USDA Animal Care Creates New Process for Appealing Animal Welfare Act Inspection Reports

Seems we may have created enough of a ruckus over several issues with the USDA/APHIS inspections (Joe Speaks Out has hit a nerve!!!) that we are being heard loud and clear. Hopefully this is one step in the right direction considering that the USDA/APHIS appears to be working with Animal Rights Extremists who want nothing more than to end ALL relationships between man and animals that every animals owner has worked so hard in creating a bond with their animals.

Animals then removed and taken to facilities that are considered ‘acceptable’ y new law or regulations (“F” is for FAKE pseudo sanctuaries) are required to deny they very same animals contact with care providers if a GFAS facility.

Bans on animals and the creation of new laws and regulations are not only bad for people but even worse for the animals. The new guidelines should help end disputes-we hope-and create a better working relationship with the USDA/APHIS department so that animals will stay with their owners and avoid the false claim of rescue so that the mounting differences of opinion can be worked out.

I never understood why or how and inspector would write-up an item that needed to be corrected when it could be corrected before the conclusion of the inspection…By the time an inspector came back with their report to accept and sign-it was corrected making the report or part of the report inaccurate. This will avoid that as an issue-at last!!! (only took 20 years)


USDA Animal Care Creates New Process for Appealing Animal Welfare Act Inspection Reports

From: “APHIS Animal Care”
Date: July 9, 2014 at 1:59:21 PM PDTUSDA Animal Care has established a new process for licensees/registrants regulated under the Animal Welfare Act who wish to appeal something that has been cited on their USDA inspection report.Our goal is threefold: to bring about quicker appeals resolutions; to ensure consistency in the appeals process; and to ensure that subject matter experts are involved in reviewing each appeal.

All facilities regulated under the Animal Welfare Act undergo routine, unannounced inspections. During each inspection, our inspectors cite on the inspection report anything that is not in compliance with the standards set forth in the Animal Welfare Act regulations. These inspection reports are made available on our website as public information. Sometimes, however, a regulated facility will disagree with one or more of the noncompliant items that were cited on a particular report, and they will file an appeal with us.

The revised appeals process, effective immediately, is as follows:

If, during an inspection, a facility operator has questions or concerns about any of the noncompliant items cited by the inspector, the facility operator should bring the issue up during the inspection and/or exit briefing. If the matter is resolved at that time, the inspector will modify the citation, remove it altogether or leave it as originally written.

If the facility operator and the inspector are unable to resolve the matter, or if the facility later decides to question the report, the facility operator should send a detailed, written appeal to the regional director in the appropriate Animal Care regional office. We must receive this appeal within 21 days of the facility receiving the finalized inspection report. If the appeal is received after the 21-day period, it will be rejected.

If no appeal is filed, we will make the inspection report publicly available on our website 21 days from the date it is finalized. If the inspection report is appealed, the inspection report will not be publicly available until a final decision on the appeal is made.

An Animal Care appeals team will review each appeal. Each team consists of a director from one region and an assistant director from the other region – plus an Animal Care field or staff veterinarian who serves as a subject matter expert, based on the specifics of the appeal. Within three weeks of receiving an appeal, the assigned team will either make a final decision or request more information. All decisions made by the appeals teams are final and represent USDA’s final determination of compliance. If the inspection report is amended, only the amended report will be made available online.

We realize that disagreements are a natural part of regulatory oversight, and our inspectors understand that regulated facilities have the right to appeal inspection findings. We are committed to ensuring that the appeals process is objective and thorough, while not resulting in reprisal against any facility. The new appeals process is a way to streamline and improve decision making so that we can better serve the regulated community, general public and the animals.

We have posted a factsheet explaining our new appeals process here:

[BLOGGERS NOTE: This link did not work for me ut maybe has been repaired since]

At USDA Animal Care, ensuring the welfare of the animals we regulate is at the heart of everything we do.

Thank you Michelle for providing this information!!!
Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B
I am still left wondering 1) How a USDA department head was allowed to speak with anyone about confidential information, speak out of peculation and send an inspector for an off the record inspection during an off the record conversation of a private citizen who was not licensed and ALL DONE AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE AND THE COURTS ARE NOT HOLDING LIABLE DUE TO A TECHNICAL ISSUE THAT PRO SE LITIGANTS COULD NOT HAVE KNOWN. 2) HOW AND WHY A UNITED STATES ATTORNEY CAN BE SUSTITUTED FOR THE USDA/APHIS OFFICIALS IS ALSO AT QUESTION WHEN THEY WERE BEING SUED IN BOTH THEIR PROFESSIONAL AND INDIVIDUAL CAPASICITY AAT TAXPAYER EXPENSE.  -B

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