from TX-RPOA~TDLR harassing TX dog/cat breeders

from TX-RPOA

Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (TDLR)
 does not have enough licensed breeders to cover all administration
and enforcement costs per the statute requirement. Only two cat breeders
and around 150 dog breeders are licensed at all times and some of those may
not be required to be licensed. We’ve also heard thru the grapevine that
some breeders are not renewing their licenses. So desperation has set in at
TDLR to bully dog and cat breeders into believing ALL Texas dog and cat
breeders must be licensed with the state.

RPOA just heard from another breeder today who is being harassed. If you
are contacted by TDLR in person or by letter (with a return form), please
let RPOA know. We’ve heard from some of you. Once you’re in the TDLR
computer system, you’ll be assigned a Complaint Number, an investigator, and
will be harassed quarterly.

The first paragraph of the TDLR letter reads: “The Texas Department of
Licensing & Regulation (the Department) is responsible for regulating
persons or entities engaged in the business of breeding dogs or cats in
Texas. [RPOA: The law has no definition for “Business.”] In carrying out
this responsibility, the Department requires that Person(s) or entities
engaged in such activities be licensed as a breeder. It has come to our
attention that you may be conducting breeding activities that would require
you to be licensed by the Department. An investigation has been opened to
look into possible violation of the Dog or Cat Breeders Act. The case has
been assigned to Investigator XXX …. Please complete the attached
questionairre and return it to the Department.” (There’s more but end of

There are 21 personal questions listed on the attachment which are none of
TDLR’s business, if you’re not required to be licensed. There’s no
definition mentioned to qualify and insinuates “all” breeders must be

HB 1451 allows anonymous complaints from “animal rights” extremists or
anyone seeking the $1,000 Breeder Bounty. HSUS, ASPCA and Texas Humane
Legislation Network turned in 400 names and websites to launch the bill’s
enforcement initially. Remember the licensing requirement is simply
“possessing” more than 10 intact female dogs and cats (collectively, and
over 6 months of age) AND even “offering for sale” more than 20 offspring.
That could be two litters from any large dog!

On to the Houston Show this week, enjoy those fantastic dogs, and don’t
forget to let Juan know if you can help with the RPOA booth! Email Juan or just drop in and help with the booth if you are
showing your dog and have some spare time. This is YOUR booth!


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B



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