ZOO WARS~Pat Craig-The Animal Sanctuary~Once again SCAMMING for money

Sometimes you look at a fundraiser and say -HUH?!? Then suddenly it hits that someone-or a few people actually bought into the BULLSHIT!!! I then caught myself busting out laughing…Pat Craig has ‘one upped’ the Baskin duo.

Of course I just had to comment and then only fair to the pubic to report this scam!!!

“LOL!!! You need how much money?!? Seriously??? I could build an entire ‘sanctuary’ for that kind of money and likely pay someone to bring in the animals, buy an ad in the newspaper to advertise my new ‘sanctuary’ FREE opening and probably enough money left over for supplies for a year!!! ROTFLOL!!! Thank you Pat Craig for a good laugh!!!-Hilarious-I’m sharing, hahahahahaha”

So, what was I responding to?!? A plea for Eddie the Black Panther…Can’t help but wonder if that’s the one Pat Craig had around his shoulder…You know, the one in the video  few posts back?!? Now grown and overweight!?! Go to he link and see for yourself but surely don’t donate!!! his place he calls a ‘sanctuary’ is open to the public and unless this guy is building a ‘Shrine to Eddie’ he doesn’t need $!$145,000.00-OMG-too fucking funny!!!


Help Eddy the Black Leopard and his leopard family win their freedom by building a new free range habitat for them to live in.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary needs your help in purchasing very special fencing material that regulations require for Eddy and his friends to be able to live in a 10 acre natural habitat.

In order for the Sanctuary to build a new open habitat for the leopards, we need to raise $145,000 for stainless steel netting that is 16′ high and can surround a large natural space where they will have plenty of grass, trees and water to run free and enjoy life more than ever!

Please help us obtain this very special fencing material, and help Eddy and his family win their freedom like so many of the animals that live at The Wild Animal Sanctuary


He’s planning  what?!? For leopards?!? If you live anywhere near his place MOVE!!! This guy is out of his mind and he wants your money to prove it-And if he ‘succeeds’…you donated…will you also be held liable?!?!!! Tell you what-he succeeds, you donated-I’ll hold him liable…

But wait there’s more…I open my FB messages and low and behold message from Pat Craig, LOL!!!-or his staff replying in his name…Whatever it was I replied…

Pat Craig:

“We have finished the leopards’ rehabilitation and they are ready to move into their new habitat – except the habitat fencing has not been completed due to the expense associated with their special habitat design. Our government license and regulations call for a specialized fencing material to be used that is 16’ in height for leopards and Mountain Lions… and to fence the habitat we have waiting for the leopards it will cost nearly $200,000. Obviously, we have had trouble obtaining that much money for just one habitat, as most other habitats only cost us around $15,000 each, and all of the foundations that help us through grants don’t add up to that much on a yearly basis.”


What about those pictures of this guy playing with and carrying around a black panther-Could ‘Eddie’ be one and the same that he intends on placing in this enclosure-no way it’s a ‘habitat’-it is fenced and in Colorado-HELLO!!! What the heck is rehabilitation for your own animal?!? Getting accustom to no more contact?!? Pseudo sanctuaries show no shame!!!

My reply:

“I have little to no respect for building another ENCLOSURE ie.: CAGE, no matter what you want to call it, at your FAKE PSEUDO sanctuary for animals that are STOLEN from their rightful owners and scamming the public for funding.

I do NOT consider you an authority or expert on animal behavior…just the opposite actually. Animals that are accustom to interaction with people and spent most their lives interacting with their owners are now tormented with high fences and left with no contact -not exactly what I consider responsible animal ownership!!!

So keep your garbage going on for funding and I’ll keep making sure that people know of your scam…Keep pushing for laws to stop private animal ownership and I’ll push that Close Contact and BONDING with animals IS much more important than what you are providing for the animals at your so called sanctuary-The sad part is, you know it but the scam for money so great that you will say and do anything to get money as you demonstrated in the past by threatening to kill the animals in your ‘care’-Well documented and unforgivable!!! No excuse acceptable”

Once again I reported this to fundrazr as a scam…Follow the link if you’d like to do the same!!! Places like this need to be held responsible for their scams!!!

murders amongst us


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B


~ by topcatsroar on July 15, 2014.

2 Responses to “ZOO WARS~Pat Craig-The Animal Sanctuary~Once again SCAMMING for money”

  1. Well, of course, enough 16′ high netting to surround 10 acres, and made of top-grade STAINLESS STEEL, is going to be expensive! State penitentiaries don’t even use STAINLESS STEEL fencing! If they are concerned about rust, they could always have regular steel fencing gold or platinum plated, for about the same price. Where in the rule books does it say the fencing must be STAINLESS STEEL?

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