ZOO WARS~Taking Action for Animals-There’s Accredited and There’s VERIFIED Accredited

Big Cat Rescue will soon attempt for Verified Accredited GFAS/HSUS facility…Stating her Internship program on her blog (Complete BULLSHIT!!!) as if that would free Baskin or absolve BCR from having been built on an old landfill and the water provided to the animals pumped from the old retention pond from the landfill…The sub-standard conditions have created a place where there are more dead animal memorials than the number of live animals at this facility and the term ‘facility’ is being used loosely!!!) You pipe up about these facts, then she (maybe husband Howard) moderates the comments or has those honest comments blocked; the same as Black Pines Animal Sanctuary (Lori Wilson Gagen (Gag-me) with a long list of blocked/banned commenters…Agree with their comments and posts or your comment won’t go up…So rather than bothering to make a comment of their sites I’m going t post them where other people will notice the bad reviews and honest FACTS about these “F” is for FAKE pseudo sanctuaries…The World Wide Internet has much to offer for sounding off and beyond this blog…Stop lying and scheming for donations because we won’t stop exposing the truth…Goes beyond BCR and BPAS…They will all be exposed for what and who they are…

The ONLY reason for the blog post is an attempt at explaining Verified Accreditation…Then there is old that old Baskin BULLSHIT of how great SHE and husband Howard ‘think’ (I also use that term loosely) they are for getting other people to support Carole’s ‘habitual hoarding problem’ (NOT using that term loosely) and keep their own personal money in the bank-They also take short cuts -Baskin doesn’t even have the common sense or knowledge to even isolate incoming animals or now how to properly care from animals at the facility (look at the death rate) this less any cat received as a REAL rescue situation when an animal arrives sick…No way to be verified as HUMANE but somehow in the near future the Baskin’s will manage verification and will confirm that the GFAS/HSUS Accredited/Verified Accredited is complete BULLSHIT once again, considering their own Black Beauty Ranch has demonstrated VIOLATIONS of the Animal Welfare Act!!!

Baskin, CEO Big Cat Rescue (BCR)/Wildlife on Easy Street (WOES) has 26 VIOLATIONS of the Animal Welfare Act!!! 

“Don’t waste your time interning at BCR. I would never hire anyone trained at this place-You certainly must realize that if Baskin/GFAS/HSUS has their way, there will be no reason for anything that you may learn at this place other than the wrong way to care for these animals including no isolation for incoming or sick animals. BCR has the highest number of deaths anywhere in the country mostly from cancer and tumors. It’s built on an old landfill with the water pumped in for the animals from the old retention pond for the landfill-Do you really want to expose yourself to such conditions?!? Remember anything that happens at BCR during your ‘internship’ will reflect back on you’ Past or Present. In my opinion, there are better and shall we state for the record, reputable places that would love to have you come work for free-Get over it and move on.”

Basically, being an Accredited  is a line of crap and verified accredited GFAS facility is a confirmed line of crap…Straight from GFAS website…


Accreditation and Verification – What’s the Difference

Accredit 1) To certify as meeting a prescribed standard 2) Meeting or exceeding the GFAS standards of excellence.

OK…So what are their standards-well then you have to go to another page on the GFAS site


GFAS Standards of Excellence

The GFAS Standards of Excellence were developed and reviewed with the input of animal services officers, non-profit professionals, sanctuary managers, animal protection advocates, and veterinarians, utilizing existing standards from outstanding sanctuaries as a starting framework and refined/expanded upon based on knowledge and expertise of contributors.  Operational Standards and Animal Care Standards are now in one document for each of the species below.

Each set of standards is for a specific animal group and contains standards for:

  • Housing
  • Physical facilities and administration
  • Nutritional requirements
  • Veterinary care
  • Well-being and handling
  • General staffing
  • Safety policies, protocols and training
  • Governing authority
  • Financial records and stability
  • Education and Outreach
  • Policies: Acquisition and disposition
  • Policies: Public contact and restriction on use and handling
  • Release into the wild (where applicable)


BOGGERS NOTE: They have created standards for several different groups of animals-for a complete list please go to the above link and click on which group of animals you are interested in seeing their standards-BUT>>>Get this-at the bottom of the page:

“It is anticipated that continued peer review and feedback, often from applicants, as well as industry innovations, will result in a methodical updating of these standards. Proposed changes are typically reviewed each December.”


HUH?!? They can change their standards to suit their need!?!…Sounds like BULLSHIT to me and what about the legislatures (LAWMAKERS) -Are they aware that Accreditation and Verified Accredited is ALL BULLSHIT and can change upon review!?!

Back to where I started…

Verify: 1) To prove the truth of, evidence or testimony; confirm, substantiate 2) Provides Humane, Ethical, and Responsible Care.

BLOGGERS NOTE: Apparently, unless you are a GFAS/HSUS facility they do not believe that you might not or must not be providing Humane, Ethical, and Responsible Care…Complete BULLSHIT coming from not only GFAS/HSUS but that LAWMAKERS actually believe their BULLSHIT or haven’t taken the time to verify for themselves what they approving…

But wait…There’s more on VERIFIED…With a chart that can’t be copied, not that it matters because it means NOTHING…Especially since we know what lengths the Baskin’s will go to with their lies to suit the need for donations or in this case to be Verified!!!

There is some hope if you’re concerned about an Accredited or Verified Accredited GFAS/HSUS facilities-I’m certain that Howard and Carole Baskin were hoping you wouldn’t find this out!!!-HA!


Concerns about GFAS Accredited Sanctuaries

If you are concerned that a GFAS Accredited Sanctuary is in violation of the GFAS Standards, please fill out this form and submit. If you have concerns about more than one sanctuary, please submit a separate form for each.

We will keep your identity confidential, just as we will keep confidential our interactions with the sanctuary on this matter, other than actions that become a matter of public record.


Go to the link and fill out the form if you have any concern about any GFAS/HSUS facility there is plenty reason for concern about Big Cat Rescue and your complaint should be filled ASAP!!!


So enough of the bitching and time for ACTION…I suggest you look at the form to see the areas of concern…Gather your taking points before getting started…Then make them aware of ALL of your concerns!!!

Suggested talking points:

General Animal Care, Ethics for stating the truth, Finances, Physical Facilities, Veterinary Care-They want evidence and there’s more than enough sited on this blog and can be found directly from Big Cat Rescue/Wildlife on Easy Street records and archives…

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B



~ by topcatsroar on July 9, 2014.

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