonding with the animals has been and always will be the best way to provide proper care for animals]

Cubs younger than 8 weeks old are not fully vaccinated, so the USDA prevents exhibitors from displaying these youngsters. After a cub turns 12 weeks, they are stronger, bigger and a little bit more difficult to control. Wildlife Rescue Program Officer at the IFAW Kelly Donithan says that carrying out this four-week window is “oftentimes up to the discretion of the USDA officer.” Big Cat Rescue states that once cubs have grown too big to be petted for profit, their owners cage them in tiny steel and concrete cells without the space and stimulation they need. A tiger can be kept in a parking-lot-size space, giving enough room to turn around according to the USDA. However, the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries recommends 1,200 square feet.

[Bloggers Note: USDA -Government Agency/GFAS -private non-government agency]

“There are generally more requests for adult big cats that need some sort of sanctuary than I can find space for,” Donithan says.

[Bloggers Note: These places do not take animals if they will not benefit from a fundraising program exploiting the animals]

“If people knew more of the story and understood more of what these animals go through,” they wouldn’t patronize tiger-petting venues at all, Donithan explains. She hopes the legislation will raise awareness of what she calls the “dark side” of the big-cat industry.

The ‘dark side’ of the big-cat industry-Now that’s funny…Seems odd to me that all legislation and info provided to the general public is from the very places making the greatest amount of money off their animals of types of animals in their care…Odd…hmmmmmm….No, is part of their fundraising scheme.

Let’s get the facts right-just off the top of my head…

  • Big Cat Rescue owned and operated by Carole and Howard Baskin as 26 VIOLATIONS of the Animal Welfare Act.
  • Animals at BCR are living in sub-standard conditions while collecting thousands for animal care
  • BCR rescues animals and euthanizes animas before ever doing a full medical work-up
  • BCR allows feral cats t roam and spread disease through the facility
  • Carole Baskin’s was a breeder/collector and depends on the general public for donations to support her habitual hoarding problem
  • BCR is built on an old landfill with the water provided to the animas coming from the old retention pond-both likely contaminated with so many animals ding for cancer and tumors!!!
  • Carole and Howard Baskin are multi-millionaires with Howard collecting a rather large salary from BCR.
  • Carole Lewis Baskin’s missing late husband, Don Lewis, remain a cold case-Baskin collected millions after declaring Don Lewis dead. 

Now that’s just for starters…Imagine if I gave it some thought!!! Good going Cat Fancy Magazine for providing your readers with biased Animal Rights Extremists point of view…

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B




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